Would Really Love Help-Readers? Anyone?

  • Hey everyone long time no see.

    Been busy getting my life together and lots of good news yet still realizing Im internally battling some emotional scars and issues including self confidence which is a problem at work I can fake it for the most part but It is affecting me and my perspective and sense of happiness at work.

    I have a bartender at my job (Sagittarius) who is very blunt, witty yet cynical and rude at times. Now he's told me he likes me but Im annoying and I blew up at him one time but that was it. When that phase went away he was nicer to me but eventually the rude a s s h o l e in him came back and it's starting to hurt a little even though I laugh it off sometimes because he is just like that (he has very dry humor) but can really be rude to me in the worst way when dead serious and I really want to say something to him but don't want to get fired and want to be taken seriously. I feel he will have the upper hand and laugh at me or try to make feel stupid.

    What's his problem with me?

    I wanted to approach him in a firm stern tone whenever had the time to tell him off in a non beligerent way.

    Does he really not like me that much (sometimes he seems cool then other times he seems like he doesnet like me)?

    Is that ok or how can I approach him?

  • Approach him straight up, ask him if he has a problem with you and tell him to back off or you will go to the boss about harrassment. Give him as good as you get.


  • paddifluff is right asia - most of us sags are very blunt & do not realize it till someone points it out. we have a very bad habit of just blurting things out. (something I work on constantly 🙂 )

    but when it is at work you need to document any incidents so if it becomes neccesary to go to your boss

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