Choosing our lifepath

  • I think how they say that we choose our life path before we come here is a load of c.r.a.p. , Do drug addicts choose this life path? what about cancer victims or murderers or murdrer victims ? I think it is a load of old cobblers . I would love to hear others thoughts on this

    Love and light Loap:)

  • Someone sounds angry! I think to believe in life choice is win win. Wether it turns out true or not---just by believing in it puts you in a place of not being victim or attached to anger or regret or reasons WHY. People get stuck there. Once a person just says ok it is what it is NOW what am I going to do about it and they move forward. I do not believe in proving anything. I have said on many posts I believe in life choice. But not in total no choice. I believe in challenges chosen. As for murders--drug addicts and EVIL in general if you do not give all of that some divine plan than how do you keep GOD a loving mysteryiouse full of grace power. Either way it puts you in that WHY oh Why God do YOU let this happen? If you do not believe earth is a place for challenge and soul progression with a choice then how do you explain our trip here? Yes, would love to hear answers to that! What I'm saying is THAT belief even if it turns out not true--in the end it empowered you. If you read scientic data---As in Jung---you will find that it is fact that when a person detaches from circumstance and being victimized they become healthier and move forward. So--what's the harm? Drug addicts still can choose to win their battle. Maybe in a past life they were horribly judgemental and lacked compassion and died with a lower energy light and they wished to gather a brighter light so came back with challenges they dared to overcome. Spirituality is about the BIG PICTURE and soul eternity. Otherwise, you will choose a religion that sends bad souls to hell and is done with it. Got to run--but this should get the ball rolling! BLESSINGS!

  • But don't drug users/addicts actually CHOOSE this way of living? I mean, usually people know the risks of drugs and to keep using it either way. It is your decision one way or another in this respect.

    As for the victim roles, I just think it's wrong place, wrong time. We chose to go to the nearest store that just happened to be getting robbed when we walked inside. Most people wish to live long lives, but sadly die young. Some don't even want to live and choose to take their own lives.

    I think that there are things in our control and things we don't exactly have a say in it.

    We simply choose what path we would like to take, but life itself sets up all these things we HAVE to learn and overcome.

  • I think the question is WHY are we here at all? If no one got cancer--got murdered---had pain-- then this would be Heaven. So what IS the point of earth? If we have not each come here with a soul purpose then what is your alternative theory? If you do not believe in my theory--then tell me yours. Livingonaprayer--tell us---why do you think we are on earth? How do you explain fairness or lack of. Is it random--the child born to a junkie versus a child born to a perfect parent are they both equally blessed at the start? Who chooses that and why? Who chooses to be born blind? Tell me how and why God decides these things. How do YOU make sense of bad things?

  • I choose to believe that we chose to come here in order to become enlightened and to evolve beyond what we were before we came here. I believe that this is supposed to be a hard place to work with, and that many more souls like us choose NOT to come here as a place of evolvement. The Mormons refer to the people who are coming in now, (The Indigoes, Crystals and Rainbows) as "Saturday's Warriors", the select ones who are coming in at this point in time to help lead us to exultation. Similar to the lightworkers and earth angels leading us into the coming changes of 2012 and beyond. We have a life path that we chose before we get here, but whether we stick to that path depends upon the choices we make while here. I believe that we may veer off of the path we chose if we choose to do drugs, become an alcoholic, decide to do violence upon others (murder, rape, robbery, etc....) We change our circumstances by our choices, and we may have to return and balance out the bad/evil karma that is created when such violence and evil is done unto others. and as for the victims of our choices, the people that get hurt or lose their lives because of someone else's choices, I believe they get another chance to come back and fulfill their life purposes, if they choose to. We all have made some good and not-so-good choices along our path while here, whether we choose to make some better choices and get back on our correct pathway in a roundabout way, or not learning from mistakes we make is on us. It's our choice....

