Astra Angel your advice is needed if you could :)

  • Dearest Astra:

    Your advice is wonderful and I figured that right now with everything going on you would be the perfect person to go to for some advice.

    I would just like a reading regarding my love life for the next couple weeks theres a lot going on and would just like some peace of mind regarding the overall of my love life if its not to much to ask for.

    Thanks a bunch.


  • Hi Candy

    Okay, sure thing let's take a peek...

    Well. first card - The Devil ! Oh my... this is a little intense. I am getting some frustration perhaps , like the chains are on and you want to be free to let it all out... I always see the Devil as a sign that someone wants to play!

    Six of Swords, continues that energy, very romantic drives and nice soft journey to a sweeter place, so it is like the Devil is your passion as potential, and the Six Swords finds a release in this passage, with someone, to a very sweet place on that other shore.

    And the World say arrival, fulfillment and realization of your love life in a most beautifully realized way. Love is opened out for you, or you are able to open yourself to someone close to you soon.

    First week also connected to the Seven cups, so the next seven days are going to someone(s), a longing, and you are really having to contain yourself.

    Then, around day eight something breaks! Ace of Swords, could be a nice communique, message, the voice of your beloved! This breaks something that has been pent up and begins the very nice, romantic journey across this lovely river. You may not be sleeping a lot for a while ha ha...

    The World declares the nature of this second week or so, (open and free and thrilling) and your partner here is also declared as the King of Cups who you are cavorting with!

    That is what I get Candy! Whew! Very nice timing too as you are under a waxing moon (New Moon yesterday) so the Love and romance potential right now is off the charts. You will have your hands full for about a week and then your door opens...

    I hope that helps! You are in for something nice according to the Cards.

    love, astra

  • Also, you were the Queen of Cups in that reading, so your King Cups is heading your way....

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