Please Captain - new job?

  • I have been doing the same job in Dubai for just over 2 years and to say I was bored would be a total understatement. I sit here day after day with nothing to do other than surf the Internet. Is completely demoralising and leaves me with no sense of purpose. All past positions in UK were so pressurised I couldn't breath and this now is a completely turnaround.

    I have on several occasions discussed this with my CEO and he keeps advising 'watch out soon, you won't know what's hit you' - two years later I'm still waiting..... Obviously I can't keep whinging to the CEO if I don't wish to talk myself out of a job. Also things aren't quite working out. Initially I was promised a Company car but as the Company at times is in dire straights I've had to finance my vehicle myself and now all the staff have been advised that it's up to the individual to seek their own private health care.

    I think a lot of my boss but I need to feel mentally stimulated and earning more.

    I'm not adverse to travelling somewhere else as long as it's not back to the UK 😉

    Can you give me some hope please Captain as my brain feels totally mashed.

    Thank you so much and have a lovely day

    YB x

  • It's no use sitting around dreaming about a new job - get your resume together and send it around. Check the employment pages. I sense in you a fear of taking a risk or attracting the notice of your employer that is holding you back from getting the ideal job. You will have to be willing to put yourself out there in a big way. You also have to know what you want - the fact that you went from one extreme (pressure and stress) in a job to the other (boredom and stagnation) shows that you have not been specific enough to the Universe over your career hopes.

  • Captain, thank you once again for a prompt and accurate response.

    You're correct regarding my employer discovering looking for something else and also yes, I am concerned about taking a risk. Living in UAE is a frightning thought of losing a job as there is no fallback or safety net to see you through. A bounced cheque means jail. So, am as secure as I can be in my present position but also positions here are extremely few and far between and that's really what I was asking as to whether you saw me entering into something new. I need to know that there is something worthwhile out there for me.

    Thanks again and have a lovely weekend


  • If you keep doing the same thing you are doing now, nothing new will eventuate. You have to act in a new or different way for anything new to happen in your life. It won't just appear out of nowhere with no decisive effort on your part. That's why you have to either take a risk or resign yourself to staying where you are. Unless you change first, nothing in your life changes.

  • Captain, I shall take your sagacious advice and deliberate as to how I can change what's necessary.

    You have a wonderful gift and on behalf of all that you've helped you're very much appreciated.

  • You're welcome! 🙂

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