Captain ,if you have time!

  • dear Captain

    I have an unusual request.I want insight on a past relationship thats now over.

    Me 28 nov 1969, him 28 july 1973. also how does having the same birthday, not month affect us?


    Love and Light

    ps. can I read for you too?!

  • What did you want to know about this past relationship, Suramya?

  • And people born on the same birthdate wouldn't be exactly alike because of how and where they were raised and the different sort of life and experiences they had.

  • And yes you can read for me too. 🙂 A general reading is fine.

  • Wow that was fast!

    I want a general compatibility reading and possibly the reason why this association ended so abruptly . The ending brought a lot of grief and then positive change into my life. Its what first brought me on this site:trying to make sense of my behaviour patterns and endings in general. Now that im going through another spring cleaning cycle:) i want to go back to revisit this again.

    Am just getting down to a general reading. If it makes sense please ask questions:)

    and thanks for guiding me this far...

  • First I used the angel oracle deck ( Doreen Virtue). You seem to be at the end of one cycle and taking some time out to reflect before beginning on another. zanna tells you that the worst is behind you and you are truly protected by angelic powers. The next two cards show an angel contemplating golden-amber brown sunsets. maybe this colour is significant for you at the moment. the card suggests that you might be feeling restless to put your new knowledge and projects into motion, but the advice is to learn some more, to let the Universe pour some more wisdom from its library. You have been reviewing your emotions and relationships, and they are healing and transforming. Just avoid any feelings of guilt.

    another deck threw out the Love card! An omen of transformation and positive change. Be open to receiving love, accepting help and delegating authority. You will be well supported at this time.

  • Its quite amazing that when I pulled the Goddess deck,my favourite these days, again Sekhmet came out for you. The you-are-stronger-than-you think and build-your-physical-strength card that I now associate with you;)

    Sedna or infinite Supply, says that you are supplied for today and all of your tommorrows. Some other meanings of this card: 1.Balance between giving and receiving. balance comes from fearlessly giving as you are guided, and then receiving with joy and gratitude, like inhale -exhale in breathing: naturally balanced. 2.Spend time at the ocean. Swim with the dolphins.3. Do not worry about the future.

    Lakshmi, the abundance Goddess also came up, so that validates the above reading about no need to worry about future material security.

  • Now for the tarot cards. In your present situation, do you feel hard done by someone? as if someone has deceived or hidden things from you? You seem to feel a need to act very cautiously, as if sensing danger or deception or detection of some past thing. the issue (7 swords) . There is an imbalanec of giving and receiving, maybe somewhere you have been giving too much or maybe you have not got adequate returns for what you have given (6 pentacles). It seems like thats going to change. Justice brings just rewards. I could also mean a signing of important papers or legal documents. If so, theres no harm in being cautious.

    In your occupation, you feel conflicted again between a need to be alone and find your answers by yourself, as well as the need to be nurturing to others (Hermit,queen cups). You are likely to find a balance, because at the moment you are very attractive to others, as in physically, as well as a source of spiritual solace. The High priestess tells you to continue on your current path of following your intuition and using it professionally. It will work. You will continue be there for others, because you are needed for it and they look to you for answers. If you do this professionally, and not just for free, you are still helping people. Love, empathy and intution seem to work better here as a method than logical analysis,though you do that very well already!

    In the relationships I got death prominently, so either a realtionship is ending or you will soon move to new ways of relating to the people in your life. Materially you are or soon will be in a comfortable place, feeling at home, where you are living now or if you are about to move let me know. In the future 10 cups shows happy fulfilling relationship(s) as soon as you make peace with the moving on.

    meeting up with friends or receiving their support bring happiness in the near future.

    Hope this makes some sense!