  • Beautifuly said! Like a ray of sunshine. And how like the sun soooooo far above us to see such a big picture. Earth, such a little dot! ALWAYS something bigger than us makes perfect sense out of all that does not make sense. It is easy to be faithful when all is Heaven but even Jesus had his dark moment in the desert and I hope anyone who is feeling that human place will be lifted up and feel their faith returned. When I burried my son I for a moment hated myself--for choosing my life--what was I thinking? For awhile I thought I had very much took on too much. Took awhile to celebrate my son's earning his freedom early! How wonderful for HIM! And how great this opportunity to make his life meaningful---by honoring his gift to me. When loved ones pass it is their gift to us to replace what in them we loved most--to grow that in ourselves. This is LOVE. God is love---and it grows within this faith---life after death---resurection. EASTER! We must look out outside our small dot to see the beauty and perfection that ties us to something bigger---eternal. Stay faithful my friends--anyone stuck in the dark right now--this too shall pass. BLESSINGS!

  • I must honestly say, with all due respect to my dearest friend LoaP, that I have not got enough hours in my day to ponder the question of life and why did I choose this one and did I even choose it. I am here in the here and now and damn it sucks but I have to get on with it and find a way up and out and I know very well it could be thousand and more times worth so I am thankful for what I have and where I am. If God or the angels or the Universe has other plans he/she/it will be sure to let me know and put me on that path.

    Having said that I am so tired and I am looking forward to bowing out of this life and like I said already to LoaP earlier if it wasn't for my kids I would quite happily drive me and my car against a parked lorry. I hope the weather will get sunny soon to clear up this prevailing mood of doom and gloom.

    Hugs to you all


  • I meant worse instead of worth

  • OH--paddy you crack me up! Not making light of your angst! I too sometimes look up towards the sunny sky and say, really?---are we done yet?!!! Yes----someone stick a fork in you already Lovely wise Paddy---you are done! You are a survivor. You get it--you really do. And when we can longer laugh well yes someone shoot us already. BLESSINGS!

  • I believe that life does not just "happen" to us. The people in our lives, our circumstatnces the timing of our birth all support our souls lessons. It was the lesson that was the choice not the path.

    There are many paths to a desination. Some are expressways and some are very long bumpy roads but they all will get you to your destination as long as that is the goal. The free will we exercise, how we view and accept life circumstances are all a part of the trip.

    The example which supports this for me is the cildren born/raised in the inner cities. They all face the same hardships but some choose to make a different better life. They study, they help care for their brothers and sisters, they join clubs and churches that help support a better life and seek out adults that mentor them. Others choose gangs, bully people in their community and family, take up arms and remain in that same life until they die or begin to make better choices.

    Neither of the choices are an easy exsistance or path, but one takes them to a better life and the other takes them to more painful lessons.

    Dear LoaP you sound tired of the challenges, rest and regroup. Then take up the journey again when you are more refreshed. I don't think there is any rule that you have to push onward everyday. Some days are days of rest.

  • I feel exactly like my good freind Paddi i have often imagined myself jumping off my local bridge but i never would as for 1 my kids are my whole being and i could never leave them ever and what would they think when they grow up, didnt our Mum care enough to stick around for us ?and 2 i wouldnt want some poor car driver feeling guilt and replaying the terrible images of what i had done over and over in their head for the rest of their life . I just get frustrated as i have a drug addict sister in the family who has ruined not only her life but everyones elses around her and people are dropping like flies with this dreaded cancer that is becoming epidemic . And then you see these waste of space air heads like Paris Hilton that has recieved a lifepath like that and has chose to do nothing with it . Yes abetter place you are right its time to rest and regroup . I need to regain my focus , as i choose not to wander off the right path i need to get back on track . Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts .

    Love 2 all Loap:)

  • Feel better!---you are not alone. I think every family has a druggie who drains the life out of everything they touch--it wears the family out! It poisens everything---they steal--lie --betray and cause a river of tears. It's like being held hostage with fear. It creates so much anger. They ruin family gatherings---steal security. You can't leave your purse out---you can't leave them in your house. You want peace and their negative heavy energy out of your life---then you are terrified they will die. It does literaly make others sick. You are in my prayers. You just need YOUR life back--your energy back. Addicts suck the life out of you. Just being near them can drain your life force. There is no reasoning with addiction--no talking to it. Addicts are lost to their addiction--it's like being in grief just to be near them as that person is dead---there are no real close moments---they become a shell---they stopped feeling a long time ago and shame no longer matters--they have crossed so many lines it is no longer a big deal. AND the kicker is they will blame you for something. There is no responsability---no acountability. If there was they would have to change. They break your heart until you can't shed another tear.


