Anyone up for exchanging

  • practice needed willing to do some more exchanges with people. Anyone interested.

  • Hey Hockeyplayer,

    I would like to take your offer.

    I'd like to know what your cards have to say about my novel.

    By the way, I'll answer the question you put on my thread, but I'll also answer any other question you have.

    Thank you,


  • EIAI

    For your question: I'd like to know what your cards have to say about my novel

    The first thing that i got is that you've taken a lot of time and energy and put it into this book these last few months/ weeks have been largely based upon this book is that correct? I feel it is rather important to you it shares a rather large importance to you. You wrote about something fairly dear to you and its now the right time to share everything you have to offer. I also feel that you may be doing some travelling because of this book? Or maybe its just the ending of the cycle. Im getting more so ithat this book will be taking you places. Im not sure if this sounds like your situation but i just keep hearing travelling and new experiences. I do feel that from this experience you will have gained a lot you will go through some ups and downs with this novel but i feel it ll just make you that much stronger of a women and you'll gain much experience from this whole experience with your novel. Just make sure when making decisions you think through everything and base your decisions off of logical and clear thinking. I also think that there is going to be creativity and growth with this whole experience all very positive thoughts and vibes im getting from this reading.

    Thanks for letting me practice its much needed i hope this can relate back to you and your situation regarding your novel. If you don't mind also answering what the libra girls intentions are with me an what holds her back that would be great.

  • haha sorry was on my sisters lap top didnt realize hers was still logged in.

  • Hockeyplayer,

    What error will she feels she will make?

    She has been fighting for so long to get her name known or get the recognition that she wants, but once she does, all that glory and all that she wanted will not turn out the way she imagined. She will tire of it and almost become bitter of all the lies that she feels she's been given.

    How will you be there for her?

    You will not stop talking to her. Her friends, you will make your friends. You will learn so much about her and find that you and her share a lot of things in common that it will eventually bring you closer.

    What are her intention with you?

    You're her friend, and she actually feels that you are a lucky person to be in her life. Still, she does not see you as a lover because you are not what she wants.

    What's holding her back?

    Right now, I don't think she's looking for a relationship. The Economy cards show that things aren't go so great for her at the moment (maybe money problems). She's trying to deal with things, but right now, she's not in the best mood to indulge in other matters that aren't her's

    And thank you for the reading~

    Unfortunately, I have not touched the draft for the novel in several months, but it is dear to me as it's the first book that I do want to finish. I've had some downs, as I felt one time I was nearly done with it, but I had to restart my computer and dumb me, forgot to save it on an external drive! So basically back to square one (that was in 2010).

    Since then, I haven't been so excited about it. I'm also trying to do some illustrations with it, and I'm never happy with my ideas. Still, my novel is constantly on my mind demanding to be finished.

    Traveling would be nice, and if this book can get me some little vacations, well, there is some motivation to start working on it again!

    Thank you again!

    Hugs and Love,


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