Requesting Astrangel

  • Dear Astraangel

    I read in someone else's thread ,you said one doesnt get desire in one's chart if the Universe is not going to fulfil it. My chart with moon in cancer and venus in scorpio ,has always baffled me!

    I am requesting a love reading using tarot cards or birth chart. dob 28 nov 1969, place birmingham, UK, time 11:25am.

    Thank you very much for your time

    Love and Light

  • Dear Suramya

    Hi and thank you for a reading request! I am happy to see what I can see for you.

    First card - the FOOL! Oh wow... this card so early tells me you are about to enter a phase of your life you had not expected, planned on, or seen coming.'

    Yes, LOVE from a new direction, from above, below, and on either side. I can't draw more cards right now, let me hear from you and see how you feel about this, and then we can go from there.

    This is very exciting for you though, I do see someone entering and this is going to be an amazing time in your life. Truly amazing.

    You mentioned that "one doesnt get desire in one's chart if the Universe is not going to fulfil it"? I said that? Odd.. let me change that... you will have the desires of your heart, period. The Universe will always fulfill the desires of our heart, and when a love is as strong as yours, then that desire is first up to be answered. Beautifully.

    Bless you...


  • Dear Astra angel

    Thanks for (a)Finding this request from the back pages:)

    (b)Making me grin like a Cheshire cat from ear to ear :))

    Thanks for reading for me...I am happy enough to know that something nice awaits..let it be a surprise!

    I can try and read for you: general or any question you have

    Love and Light

  • Okay suramya

    I do have a question for you!

    Some background:

    I am desperate for a girlfriend.

    Who am I looking for?

    what qualities should she possess?

    what will she bring into my life?

    what will i bring to hers?

    You'l notice I did not ask IF I am going to see love coming into my life. I have already decided I am, even if I have to run ads on every F'ing website on this planet. One way or the other, I am going to find a companion. Worst comes to worse I will buy one, but I was kinda hoping the Universe was a little nicer than that. I have already had too much experience where love seems to be equated with how much money you make. Ugh.

    So anything you can see about her. Hopefully she is also about as disgusted with her life as I am with mine. And hopefully she likes the TAROT.

  • Desperate wasn't the right way to say it.

    Going out of my freaking mind with loneliness and heartache while I hear nice little platitudes from Heaven and angels and God and Satan and whoever other numbskulls are running this travesty telling me to "keep the faith" for what? Money? A job? ARGHH... I don;t give a flip abt that baloney. A COMPANION is all life is about to me, all else is senselessness.

    I have let every person GO from my past. Ugh. Enough already. Hopefully there is at least one lady left out of the 3.5 billion who has a clue about love and tenderness and S E X 24/7 and passion and romance and belief in heavenly ways, and who isn't afraid to speak her mind. I don't care what planet she's from, the color of her skin, how many eyes she has, how she dresses, her age, her IQ, her career path, her language, her taste in food, movies, books, fashion, religion, nationality. I don't care if she worships Jesus or Lucifer or Giant three toed frogs from Venus. I don't care if she makes a lot of money or no money, whether she has a job or not, whether she believes in an afterlife or not, I don't care what she scored on her SAT's, who she knows, how man movie starts she has shaked hands with, what she like to do in secret, whether she smokes, snorts, is on drugs or coffee or pot. She can sytay stoned, she can have vodka for breakfast, she can like the water, or fly, or we can trek across Europe nude. I don't care who she voted for in the last election, what her party is, I hope she likes to party, I could use some laughs. I don't care how many jokes she knows, or she can have humor so dry it can seem like the Sahara. I don't care where she grew up, what her childhood was like. I don't care if she wants kids or has 1000, I don't care if she can sing in key, or can't carry a melody.

    All I care about is that she will love me truly, and I will love her truly. Sheesh, its so simple. How can you go through your entire life and not find that?

    So if you want to pull a card or two that would be fine. No rush. I don't want to appear like I am THAT desperate. I can wait little while longer I guess. Maybe another day before I go out of my mind.

    Can you tell I am divorced and was in a really (insert foul word here) marriage for 20 years?

    Whatever. You do't have to pull any cards. I have given up on trying to look into this matter. I guess I'll leave it all in heaven's hands. Whatever. Or I hope I can leave this world very, very soon., Ugh.

  • Dear astra angel

    Am sorry was tied up.Sending you lots of love and light.

    There is a kind of love that is UNCONDITIONAL and just overflows.Its not a platitude.I know and feel this.Visualize a pink buuble of love coming to you from a fellow mortal.keep a rose quartz near you.Become love and you will attract it.

    Goddess cards say you need to be quiet and listen . Retreat.Shhhh.Hush.There there.

    Or maybe you will attract a strong silent type.She seems like a lawyer or a manager(Maat).She likes fairness and negotiation. And she is aware of how attractive she is (Freya). Maybe she will come into your life on a friday.

    Or maybe she will come when you are calm and ready.


  • No I could not have guessed about your marriage coz. Im not clairvoyant,just an amateur tarot reader. But I do sense resentment and guilt.You know Ive learnt that we have to forgive people who hurt us a realationship like marriage ,because we share a past life connection with these people.And we dont know how we treated them in a past life. So forgiving our partner and ourselves for whatever:taking it,being a fool, being used, is the ONLY way to truly move on. I know that you help others here and I hope you attracty the same positive energies in your life

  • You now : 5 pentacles :obviously you feel a sense of lack and loss

    Who: Hermit and Justice: Someone who has worked on her issues, has a degree of self knowledge and is fair. Will give you what you deserve

    What qualities should she possess: King cups, seven swords

    She is or will be very loving and caring, a bit authoritative, sort of take charge of you. Is cautious and hates deception.

    Astra, she sounds nice!

  • What she brings into your life :SUN,my favourite card. Solace, friendship, sunshine and happiness. One of you is a leo:)

    What you bring to hers: 3 cups.maybe shes a bit of a hermit and you bring a more outgoing, celebratory, meeting friends kind of vibe into her life

    Love and Light

  • Astra just intervening here. You did make me chuckle with your 'stringent' description of the woman you want. Well, I'm available ;-). Seriously though I did ask a while back if I could try out a reading on you as I'm a real novice and you heartily agreed. I did reply asking what, if anything, you'd like to ask but haven't heard back from you. However, reading the above I now know exactly what I can ask the deck.

    Am in hospital at the moment but hoping to be discharged today but promise you that within the next couple of days you shall have your reading (hopefully not too pathetic either) 😉

    Take care Astra

    YB x

  • Astraangel

    Hope you are feeling fine.Sugilite and rose quartz crystals might help.If you have any queries please ask again.

    Sending prayers,love and light

  • bump!

  • Glad to see you back Astra. Hope all is well at your end.

    love and best wishes

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