    Dear SaInt Michael please lend your strength and wisdom to this woman during this time of exhaustion. Help her find balance between open heart and protection. Help heal this situation in her family and give them the strength to choose the love that is there and celebrate that which is good and not let this one lost soul steal that. Raise your mighty sword and sever the grip of this addiction. In Jesus name, bring healing. Restore love and faith to all suffering the loss of control in this situation. Protect them from this toxic anger. Bring peace to their lives. Thank you! AMEN.

  • I agree with Blmoon...its the only explanation that makes sense and leads us forward. Born a Hindu,Ive been brought up in a culture that believes in re-incarnation,but being a rationalist I never believed any of it till I underwent pastlife regression and spoke to a few people who had done so. There is only one way of believing all this feel your being as a soul,in a place of after life...its a feeling, even tho wikipedia says past life regression is a scam.

    I really liked the book Fakir by Ruzbeh Barucha...maybe you will enjoy reading it. He says of souls who have faced addiction in a past life, are given another chance to incarnate in a situation which tempts them into addiction again and their souls have chosen to exercise free will ,to get out of the trap. If they dont and cause grief to others like your sis, then they are reborn w. more difficult situations...each time the lesson gets harder. so one has to be strong to overcome addiction for one's own sake,i.e.sake of our souls.

    sending healing prayers to you and your family LOAP,this will pass...

    Love and Light

  • Workaholics are addicts too right? They might not steal your money but they do tear your life up.

    Hugs to you all.


  • To LOAP,

    The only thing you can do with an addict family member is to shield yourself against their negativity and low energy. It doesn't mean that you don't love them, but you do have to protect yourself from being dragged into the tar pits with them. Just build a shield of white or violet light around you whenever you have to be around people with negative/low energy, so that they cannot drain you of your energy. Life is hard enough without others making it harder for you. Ask Archangel Michael to surround you with his protection and heal your chakras and do some cord-cutting. Things will get better for have my Blessings and prayers for you. 🙂

  • PAddi, I am also sending you the same Blessings and prayers. That White/violet light would work well for you too...:)

  • ah the question of life why are we here? I gave up on that question a ong time ago I believe we are here for a reason and everyone we meet whether friend or foe is here to teach us. Unfortunately my friends died young but they were here for a lesson to be taught and I hope I learned the lesson well. I try to stay in the moment but sometimes it is so hard. and I agree with LOAP why do people squander their gifts such as whitney houston beautiful voice but she let the drugs & bobby brown ruin her which played a big part in her death; paris hilton is a drain on her parents and a bad role model for teens but they look up to her go figure

    I do a lot of praying to survive and life has taught me the lessons well I would not change it 🙂

    reason being if you can survive the bad times you get to enjoy the good times on a deeper level

    does that make sense?

  • Blmoon

    You sumned it all up with everything you said thats exactly how it is, i have other friends with drug addict siblings and it is a mirror image the same story , i remember hiding not only my purse ,my jeweliery , my sister would even drink my kids panadol on me and raid my medicine cabinet , she has done so many terrible things , i still love her but im so mad at her, the drugs have pushed a wedge between us i can no longer trust her , and this is causing conflict between My Mum and i as she keeps trying to tell me to let it go as my sister has brain damage from taking drugs , i shouldnt let it get to me and get over it . Ive tried doing this but something else will happen and my blood will start boiling again , I pray that she will get better and be in control of her life again she has a son who needs her .

    Thankyou for your prayer

    Dear SaInt Michael please lend your strength and wisdom to this woman during this time of exhaustion. Help her find balance between open heart and protection. Help heal this situation in her family and give them the strength to choose the love that is there and celebrate that which is good and not let this one lost soul steal that. Raise your mighty sword and sever the grip of this addiction. In Jesus name, bring healing. Restore love and faith to all suffering the loss of control in this situation. Protect them from this toxic anger. Bring peace to their lives. Thank you! AMEN.

    Hugs 2 U LOap:)

  • Workaholics yes we both know that one to well Paddi .

  • Thanks Sunshine for your kind words i have been praying to Michael everyday , ive asked him to take my worries away i love violet or any shade of purple it is a real claming energy for me, i will give it a try . Thanks again ,

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