Lovelorn-please help!

  • Hi guys,

    I'm new to this forum and I'm searching the answer of a question that bothers me for a very long time now. I will make the long story short and will tell you that I want to be back with a guy that I've dated 2 years ago and we splitted in a way far from friendly. I can't forget him,no matter how hard I try,I've even moved to a different country and started a new career,but it just doesn't helps! I can't stop wanting to be back with him. Something is telling me that he didn't forgot me (and he did not,I'm sure,after all we've had),but I can't create a clear picture of the matter. Please,tell me,can you sense anything,does he thinks of me and will we be together ever? Please help!

  • It's sad - this guy really loves you, but he also fears you and the power you have over him. The more he loves, the more he fears losing the thing he loves. It's a vicious circle and until he works it through on his own (you cannot help him since you are the source of his fear), there is no chance of having a healthy, enduring relationship. So don't put your life on hold for this guy as it may take him a very long time to resolve his issues - if ever!

    There is always more than one person who can make you happy in life. Find someone else who can do that for you.

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