I miss him but can't understand what to do...

  • Hello guys..i am leo girl..i have earlier been in relation with a scorpon marine engineer guy..but we broke up..we were not quite compatible..while i was fighting with my break up of my 1st relationship,i met this cancer guy through a social networking site and soon found that my ex was his classmate and friend..then we got some common friends through whom we accidently got each other's numbers..we texted each other like hell..24*7 for 2months..in the meantime we met too...i told him EVERYTHING about my past relation and for him i was first girl,but he shared his deepest and darkest secrets with me..he sort of proposed telling that its not exactly love but i like you but i have no guarantee of future so don't depend on me..i was not ready for such relation,so i said a NO..while i was deciding,we met for a couple of times,we became physically a bit close..he told i arouse him sexually..keeping all that aside i rejected him and asked him to find a girl according to his requirement and stopped talking to him..he himself texted me 2days later that please dont leave my life like this..i need you..we stayed as friends..but because of the physical closeness,we became "friends with benifit"..we had sex once..

    but then we didnot meet each other for next 2months because of several reasons like his exams and all then mine etc but we did keep contact through phone though less but we did..

    before when we used to talk for 24*7,he had done a lot out of track things for me,like staying awake whole night for me to keep to awake for my exams on my request,then borrowing money from friends and taking me out,singing songs for me..he used to be very caring..i felt a love-like thing..

    but somehow in between so many exams came and went by,we talked may be 5 times a day,out of which 3times it was sex-related,which pissed me off..

    this continued for a month or so when finally i got fade up and said is it the only thing you want to talk about..

    hours later,reply came,"may be yes."..i said,"fine then forget friendship and talk ONLY about sex with me,no sharing", because he got into the habit of sharing every small thing he did or every small problem he has..

    he replied,"leave it"..i replied,"if i can leave everything in my life,i can leave you also,you are free to go..just that i am sorry for the sacrifice i made for you..i dont need you..i dont..bye.."

    i dont know..i really miss him..i guess he may have deleted my no. also but i really cant text him also because of my ego..

    he has always been very sweet about things like waking me up anytime i asked him to do,listening to me when i needed him..he even could not study just a day before his exam because we had a fight..he cried for me..he NEVER forgot to wish me before my exam and ask me "how was it?" after my exam..there were several nice undescrible i felt with him..but then i am confused with his feelings..his actions speak something and his words speak something else...

    what do you guys think??does he have ANY feelings for me??am i over-expecting??what should i do??will he text me or contact me??


  • I think it is the love and attention you miss, not the guy himself who was actually very demanding and an awful lot of trouble, especially since he was partially using you for sex. Find someone who is less trouble but still able to give you the love and attention you need. This need is your weakness and people can take advantage of you like this guy has done, if they see your need. Be more careful in future.

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