Need to know if the man i love will be back :(

  • im a libra, i split up with my boyfriend who is a 21 year old scorpio man at the end of november 2011. 2 weeks before he left me he had threatened to leave before but didnt actually go as he said he loves me an wants to sort things out. we were together for over 2 years and moved in together may last year. when he left me his parents told me that he had been unhappy the last month, but was with just with me? when he left he said he needed his space and that he didnt love me anymore just still had strong feelings for me, but he felt he settled down too quick.after 2 weeks of leaving me he messaged me to ask how i was but the day after deleted me on facebook an said he wasnt coping without me. later that week he also told his friend that he had made a big mistake and apparantly he was really upset but the day after told me he had made the right choice, havent heard from him since but a couple of times he has come to get his friend from my house and had to prove a point he was sitting outside in his car, do you think he will be back or not as i am finding it hard to be happy at all at the moment 😞

  • Well, I don't believe he has moved on like he thought he would. He's checking on you to see if you have. I know he's made you upset and unhappy by his actions. Break-ups are hard but it's all the MORE reason to pursue happiness. I believe it's up to him to reconcile. He must first reconcile his intentions and he's conflicted. I think you'll be happier if you move past this. I can do a reading but it won't be up until Thurs or Fri.

  • Dear Blondie10 ,

    After reading your post a few times, I just had to respond. What you describe sounds like what I also went through with a Scorpio male . My Scorpio friend & lover was in and out of my life so many times it would drive anyone crazy. I heard the same thing "I need space!" I wished him the best in life and gave him his space. When you mentioned he is outside your house to prove a point, that too happened to me. I too would find him outside my house. I would be out on dates with other guys and there he was, in his car. It happened so many times that next , he was inside my house talking with my parents just hanging out. This went on and on for a few years. Well, one day I said too him, "I have given to you seven years of my life! I want a commitment from you. A promise ring would seal our relationship!" If not, than it's over...good bye! Well, surprise for me that x-mas in front of His parents and His friends, I opened the box to find a small but beautiful diamond ring. Been married 25 years with two sons to this Scorpio man.

  • So you think that I'll be happier without him? And a reading would be great! Thankyou!

  • You are learning life's lessons here. Fight for the vision of the way things should be. Your thinking is ahead of the game in a lot of this. Somewhere in past someone has helped you regarding this situation. Also, friends that are allies, a help for you. The situation shows that your foundation has been rocked and that it was inevitable. In your challenges, somewhere money poses an issue. Don't be blocked to your blessings. Also, don't let anyone talk you out of money. The Ace of Coins is in your challenges position. Over your reading is the overall feel that you need to walk away. Lingering won't change inevitable. This relationship will bottom-out even more. In fact, this reading is calling for a rest. I drew a lot of swords which deal with words, ideas, battles. Take a time-out from all of it. I'm also feeling that your exhausted from all of this. Paired w/the moon, creative influence. Take the good with bad philosophy, stand firm and grounded. You're not grounded at present. I feel like if you don't get grounded, things could get much worse. Also, this is actually a productive time. Things are being "opened-up" for you. I'm getting leaving, abandonment, and path as foundation issues for you. Things in personality. Things to overcome. Outcome is good overall.


    over--8 of swords



    challenges--ace of coins


    below--6 of swords

    future--10 of swords



    advice--4 of swords

    outcome--wheel of fortune

  • Thankyou for this! So you are saying it's time for me to move on?

  • Yes, points to situation getting worse instead of better

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