• hope you are doing well, its been a rough winter for me as far as aches and pains...

    The other day out of the blue the owners son labeled president of the company the place i walked out of 12 yrs ago called me and asked me if i would like to take the company back over ... wild ! since he said his dad was out of it and he would be at the other business with his dad i kind of considered it but , it would be like going back to the past... even though its smaller now, less employees and easier to operate.

    no money was mentioned but im sure it would be more than i am doing on my own.i think my wife wants me to take it in a way i do too but i would be giving up my freedom of working from home and perusing my ides of inventions.... those two people the son and the dad are the reason i have issues with my adrenals now... it sounds low stress this time but im not sure if it would change... before it ended up me being so tied to the business i was stuck or trapped. do you feel any insight on this situation... i dont want to pass it by yet but i also dont know if i can do the 7 -5 again. another thing is i dont know how long my wife and i will be together . its okay for now but i dont see it lasting for ever. it would help to have enough money and insurance to get by alone .....

  • I just did a long answer for someone so going offline as I'm hanging on to my energy right now for important manifestations but did get a feeling in your post. It's not a definate yes no answer but feel you should consider that most of January and a bit of this month brought ALL of us through a phase of revisiting the PAST---it was both scary but liberating as it was meant to reafirm a pact of renewed INTENTION---where we have been and how far we HAVE come and all that head knowledge now needs ACTION. Put dreams to work. Step up to the plate and stop thinking about shoulds----this is the time to be brave. CHANGE is not the same old same old. This year demands action, courage and a freeing of spirit. Finding our bliss and making it happen. As for the job offer---only YOU can set the comfort boundries up front---leave yourself room to meet your needs---trust your gut. It could be they are on the CHANGE agenda as well. This is deeper than a job this about the old you and the new you facing each other. You have to be very vocal about your fears with this man. UP front as to what you can or can't do. I myself have left a job that burned me out--only to return two years later and have it work for me--but during my time away I dug really deep into WHY I let it get that far---I learned not to be so pleasing---to maintain boundries--speak up before not later AND others tend to go as far as you let them. No one can trap you without YOUR permission. That's always been your challange. You struggle between leading and passive road of least resistance. Your fear of being trapped goes deep. You do not trust yourself to know how to escape. To protect yourself from the NEEDS of others. Know yourself well and you'll make the desicion that will serve you. No mistakes--just lessons. It is not selfish to make it work for you---wether a job or a marriage. Always think win win for all parties and never assume your needs will be met voluntarily. NO you will always be your own big brother wathing over yourself. BLESSINGS!

  • yep the needs wont be met by these people , i thought they would before and i got screwed pretty good........ i had a gut feeling this was a decision i had to make for myself lol ..... dang it !

    i just started a new venture that involves the travel industries. its a club you join ... it seems like a good thing but kinda like a pyramid the way it works except it is a legit company. some of my real estate friends are getting into it s o i am tagging along for a trial....

    the thing that scares me in the old job is they seem to be workaholics but have so much money it is crazy and very stingy with it. they are working 6 days a week now , that seems weird to me they dont have people to help weekends so they can be off with the kind of money they have. its more like an obsession to them i think...

    it wont kill me to try this out but i have other work and clients i deal with as well and i am covered up with stuff at this time plus.. both my car are broken down and i was playing mechanic. it seems as if i work another job and have to pay others to do my personal stuff like cars, yard work, house maint. ect. so how much do you come out ? any way thanks bunches ! i am sorry to burden you with small things such as this.... thank you so much!

  • It is their passion. That is what drives a person to live his or her job. The owners of a buisness are invested deeply so they will always micro manage and be constantly trying to save a buck and make a buck--growth is essential. The employees are invested in another way. Loyalty, work ethic and a paycheck. At times what stalls a buisness is A misunderstanding between the two. There has to be a communicator who has loyalty to both and speaks for both sides and calls people out when there is a problem --and nurtures people to feel apreciated. Every successfull buisness needs a fair mediator that unifys the company. BLESSINGS!

  • hey blmoon , i went by the business last week, it was good to see the guys. i didnt get a good feeling about it though, it was more like going back to the past and giving up on my dreams feeling. failure, ect.... even thou i could always leave it would mess up what i do in my shop but at the same time. im not making any money to speak of with my client. i guess i need to increase my prices little by little and see what happens. ive been trying that but not quick enough.

    as far as perusing my ideas it seems something always gets in my way when im about to act on it.

    this happens over and over... i picked out one to start the last week of december and i still have yet to work towards it.... between pain and fatigue it doesnt leave alot of play time after have to's.... which reminds me last friday i had the afternoon planned to work om my stuff and tornados moved thru the area... after the first one hit near by , people left jobs to come home.. somehow or for sum reason i had a house full of people riding it out for one reason or another.. . is there a reason that happened ? its almost as if i was putting out a shield of protection and they wanted in !... that was a crazy afternoon..... no one was hurt in the area but lots of damage to peoples homes and possessions , some people lost everything down to the ground... there was sheet metal flying for miles from the marina. i ts a miracle no one was killed.

    anyway thanks for your time and take care, u r wonderful ! mike

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