    Love and Light

  • The readings did indeed make a lot of sense - at the moment I am struggling to relate to my mother and she to me. She is having trouble understanding me and seeing me for who I am now. She tends to treat me as either my father's daughter or as a child, not as an individual. We have so little in common that it's hard to have a conversation. So it's a struggle and I feel bad that she cannot feel comfortable around me. I am like an alien from outer space to her with my disinclination towards the material life. She can only show affection by buying me things even though I keep telling her I don't need more 'stuff' in my life. Hopefully things will get easier but she says she can't change her ways or thinking as she is too old. I guess it's hard for any parents to see their children as grown adults.

  • You and your past relationship: communication between you is usually swift and direct. Both for yourselves and for others, your relationship can be extremely demanding, putting a particular stress on getting the job done as well as possible. Each partner brings out the other's perfectionist side. You are both normally impulsive, but here the relationship's wisdom kicks in, creating a feeling that things must be planned before being attempted. The slogan in this respect might well be a familiar role of carpentry - "measure twice, cut once." You are both fire signs, yet your relationship's emphasis is more on mental concentration and willpower. Traditional astrology predicts that there should be a comfortable connection between you, yet this fiery relationship can be fiercely competitive.

    A passionate love affair is quite common in this combination. In bed, things can get pretty wild, but such molten feelings can burn out over time. Your hair-trigger emotions, Suramya, and your partner's blockbuster energies can also collide and cause blowups. When things turn cold between you, you may be able to continue as friends at a lower emotional level. If you should marry, your shared honour and honesty would stand you in good stead, but you two can make excessive demands on each other, your children, and other family members. Learning to make fewer demands and lowering your perfectionist expectations will be essential if you two are to maintain even a modicum of domestic tranquillity.

    This can be a classic friendship. Warmth and understanding radiate between you - at least when you are getting along. But competition over career matters, shared love objects, money or a host of other concerns can disrupt harmony at any point, turning the relationship into a clash of wills.

    Your ex has a fear of being overworked and drained by the system, society or those around him so he escapes to be on his own periodically. Yet he can drive himself to work too hard just because he wants to be of service and to receive recognition and praise for his efforts. Balance is what will save him. But his deep need to get away from it all may see him shirk the success that the world is offering him. For him it's a matter of survival to go 'incommunicado' for a while. The danger is he may develop a serious form of antisocial behaviour that could in extreme cases be called paranoia. He sees the world as a dangerous place, full of people and situations that can be harmful to him. His need for privacy and intimacy is also an escape from the pressures of business and grownup responsibility (which he finds burdensome and exhausting), so it's easier for him to go home than it is to stick around and negotiate. Until he matures enough to understand that it is necessary for him to have stability in his life, he will refuse to practise any regimen of regularity, consistency, natural choices, fidelity, and sobriety, even with his physical health routines, relationships, and business practices. Until then, he will let his fear of abandonment (ending up like a crazy old recluse living alone in the woods) and his pain lead him into trouble and unhappiness.

  • Captain you are soooo amazing that you should be a multi millionaire by now!! The part about his personality is absolutely true. does astrology tell us so much about us? Are our lives then predetermined by these quirks of personality? There is no way anyone could have guessed those details.was this a psychic or astrolog reading? Just curious:)

  • I did a reading about you n your mum. The Goddess deck shows that since you are very sensitive, even more than ever now, you should avoid interaction with her till the situation changes. Your loved one is being healed and maybe you acn send healing prayers to her, from a distance.

    The tarot cards show that this situation is causing you heartache(3 swords) and that she is a very controlling person, also very determined (chariot) so iots unlikely for you to influence her any time soon.What will help is moving away, travel and perhaps trying some alternative therapy for her (3 wands). She is extremely dominating and the same approach towards her will not work. But in the future again you get King cups, so a very happy resolution and I see a lot of love coming into your life. Let me know if you want me to see anything else.

    Thanks once again!

  • I have some very good astrology books that I took this reading from.

    I'm glad that the King of Cups is in my future. Unfortunately at the moment I am living at home with my mother so interaction is hard to avoid. I'm happy she is healing.

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