Welcome back Astra ;-)

  • Hi Astra,

    So glad you're back;). I hope you had a wonderful time off and enough to time to sort through things.

    I was going to give you an update and ask for a reading but then I started reading some of the advice you gave to the other guests on the site and I just want to say that you are truly an angel. The name really fits;). Your selfless generosity and ability to help all of us is so touching. Your advice to others (particularly your last comment to aqua was so fit for how I am feeling... it almost felt like it was written for me!)

    So thank you again for everything you have done and will continue to do for all of us on this site that so desperately need your help at times 😉



  • Hey Virgirl

    Thanks so much for your kind words, I did have nice trip to see my mom... and now am back with family, my kids and all... in the midst of another move though! Every time I turn around lately it seems a move is happening... I don't know about me being an angel ha ha... I am just a guy from the woods... a little bit lost myself... I do like sharing though, and I hope it helps in some way...

    I popped over two cards for you... no charge :)... the Ace of Wands and Four of Cups. Seems to be saying you are starting something new spiritually, some endeavor, could be anything, but it feels like YOU are taking some time to strike out in a new direction? Could be something creative you have been putting off and now feel ready to tackle... now is a good time... Oh today is the New Moon! So starting now is a wonderful time to start anything creative!

    ANd that four of cups shows you a little forlorn over something emotional that is not as fulfilling as you would like... Spirit is reaching out from the clouds though, an angel with his arms around you, holding you... there is your real lover you know... I would start that new creative project with him.

    Wishing you well... let me know if there is anything else going on you would like a reading on... gray here today, good weather for the Tarot 🙂

    love, astra

  • I'm so glad to hear all is well ;)! Funny you mentioned a move because I think I may be moving soon...not sure where yet. I do know that moving is probably number two on the list of major stresses people endure. There are so many components to it. Ugh! Well I hope your move goes smoothly 😉

    So thank you so much for pulling those cards! Can I tell you, they both hit it right on the nose! For one I have been trying my best to get centered. I've been feel extremely scattered. I've been getting telepathic and sensory messages from everywhere! I don't know why I feel so sensitive and intuitive lately. On the one hand its great because I'm able to sense certain things before they happen but on the other hand things have been coming at me all at once and its kind of overwhelming! I don't know if I am a little psychic. I kind of don't want to tell myself that because then I'm afraid I'll become more sensitive to things. Sorry for blabbering but its hard to discuss these things to family and friends without appearing completely insane!

    Aside from that I feel like there has been a bunch of negativity around me. Not sure if it was always there and I'm just picking up on it now?? My dreams have been so vivid recently too. I had a dream a major singer died the day before Whitney Houston died. It was so eerie.

    About the creative part, I literally was just thinking about exactly how I'm going to tackle my jewelry making venture since I dropped it for a few months. So I'm glad to hear that now is a good time for it;)

    Personally, I have much material success which I am extremely grateful for. I'm able to support close relatives whom have no one to rely on. But as far as my own satisfaction with my material wealth, it does nothing for me :(... so while my business venture may do well, the gains I receive from it may have zero effect on me, spiritually...

    Finally, my heart is sort of heavy because of my love life...what a new right! So things have finally ended with me and Virgo guy. I can feel it. His heart is no longer there. I actually have feelings toward him myself but I still have lobe for him. But its just so bizarre that one day out of nowhere I was watching television and I felt him leave. It felt like the great wall of China was put up between us. Maybe at that very moment he released me. Astra, its just such a weird feeling because it doesn't feel like this should be happening. It feels so forced.... hard to explain, sorry. Perhaps you can pull a card on this situation.

    I know I need to let go. Its the only way I can ever move toward. Yet, I have a very very deep sadness, its almost palpable-it envelopes me. Its like a realization of the fact that I felt so strongly for someone and a situation that was so opposite to who I am. He (Virgo guy) is a street hustler and I am a Jr executive at a fortune 500 company. He communicates horribly. I have no problem expressing how I feel. He has tons of baggage...I mean tons, I have not so much. I can keep comparing. The point is, this is a person that was never right for me, yet I can't let him go!

    Any who, so sorry for writing this novel, lol, but I feel like you really understand me.

    Thank you again Astra, your advice means a lot 😉



  • Hi virgirl

    Okay... well totally you should get your jewelry going... that sounds like something that touches your heart perhaps in ways the fortune 500 job doesn't? That does sound like a great job though! I worked for 14 years for a company on the stock market, in marketing. I don't think they were fortune 500 though. Fortune 50,000 maybe.

    Let's look at this situation with your street hustler again.. I tell you what, sometimes these odd couple hookups are wonderful. He must be balancing you out in your practical Virgo, place for everything and cool, calm and collected personality. He is totally not that way and you dig that.... it keeps you balanced. So with him leaving - or you feeling him leaving - you are going to be looking very intensely for another person who provides that chaotic balance you crave. You need that. FOr some reason you need it.

    And as for your intuition and psychic dream things, that is very cool... you are not going to be able to control that really, it is a gift and heaven has ways of developing that whether you like it or not. SO be prepared... for some wild times, okay? You start down this path and embrace those gifts and the occult and you are entering "the Twilight Zone" ha ha... and that can be a lot of fun... it can also be a lot of ****... but if you really really really want to ascend and enter Heaven, you really dont have a choice. But don't worry about it, it will all happen nicely and perfectly for you.

    My guess is that guys like your street guy provide something that is helping you tune in psychically... he was a "lodestone" for you as you were practicing that...

    SOme cards...

