Watergirl18 - I would love your help again :))

  • Hello, I would like your input on the other two cards in the spread. Again, the needed insight was dealing with a disrespectful daughter.

    1. King of Swords - the issue

    2. 9 of pentacles - the will (representing your highest will or the best intention for your highest goal.

    3. 6 of wands - ego

    4. 10 of swords - alternative (encourage a different path)

  • Hi SymbolSeeker ~

    The King of Swords in this case is coming through as domination, control, harsh words, force of will. This King can, at times, be positive, but in all cases it shows a lack of feminine/heart energy. So this is an indication of the power struggle between you and your daughter. The 6 of Wands is once again about the clash of egos. In the 6 of Wands remember this is a victor coming home from war so there is a sense of a period of struggle, competition, battle. Also notice how the horse is looking at the rider as well as the rider's posture with his head held high. Sometimes this can come through as pompous and this is the indication of the ego being involved - wanting to be the victor. So the 10 of Swords as an alternate route is a suggestion to accept defeat and surrender your will or control in the situation. Since it has the sword/communication energy, it is also indicating an end to the battle of words.

    The most tell-tale card is the 9 of Pents. This is coming through as the highest good for all concerned. The woman in this card is at home, enjoying her luscious garden and the fruits of her labors. She is a solitary woman so this also suggests independence. There is a strong sense of healthy boundaries as well. For you, this would be enjoying a peaceful, loving home environment. For your daughter, it suggests independence and boundaries. Your daughter is young and at the age when we want to assert our independence and become our own person. You are being asked to let go of the reigns of control and allow her the space to make her own decisions - and her own mistakes. This is an important part of growing up and what our 20's is all about. If she is still living in your home, it could also suggest that it is time for her to leave the nest as this is part of the process of asserting our independence. You can certainly offer her your advice, but you cannot force it upon her. This only causes rebellion. However, if she is still in the home and is indeed being disrespectful to you (rather than just rejecting your advice about her life decisions), then certainly establish the healthy boundaries that are indicated in the 9 of Pents - it goes both ways! Establish rules of the house as you would with anyone who may be renting a room from you (and even charging rent). Outside of that, allow her to make her own choices, stumble, fall, and LEARN.

    Hope this helps.

  • Well.....thank you so much for those words of wisdom! I am amazed and will take that advice to heart, even though I have been trying desperately to let her make her mistakes, it is so very hard if I can see the outcome. I do realize that you can't learn anything (not really) unless you experience it. Lord help me.

    I hope that I will one day be able to see the messages as clearly as you do.

    Thanks again:))

  • You're welcome and Good Luck!

    People always say that if you were a difficult child that you wind up having one as payback. I didn't have children, but one of my nieces is exactly like I was as a kid (and I was the rebellious one in the family) so I often apologize to my sister that she had to have MY payback child!

    It's never easy reading for yourself. I read intuitively and it only comes through clearly when I do not have an emotional attachment to it 🙂

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