Tarot help-deeper meanings

  • can anyone give me more insight, the question was "how do i mature?"

    i am the knight of swords.

    Celtic Cross:

    covered by death

    crossed by 10 of wands

    two of cups in the past

    10 of swords in the future

    8 of pentacles reversed beneath me

    the empress reversed in possible outcome

    Staff (going up):

    the hanged man for self

    6 of swords for environment

    page of wands reversed for hopes and fears

    ace of wands reversed for outcome

  • Hi THDM

    Wow that is a pretty intense spread. Death is your present situation, and something is causing some real soul searching about your life, the Hanged Man (where you are heading) is a sign that there is some area of your life that you are not seeing clearly, like a life lesson hidden to you, and you are really trying to figure out what that is. So that leads you through some rough conditions (ten of swords and a lot of works, ten wands) in your search for that answer.

    When you see work cards (eight of pentacles, three pentacles) showing up in your background, that seems to be a sign that your life is characterized by strong effort as your foundation. You are a hard worker, and yet no matter how hard you try, it never seems to be quite enough, and paradoxically it is causing the opposite effect you really want (Empress + Page of Wands = sweet, nurturing emotional life with very nice communication energies going on coming and going). You are not really experiencing that because you think you have to "work" your way there. That isn't going to work out well. I can tell you from experience, that is a dead end (Death, ten of swords).

    You need to abandon the question "HOW DO I mature" because that is continuing to throw the spotlight on something You have to DO... and that is entirely the wrong approach". A more appropriate question for you is,

    What turns me on?

    Who would I love to be with right now, with whom, and what would we be doing?

    What do I want out of life?

    What crazy, zany thing could I do today to raise some eyebrows?

    What really makes me feel nice? What is my happiness? What excites me?

    Where is my passion and with whom would I like to share that passion?

    Trying to "mature" sounds a lot like work to me... do you really want to spend your time "working" to "mature".. or would you rather be having fun? I would leave the "mature" stuff to those who like to be mature, religious types... that isn't you... you are much more interested in having the time of your life, right? Sure you do. We all do!

    So, what is your best approach now in your life? I can tell you what not to do. Try to change, work hard to be more mature or spiritual. You can benefit from my many years of trying to "mature" and I can tell you right now that goes nowhere unless you want to write a book on "how to be more mature" so you can make some dough.

    I would really focus on that Empress card, and the Page of Wands, and relax... let those energies minister to you, embrace really nice, nurturing thoughts and feelings about yourself and your world. Be sweet to you... treat yourself to every nice moment you can think of, perhaps with someone else who is in the same mindset and you feel really close to. Let yourself go... let pleasure be your guide... Page of wands seems to be something to do with writing and sharing, so is there someone close to you that you really want to share more with? or a way to pour out your heart in something creative (that is FUN!) and that you have always loved doing in your life? There is your golden ticket!

    The Ace of Wands in the outcomes tells me that you really really really want to discover this creative FUN thing that really turns you on, and you want to pour yourself into that... and with someone else who is a nurturing figure to you... does that resonate to you?

    Anytime you are feeling down, depressed and sad, it is a sign that you are trying to WORK your way to happiness, success, achievement and maturity. That ain't how you get there. You mature by basically seeing how little you can get away with, become a slob, do goofy things, sign up for more joke websites, watch more x x x movies, that sort of thing! GO wild, and let the angels sort out the wreckage after you're done! They like to do that stuff, gives them something to do... they spend most of their times bored out of their heads while we are trying to be more spiritual.... while they are trying to be more earthly.. it is a comical combo let me tell you!

    How does that sound? Are you feeling more mature already ha ha?



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