Help Deciphering this reading please!

  • I have done a read for a friend but I would really like a little more insight on it, Anyone want to help me out? This read pertains to how someone feels, and more specifically for this read, it is how a certain individual feels about another.

    Position 1. The most general emotions, how they feel at first glance - Queen of Swords

    Position 2 & 3 More in depth emotions, 2 influences 3, emotions too complex for words or to speak about, emotions evolving from 1 - Judgement (2) Ten of Swords (3)

    Position 4. What is shown about how they feel - Two of Swords

    Position 5. What they truly feel but don't tell anyone - Ace of Cups

    Position 6. Emotions that aren't realized, what they need to acknowledge - The High Priestess (reverse)

  • Hey AquarianSara

    It looks to me like a LOT of suppressed feelings, very, very painfully hidden away. The ACE cups is where they really are with each other, however they have so many hangups, fears, concerns about doing something wrong they are doing nothing (ten swords). High Priestess is begging them to open up and listen to their heart and talk, connect, share...

  • Thank you very much AstraAngel! That shed some much needed light on the situation

  • Hey Astra is there any way that maybe you could pull a few cards to shed some light on certain areas? such as the Queen of Swords and the High Priestess? It would be such a help, but only if you can! no pressure

  • For the Queen of Swords I drew the Queen of Wands, and the Five of Pentacles.

    The Queen Wands seems to be the potential creative feminine energy for the relationship, which is being limited by the five pentacles, resulting in the withdrawn/ a little closed off feeling of the Queen of Swords. LIke Queen of Wands + Five Pentacles = Queen of Swords is kinda what I get. So there is real need to open the doors, blow some fresh air into this relationship to allow the potential (Queen wands creative exuberance) to flow freely.

    For the High Priestess I have the Queen of Cups. What is very interesting is how all of the Queens are showing to open out these two positions. So the High Priestess appears to be saying acknowledge this Queen Cups + the intuition of the High Priestess, so there is a real need for whoever the female is represented here to open up, or follow her intuition is what I am getting.

    ACE OF SWORDS says we are on the right track here AquarianSara... All of this seems to be turning around whoever is represented by the (one of the) female(s) in the relationship. ??

    what do you think? it is an interesting reading we are getting with the Queens showing up.


  • I thank you so much for your help Astra! This is proving to be very very interesting and also spot on for what has been going on. I recognize the female energy of the Queen of Wands immediately. There is a creative female energy for sure and I know she wants to open up but she doesn't quite know how. One thing I would wonder is when I first conducted the reading, it was meant to show what the male individual feels for the female but it looks like it's turning around. I guess what I'm wondering is, what does the male truly feel? still the surpressed but strong feelings?

  • Okay...

    New spread... he is the King of Swords, and She is the Queen of Swords

    I drew a card for each, how they feel about their partner...

    How he really feels about her - Eight of Swords. You can see how this contained and repressed energy is very strong over this relationship. He feels a deep compassion for her, he wants to rescue her, provide, help, give aid, love her deeply, and yet the swords prevent him. He feels trapped, as trapped as her, and yet deep down his passion runs very deep with her. he loves her deeply and yet can do nothing about it.

    How she really feels about him - Eight of Pentacles - she is beside herself with feeling isolated from him and it seems to be his work ethic or career perhaps that he is contending with. She feels deeply for him and yet is in no better position that him. He feels compassion for her, and yet the swords (something he has concluded) prevent him reaching her... she also feels deeply for him and yet she is constrained by his own efforts, works, the laws of life, that are very powerful forces in his life.

    She seems to be stressing grace to him and he is struggling to accept himself that way, He is trying so hard, too hard, his works are his own worst enemy.

    That is what I got Sara... does that explain anything. It is an interesting relationship for sure. He has greatest compassion for her, and yet he is convinced that he has to somehow "work" to win her heart. She wants nothing more in the world than to be rescued by him, and yet she can do nothing until he stops working and simply loves her, and lets that be the rescue. That seems to be the equation. SO the swords in this case are probably mostly all his own doing. All of the "female" energies seem to be crying out to him "grace, grace!" and wooing him that way... he is new at love perhaps, and the Universe is being extra gentle with him and he both. There is a beautiful story here, and it is told with a lot of swords, the loveliest and deepest relationships are born of swords and sorrow.

    Hope that sheds some light? I love the realm of swords, agonizingly beautiful, those dark places of love! Midnight and the moon casting shadows... if these two can ever reach across and play and laugh together, there would be nothing stopping them.

    love and light


  • Oh wow,

    I saw something ASara!

    This man is so determined to do the right thing... his desire to show utmost respect and act only in the highest way possible, very upstanding you know... righteous, but it is self-righteousness that he can't sustain...

    that is what has him trapped - and her too! She can do nothing as long as he is determined to do the right thing. Only when he abandons that, and sinks into her (falling at her mercy, failing at her mercy), is he at last freed from his own works (which have tormented the both of them, as she can really do nothing until he is willing to do the "wrong" thing)... and then she holds the sword over him, and he must trust her then... so the man in love reaches the end of his road when he is willing not only to be a fool, but to be a sinner... for her sake. Then he blissfully comes under her judgment and submits to HER! So his high regard for her can also be their undoing!

    Oh wow, that explains so much don't you think? I can easily apply this in my life, I think this is the lesson I am being taught... maybe... I have a long religious background and always relate life often back to the two forces, law and grace... and I have made so many mistakes, but not enough apparently.

    Well, this is my first step out of the woods, to post this... what do you think. The law always produces the opposite of what we truly want.... love...

  • Astra

    That explains so much.....down to the last detail everything makes sense. It really is a hauntingly beautiful story. Also wow yes! the whole issue of him being determined to do the right thing and then must turn and do the WRONG thing to make anything happen explains everything!

    I think this is just incredible. I feel that it goes to show that sometimes what may seem like the right thing to do, often is not. You have to take those steps in the opposite direction to make something beautiful happen. I feel like with everything you have told me, and helped shed light on, that is what must happen here. There is obvious strong feelings on both sides but they are held back. Also, the entire "righteous" way about him makes complete sense and it does appear to be holding him back. He needs to let go and be with this woman.

    Astra this was just amazing and I can't thank you enough! you are incredible and you helped me so much! Thank you a thousand times over!

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