Will my scorpio man come back? im libra

  • hi, i split up with my bf end of novemer, hes 21 and a scorpio man. he said he didnt love me anymore but still had strong feelings for me but felt he settled down to quick an needed his space an wanted to be with friends. after we split he messaged me to ask how i was doing, then the next day he deleted me off facebook an said it was hard enough without me and seeing me update my status was making it worse, he also told one of his friends (my sisters boyfriend) that he regretted leaving an made a big mistake, the next day he then told me he made the right choice, then out at a night club he was all over one of my girl mates, a couple of times he came to my house to get his friend an had to prove a point he was in his car outside but he then got a new girlfriend went out with her for 2 weeks and dumped her. i dont know if he is over me an if its a sign he will come back or not?

  • To be honest, he sounds a little immature to me. Wanting to basically 'play the field' it seems at the moment. He is young and i suppose it's normal, but i'm 24 and only had one serious relationship, but i only want to get her back. Maybe because it was the first love, but my judgement is pretty sound with people and she is like no one else.

    If he wants you, he will come back, but be wary because he might just be using you.

    If you take it slow the next time then it will test his true feelings for you, i wouldn't reccomend contacting him though because he should be the one to make contact (that could be personal preferance with the one did the breaking up though) unless you feel the time is right to do so and you definately want to try again, then by all means get the ball rolling again.

    Hope that helps.

  • yes it does thankyou! i mean we were together for over 2 years, nearly split up before for the same reasons but he said he loved me an wanted to get back on track but do you think as we moved in together this could of scared him a little? from your point of view would you not see love still there as we were in a serious relationship?

  • Oh yeah there will be some strong feelings, definately.

    There is a tendancy for Scorps, male's in particular i think, to completely loose themselves in relationships. This is quite scary but something that sometimes just happens. Breathing space is always important, so maybe he is just searching for some of that right now?

    I'm 6 weeks out of a relationship and i know that if we never get back together she will still remain in my heart, i care about her so dearly.

    The time has to be right for things to start again though, otherwise you run the risk of things going back to how they were. If he has asked for this space then the best thing you can do is let him have it. Still remain there and be nice if you see him, but the space is important now, i would say.

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