I need a reading about a guy im seeing! please help.

  • hi my name is sirena my bday is 11/25/1990 and im having some trouble with a guy named calvin and his bday is 9/12/87. i care about this guy so much. we started dating last september, and in beginning of january i messed up by talking to another guy while we were in the same place. i really things to go back to how they used to be. he ignored me for 2 weeks straight and now we are finally on speaking terms and i go to his house maybe once a week. but i want to be dating him again, i dont know if he has feelings for me or how he feels. he doesnt say much really, when i ask. i dont know if i should keep trying or not. i know i should be patient but i dont know if it will be worth it. ive started to love him.am i wasting my time? or will he turn around when he gains trust and takes me seriously? i dont know what to do... help.

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