    Queen of Swords - this is you... very composed right now, or trying to be. Quiet and calm, and your apartment penthouse sweet is especially neat tonight ... some extra dusting and cleaning, as you want to do anything to help get your mind off of ... him...

    Four of Swords. You are feeling drained from it all. Lying down a lot more. Staring up at the ceiling. Wondering why? It was so nice! How come... why did it have to go that way?... some tossing and turning at night... and more cleaning...

    The Chariot - you know? I don't think things are really over with him. You say you felt him "leave"? Are you sure. He could be playing with you. I think there is a chariot awaiting you. Cinderella, virgirl Cinderella... you are such a romantic yourself too... you dream of a carriage to sweep you into heaven... you dream a lot... you cry sometimes too, the sweetness of what you feel is almost too much to bear... you have the heart of an angel. And you felt that he was an angel too, and you wanted desperately to fly into heaven with him. You may still have those tickets showing up in the mail.

    Queen of Swords - again - I place all cards back and shuffle and you get some good guidance that way. SO you are totally under this Queen Swords energy right now. Controlled and calm or trying to be. You are going to HAVE to find an outlet and soon since things are iffy with your guy... you need to get out into the woods and scream or something... you need emotional release... something is bottled up and it is driving you a little batty.

    Knight of Wands - okay so there is a Knight out there, a connection between you and him.

    Temperance - your angel. Knight of Cups. So there are still very strong companions for you, around you. Do you have others in your life romantically? This seems to indicate there is another.

    The Fool. You are about to be swept into something beautiful, and the fool always closes the door behind him.

    Hey virgirl, wishing you so much peace and happiness. Virgo is a beautiful sign, there is a sad sweet quality about Virgo that is so poetic. You are an artist at heart, You are seeking "the farther shore" and you will find love, something very lovely is entering your life very soon.



  • Hi Astra,

    Everything you said was so true! EVERYTHING! You're so accurate every single time!! Thank you so much for your guidance 😉 At this point I think its time for me to look within for answers and just have more faith that like you said, the angels will be sure things work out perfectly. I'm going to try my best to not worry and just close eyes, breath and have faith.

    If you see me attempting to reach out to you about the same issues I've been bringing to you, please just respond with a frank: have faith virgirl!

    Again, I want to wish you all the best in everything you do. I know you're humble and don't want to be so cocky as to think you're an angel but Astra...you are an angel 😉



  • Hi Astra!

    How are you? I hope things are well 🙂 I've been thinking about you lately and wanted to see how you were. So there have been a lot of transitional events that have occurred since the last time we chatted. For one, I never answered your last question about the knight of cups card you pulled -- someone else in my life. The answer is yes. That would be my fiancé. Since the last time we chatted, he and I went through a very dark but transitional moment. I still felt very strongly about virguy my prince/angel, lol. So I was viewing my relationship with my fiancé and probably have been for a long time, in an unfair light. Well, there was an incident that I will tell you about in a minute, between me and Virgo guy that led me to view my relationship with my fiancé in a much different light, completely unbiased. So me and fiancé had a huge fight, well rather several little quarrels that led up to a huge fight that prompted me to finally, once and for all tell him I wanted him out of my life. I started looking for another place and actually found one I really liked. But during my fight with fiancé I gave him a list of things I was upset with him about and low and behold he has changed those things I didn't like or has done the things I complained he hasn't been doing. So that prompted me to rethink our bond. I decided that while it isn't fairy tale at all and the connection isn't as strong as I would prefer, it was workable. Now, do I want to spend my life with someone that is just workable, um....probably not. But I have taken note of the fact that I have learned that this relationship has potential. There is only one caveat, it can only have one hundred percent fulfillment if and only if I could get Virgo guy out of my mind and spirit, which lately has seemed to be an impossibility.

    With that said, the last incident with Virgo guy happened when I went to his town for a night and didn't call him. I didn't call him because he told me he had someone. I didn't and will not be second to anyone so I didn't call him. Part of me felt like I would run into him the night i was in his town so that was another reason I didn't call. Long story short, two days after I get home he tells my sister's boyfriend that I must have somebody in his town that's why I didn't contact him. My sisters friend tried to let him know I was alone the entire time but he wouldn't go for that , he was convinced I was there to see another man. I tried to contact him after I heard that but his phone was off. I tried to email him and my emails bounced back. My theory is, he either changed his number so I couldn't contact him or he's so upset he's blocking me.

    How do I feel about all of this? Well for one if he is blocking me or turned off his phone that is very immature and two, his communication is way more flawed than I initially thought it was. I have to be honest and say of course I still love him. If I saw him tomorrow I'm not sure how I would respond. But what I do know is that I can feel him. Today especially -- I can feel him so much so strongly like hes in the room with me. I think about him a lot, albeit with a different intensity, but he is still always on my mind. Im just curious to know what the outcome will be.

    Okay, finally, there is another dilemma -- i just started a new job and my boss...the energy I am getting from him is very strong...almost like an attraction...something I don't want to feel AT ALL. I have gone through my entire career without work crushes but this one scares me for some reason. I guess this one has caught me way off guard and I don't like it. I have dreamt about him twice and very strongly last night. I'm trying to figure out what to make of this and see what the outcome of this, professionally that is. I have not and will not ever date someone on the job. Furthermore I am in a serious relationship and don't even want to be faced with this. It's really weird that this is happening right now. He's also not someone I would ever look at in a million years! Ugh! It's like God is constantly throwing these relationship challanges in front of me and I don't know why!!! Am I a love addict or just crazy! I hate that I can pick up on this energy!

    Anywho, write back when you can! Hope you have a great week!



  • hey astra can you check my new thread?:) thanks

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