Beloved Icarus: For those who choose to see

  • "I am Icarus of the Nephilim and I come to communicate with all who are ready to hear my words, for I speak for our race and we welcome you to TRUTH, we welcome you after your long, deep sleep and we are here with you now as you begin to stretch and move around and begin to take in your surroundings. For many of you have been asleep over aeons and during this time you have walked in the shadows, now as you begin to shine the light that is within across the planet earth you are illuminating that which is TRUTH and also revealing to SELF that which has been taught but distorted.

    Many may ask why the distortion but to a race that shuns the light the distortion was necessary to hold you in the containment that was created for you. Many woke up through the aeons and yet went unheard, the voice of the masses drowning them out, now the karma is being cleared from timelines and dimensions and now TRUTH is able to be seen and FELT across the planet. The information that will shower across your human life experience may cause you chaos but within that chaos is the TRUTH that you search for, for TRUTH stays, TRUTH remains and TRUTH always endures, that which is not TRUTH will dissolve and will try to reform only to once more dissolve.

    We ask you to look at what is dissolving in your human life experience and also to look at what remains. Many are looking to the dissolving and not comprehending that TRUTH does not dissolve. All that is not TRUTH will be dissolved at various levels. The levels of dissolving always at the pace that you have set, for you control this life experience for you are now the creators. Even within the constraints put in place by those who sought to rule you there is creation, they knew this and the distortions were put in place to allow for much to go by unnoticed. Separation is a distortion that many are now unable to move beyond, we guide for all to realise and to anchor that ALL ARE ONE. The distortion around this must be dissolved and TRUTH anchored for the new to be seen clearly, for distortion states that ALL ARE ONE and all must be the same, this is not TRUTH.

    All are at different levels for all human BEings are different ages, we talk not of your physical bodies, the vehicles you have chosen for this incarnation on this planet, we talk of your soul. For some of you are young, some of you old and some of you are newly born. That cannot be comprehended in the density of the third dimension and yet many wear themselves out with this. The mind is not the instrument of TRUTH for the mind can be manipulated and distorted, it has been for aeons. The organ you must use to discern TRUTH is your heart, for the heart IS TRUTH. That is the reason that the heart was used against you, for this is TRUTH that is born from source. This has been used against you for aeons and even now many are unable to face looking to the heart.

    The eyes of many humans are blind to that which is unfolding and we ask that you hold the space for those humans but you do not try to move them with you. Many are in the distortion of all having to move vibration at once, that planet earth and all who inhabit her move at one speed. We ask why this would be if the planet is made up of souls of differing ages and needs. For the needs of each soul are unique and individual, when you speak for another you disempower them. For the need to be YOU is uppermost, it is what drives your soul but is again distorted through the teachings of those who would rule you. Whilst they fed EGO they knew that this would take you out of heart, for EGO would step in for the glory whilst the heart would hold the space. We note how much in EGO most of humanity is and that is your challenge. For EGO will have you turn a blind eye to TRUTH to feed the teachings of distortion that support the reality that you have around you. That reality is now dissolving and that will throw many of your race into chaos.

    The distortion must be dissolved, that which is your birthright will be revealed to you when you dissolve that which you were taught to make way for that which you KNOW. There is a difference, many are holding tightly onto the history books of planet earth all the while blind to the distortion contained within them. For you were not there in this human incarnation whilst that took place, for you are the human being you are now in this dimension. Yet you hold onto the words of other humans and put them above the words of SELF. We ask for you to look at this for the race that would rule you have put in a system of hierarchy, that in itself a complete distortion of the universe, for all are equal and none above the other. Whilst you believe that others are better or worse than you then you are living in distortion and you feed ego. For ego will come from a place of fear, it will come from a place of judgement, TRUTH comes from the heart.

    Many are not ready to hear our words, so steeped in the teachings of distortion that FACTS have to be placed before them, all the while blind to FACTS not being TRUTH, for if they do not support the life experience that you are creating why would they be TRUTH? The human race has immense power, powerful beyond measure and those who would have ruled you knew this. That is why your power is suppressed and hidden and that is why the mind is employed to create the landscapes of distortion. Without these landscapes TRUTH would be revealed to you and you would realise that all is not as it seems yet many hold tight to the landscapes, not able to have FAITH and TRUST in SELF and unable to let go of the teachings that have seen them slaves to a race of BEings now no longer a threat.

