Assistance interpreting this reading.

  • Looking for another interpretation other than my own as I am not that knowledgeable in the Tarot, and I would like an outsiders few that is not skewed by my ego wanting to shape things. I had a few life changing experiences the past two tears after finaly releasing some emotional trauma I carried with me for far to long. I will not go into alot of detail.

    Long story short after experiencing an episode of pychosis and a few hallucinations later I was given a diagnoses of schizoprenia (that I disagree with) and put on meds that I do not take. I am doing wonderfull off meds, and my psychosis was a blessing in many ways. Scary as hell but worth it! Instead of going on disabilty and taking the meds (as suggested) I am now going back to school, and I hope to make a change in the way we throw a pill at everything these days, mostly all forms of mental illness.

    This was a general spread and the first reading I have done for quite sometime. I do a brief meditaion and find an inner stilness before pulling cards. I was shocked somewhat by the over whelming majority of Major Arcana cards in this reading, and hope someone may have some insight I could be missing from my limited perspective.

    Card 1 How you feel about yourself now : The High Preistess - This card always seems to appear in my readings, however never in the now spot.

    Card 2 What you want most at this moment : Death

    Card 3 Your fears : The Devil

    Card 4 What is going for you : The Magician

    Card 5 What is going against you : The moon

    Card 6 The outcome : Temperance

    I feel there is more going on in this reading than I am able to fully grasp, with many cards playing off each other in ways not seen to myself. If anyone has the time to offer an outsiders view on the different ways these cards play off one another in the spread any information would be greatly appreciated. Or if any information is needed to properly evaluate the reading I could provide some clarity if possible. I am big on self understanding and trusting yourself, however I am smart enough to know when I may not be able to provide the depth that someone else versed in the skill could provide.

    Thank you for your time, best wishes! 🙂

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