To the Captain or anyone who can give me insight!

  • I was once told by a phychic that I had a secret admirer, and that he would never tell me who he was, I just needed to look for clues. I have always had the ability to know when someone was thinking of me,by the tingling in the left side of nose, I have always wanted to know how I could find out what the actual words were that they are thinking of me at the time that I am feeling these sensations in my nose, but I never knew how to pursue this.

    Until the early fall of 2011, I had a very intense sensation in the right side of my nose that I have never experienced before in my life,It was always in the left side that I would always know when someone was thinking of me. I still get sensations in the left side of my nose,When the phone rings, It is usually my kids or a doctors appt. But when my right side starts to have a sensation I haven't a clue as to what or why this is happening. It's intense and other times it's there but not so intense. What is this? I think that I am 99% positive who this person is, but,I am really not sure! I just want to know what his thoughts are? Can anyone explain this to me and if anyone could tell me what to search for, for a better understanding of what my sensations are and how to perfect them? Thank you!

  • It's not all that rare to have physical sensations in the area around the third eye or psychic centre on the forehead - especially if it is very active. You could read up on this third eye (pineal gland) chakra as there is plenty of info on the internet.

  • Thank you Captain!

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