Gemini Gal Crushin' on Virile Virgo...

  • Hello all,

    This is the first time I've ever taken to writing a topic on here, but everyone seems to be so knowledgeable I just had to post!

    So down to the meat of it - I am a Gemini with Virgo Rising and Moon and Venus in Taurus (6/14/1985) and I have unexpectedly fallen in love with a Virgo with Capricorn Rising (8/28/1983)! I've heard it is near impossible to meet Virgo men outside of work unless you met through friends/family and this holds true in a very strange way. My Virgo intrigue is my Cancerian best friend's older brother - I have known both of them since I was 5 years old.

    A few months ago, I went to a concert with both him, my friend and their other brother. We had a few drinks and us Mercurial types ended up making out, which was a huge surprise for everyone! I was a little embarassed and shrugged it off as too much alcohol. However, after this episode, I noticed he started to stick around me more than before, made a point of saying "Hi" to me more often (he's a very reserved/quiet person) and tried to converse with me more.

    Last month, my best friend decided to have a party at an English-style pub and we were all dressed up to go out. Before we got in the car to leave, her brother pulled up in his car and, noticing we were all dressed up, proceeded to investigate what was going on so his sister invited him out. He ran into the house and changed, then came out with us and was even more charming and sociable than usual.

    Later that night, the same scenario played out as before, but this time we talked more about the possibility of dating and he confessed he thought I was attractive and that he thought a lot about the previous time we made-out. Since then (two weeks ago), we have spoken a few times and he texted me quite a bit. I've developed pretty intense feelings for him, but I'm not sure if he actually likes me and considers me a prospective girlfriend or not. His sister knows about all of this and in true Cancerian fashion is playing matchmaker and trying to set up some kind of double date between me, her brother and her own Virgo!

    My father is a Virgo and many men in my life are Virgos. Pretty much all the people I'm close to are Cancers, Virgos, Scorpios or other Geminis! I know Virgos take their sweet time - he has not asked me on an actual date yet - and as a Gemini woman I am not the most patient one in the bunch. Can anyone give me an opinion on this situation and what I can expect from him? Is he actually interested??


  • Sounds like he is interested.

    Think carefully though. Us geminis are pretty socialable, fairly laidback and impatient at times and we don't like to be criticised. Virgos can be critical, controlling and not the most laidback of people either. I was married to a virgo for 15 yrs...he had an affair but our marriage grew apart after a few good years....and we seemed to both rub each other up the wrong way despite an intense attraction at first. I'm remarried to a Leo and love and personality wise we slot together to a T ...such a contrast to my first marriage.

    Good luck though...

  • As you're virgo rising you may be a bit more compatible than I ...I'm a Gem with Libra rising. Also I'm on the cusp witth're nearer the homely Cancer...

  • rnrchick: Thanks! That's a shame about your marriage, but I'm glad to hear you found your match in a Leo. They are certainly something! I dated a Leo and while he was an amazing person, our relationship was far too volatile for me. Because of all the Earthy elements in my chart and perhaps because I'm closer to Cancer, I tend to date heavy on the Earth and Water signs. My longest relationships were with a Scorpio and a Taurus, with a scattering of Aquarians, Gemis, Aries and a Leo inbetween. I can understand where the terror would be with a Virgo, though - my dad is a typical Virgo type and he is VERY nit-picky and passive aggressive. Haha.

  • Funnily enough I've always attracted or been attracted to Leos and virgos! Even more spooky is that my husband's first wife was a Gemini (they married very young @ 17/18 and drifted apart after a few years) and my ex remarried a Gemini but on the cusp with Cancer. She has a lot of cancer in her chart too and she seems to deal with him better than I ever did!!! So, there is hope on the horizon for you!! Good luck...

  • That's so weird! We'll see how it goes - I'm trying not to get too invested (is that a typical Gemini move or what? I can't control it, so I'll just withdraw!). This Virgo I'm interested in has Mars in Leo, which I guess makes you a super passionate person. The thing I have in common with most guys I've dated is the Capricorn aspects, though. For whatever reason, I'm highly attracted to/attract guys with loads of Capricorn in their charts. Leo/Gemini relationships are always so exciting, though! It's pretty hard not to be knocked on the floor by a Leo.

  • So there you go girl - we've discussed the situation like true throw caution to the wind & charm & flirt with that virgo guy!!! I really do think he's interested! Have fun !

  • Virgos always put me in trouble...but I always love them!

    (I'm gemini)

  • Ugh, they put me in trouble, too! Unfortunately, he decided he wasn't quite ready for a relationship, so now I'm back at the start again. In fact, he's gone to the extreme measures of avoidance tactics and ignores me now when I see him. So lame! I guess I should have took rnrchick's advice and gone for a Leo. Next time, that's exactly what I'll do! 😉

  • He is doing what all male virgos do when they really like someone..... PULL BACK because they dont want to loose control, and they dont like to be forced to fast into anything, if you were only 2-3 weeks in and already asking about a relationship thats way to fast for a virgo male..... (any male really)

    if you are really wanting him, go on with your life ( they like indepenence) and eventually he will come around, you have to just be his friend.... and let him decide he is ready for you.... and if he is lucky enough you will still be available !

  • That's good advice, virgogirl64. I've completely pulled back at this point. We went out once and ended up in the car talking about all this madness. He told me he wasn't sure what he wanted from women, so I reckon you're right and the best thing to do is to just carry on for the timebeing. I do really like this guy, but in typical Gemini fashion, I don't want to put myself out there too much in case he rejects me and the possiblity of being hurt by him arises. It's hard to say what will happen, but I guess I just have to stay positive and eventually someone will come around, even if it's not this one! My problem is that I'm so impatient! I never full-on attack people about the status of our relationship or anything. In fact, I like to think I'm pretty cool about keeping good boundaries, but we'll see how it goes...

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