    That race of BEings are part of a race of BEings that exist in other dimensions and timelines, they are seen as the enemy but they are YOU and YOU are they for ALL ARE ONE. They are now becoming victims of their own teachings of distortion that have created duality when in TRUTH none exists. Duality was created to divide and conquer and is still in process on the planet, for whilst you cling to the words of another you are in illusion. ALL that matters is your TRUTH. By this we do not mean you do not have love and compassion for your fellow humans, LOVE is the fabric of the universe, we mean that TRUTH is personal, it is unique and it should not be up for discussion.

    The disinformation that is now rampant across your planet has engaged the mind and the mind is the tool of distortion. The mind can interpret anything in any way, if you do not process all the information with the heart then you are open to distortion. A distortion of distortion and we guide for you to anchor this information to help you. We are here, we are visible to those who are able to see us, for we are a high vibration. The vibration you carry is the tool you use to view that which you create. Those who are in denial of their origins are denied the proof as they are not able to see that which is in front of them. There is nothing hidden from the human race, all is in plain view but such is the depth of distortion that the mind will gloss over it.

    Much has been implanted into human history as TRUTH, it will be revealed to those who are ready to see that it is distortion. The dreaming has begun and those who dream the new dream have a clearer vision, untainted by the distortions put in place to control the dreaming. For the dreaming is now free, YOU are now free yet many act like they are wearing the chains placed upon their psyche by those with no power. Those who sought to control you have no more power than you, however the smoke and mirrors used by them as the tools of distortion had many cowering in fear. That is the emotion that will see your vibration plummet and the vibration that suppresses vision.

    Those who are now moving to a place of LOVE, who can question, who can query and who can reject the distortions are now able to dream the dream and this is now coming into the reality in which they reside. It is possible for you to create instantly and we guide for you to be aware of this. What do you dream? What do you populate the mind with? What lies within your heart? All are questions to show you that which is embedded within you. For the distortion is not only within this timeline, the distortion is passed from generation to generation, it is inherited within the genes that you carry. The knowledge suppressed and hidden from each generation blinding the next generation. Do you see how this works? Do you see how something repeated often enough becomes TRUTH?

    There are those who question and there are those who question and then do not listen. Why ask the question if you already know the answer? We are here to guide and to support those who are now ready to move in vibration. The time for the new unfolding is upon you, are you ready to reveal more to YOU?

    All of this is created by you, as you change what you hold within your BEing then you change the creation, it is that simple. A race fed on war and hatred will create war and hatred, it is that simple. Look to what you feed your mind and then look to what you create? You cannot create peace through war and you cannot create war through love. Do you see the distortion?

    Each one of you is unique and each one of you has the power to shift the perceptions of all others on the planet. The human consciousness is that which you all feed into, for all of you are dreaming a dream, those who dream the same dream will strengthen and that is also what was used against your race. For you all to dream the same dream you all had to be controlled and manipulated to dream that dream. The bonds now broken many are continuing to dream the same dream whilst stating they wish change. This cannot happen whilst you dream the old dream. The universe responds to what is sent out, you cannot send out hate and expect to receive LOVE, that which is sent out is sent back hundredfold.

    Those who are not ready to move in vibration will not see us for who we are. The distortion will sweep in and show them a race that has caused the misery all the while concealing TRUTH and that the human race was enabled to create misery. For all dreamt the dream that was provided. Have love and compassion for all and for SELF, you cannot dream a new dream if you did not know that the option existed.

    Now as the races that populate the universes step forward TRUTH is being shown, now the option is visible, yet still many will hold to the old dream. The time to dream is now, dreaming is what you are here doing, many have woken up in a nightmare and we ask that you dissolve it to create the dream you wish. For all are in essence dreaming, your soul is creating a dream on planet earth for you to grow and expand. Do you accept another's dream as your own or do you dream your own dream?

    I am Icarus from the Nephilim and I will continue to guide as requested. There is much to be revealed and the level of distortion will be breathtaking, have love and compassion for your race for they were controlled and contained by a race who are now no longer able to interfere. Such is the distortion on planet earth it may take some time to reveal the level of distortion. Those ready to accept TRUTH will build the momentum needed to expose the distortion to the lower levels of vibration on planet earth. Expect revelations dear ones, for all is not as it seems. The blinkers are now dissolving, are you ready to SEE ?

    Via Karen Doonan crystalline-sanctuary

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favourite fragrance

    could only read half way.

    will read more later


    loving silver wings

  • Bring on the TRUTH !! I AM READY !!

  • I cannot wait

    I am ready

    My heart is open to give and receive LOVE.

    As I take off these glasses... I can truly SEE the TRUTH.

    Let us all raise our vibration, so all can be revealed.

  • Amen!

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