AstraAngel can you please help me? I am beside myself..

  • My boyfriend and i got into a fight last night and he said some very hurtful things. I was wondering if you could do me a reading.... does he feel bad? is he sorry? did he end up going out with his friends or stay home? what is he going to do about it? are we going to be okay? i really am beside myself. its making me sick to my stomach.... i dont know what to do.....

  • Hey Virgogirl921

    Wow, sri to hear about that! What started the fight?

    These cards came up pretty quick...

    Two of Cups, (representing the two of you) - this came up right away!

    The Emperor (him) - he must have dug his feet in about something, authoritative! My way or the highway.. it was like Custer's last stand or something

    Wheel of Fortune - there was something about the Future being discussed? Maybe you two were trying to solidify something, someone was pushing a little too hard maybe

    Page of Pentacles/Hierophant - Talking.. someone has the high ground, and maybe he thinks he knows it all or something. Pretty rigid viewpoint in the works here...

    Temperance - seems that this is all a lesson in temperance. Being sweet and gentle. And when the tempers start to flair, acknowledge it, and say "we need to separate for a while and get centered again". So in the future you can head this off before it gets to this point. By walking away BEFORE the banter back and forth gets ramped up. Once it gets to that point things will go from bad to worse.

    And the Six of Cups looks like an eventual resolution and things WILL get back to a sweet place with the two of you, don't push it though, be patient and let heaven heal this in the right way... he will probably be the one that needs to come back to you and apologize and listen to make sure he learned a lesson... I would ask him "what did you learn from this?" see what he says...

    Um, let's look at your questions... all cards back in the deck...

    Does he feel bad? Yes. Seven of Pentacles. He isn't doing much of anything right now except staring off into space and wondering what happened.

    is he sorry? The Devil. Not exactly. I think he feels his words were justified or something. He is having a hard time seeing it from your point of view. SO he feels bad that it ended the way it did but he is not really in the "apology zone" yet.

    did he end up going out with his friends or stay home? Two of Swords - looks like he withdrew and stayed home.

    what is he going to do about it? King of Wands. I think he is going to sit on his throne for a while and pretend he is King. He needs to stew in his juices.

    are we going to be okay? Five of Wands. I think so, some banter between you two might actually be normal. I wouldn't take it too personal (I know its hard not too), but he needs to calm down and when he is ready he will be calling you and express regret about it (Knight of Swords). He may still be a little high minded though... I would just accept him as is. he is working through something in his life....

    And... the Two of Cups again! So yes, absolutely you two are going to be fine and back in each others arms before you know it. Let him calm down and try to learn something from this, like, when you notice that the temperatures are starting to go up, recognize it... take a deep breath.. and calmly tell him that you are not interested in arguing. and then WALK away... eventually he will get the message that he can't keep pushing his weight around with you. He needs to treat you like a lady and be very courteous and respectful, and that means no loud talking or fighting. Hopefully this won't happen again, but should it, keep YOUR voice as a whisper, like a little church mouse and say. "I am not arguing... good bye darling..." them kiss him softly on the cheek... and walk away like an angel... oh, he'll get the message... 😉

    You'll have the kindest, gentlest man in the world before you know it.

    I also prayed for you two to be back together so you will... hang in there, enjoy your day today, go for a walk by yourself somewhere and sing to heaven because the angels and Spirit are your true and constant lovers.

    Blessings and love


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