Hi AstraAngel! So nice to see you here again!

  • Hey Astra,

    Great to have you back here on the board again. 🙂 I hope you have been able to sort out some of the stressful goings on in your life and are perhaps feeling better. There have many life changing events going on with so many of us that it can be pretty overwhelming at times. Hang in there, you have many friends here.

    Just a little update on me...have been actually able to begin working at my new job now since the beginning of the year, which is great! What I'm not loving, however, is the stress that goes along with it, namely from the challenges of finding qualified staff. Grumble, grumble. With me, I'd love to give a lot of people an opportunity, however, right now, I must remain focused on only those who are qualified (meaning presently licensed and with contacts to bring along). Have not had a lot of success there, one person in particular who has and continues to verbally express commitment, interest and motivation, has yet to turn in his empl. app. So frustrating! I'm sure my upper mngt. thinks I'm talking to an imaginary person. Ha, ha! Anyway, lots of not so fun stress here.

    Any awesome words of wisdom and insight from you are welcome, including your wonderful stories. 🙂

    Again, great to have you back on here...

    Blessings and light,


  • Hi Taurus57!

    Hey thanks for your kind words... yes... I think (i hope anyway!) that my path is evening out... has been a lot to slog through for such a long time it seems... Heaven is faithful, even I have not been all the credit to my angels and one angel in particular...

    Let's take a look at you, and see what we can see! I chose the Queen of Pentacles to represent you in this reading... I will just draw some cards and see where it goes...

    Nine of Wands - yes, this card is reflecting the weariness from the battle. The job situation has you feeling beat down at times, but you are holding your own! You are actually doing an amazing job is what I see... very capable and unbeknownst perhaps... your upper management is actually quite impressed and trust your judgment.. They know these things take time. So you should be confident and know that you are surrounded by very supportive people, and energies... so good job!

    Three of Pentacles shows you working, very hard and steady. This card is affirming everything that was just stated... you are in fact doing a superb job and your people recognize that! So take those deep breaths and know that the right people, the right person.. the perfect connections... will come about in the perfect time - no worries!

    Six of Swords - matters will calm down for you soon enough... this situation will be resolved very soon, leaving you breathing a big sigh of relief, and maybe a good time to take a bit of a break! Call in with the bird flu ha ha... they'll understand... I see total support for you.

    Ten of Swords/Eight of Wands/The Hanged Man - this seems to be addressing the "who" will be coming on board to join your team... The Ten of Swords seems to be "the field" and some real heart ache there.. who? Where? When!? Argh....! Then... the Eight of Wands says "Very soon and very fast" the pieces start falling into place and the Hanged man... I believe is your "feet dragging" man who finally ends the "leaving you hanging" phase// and comes aboard. That I believe will be the start of other people (as needed) falling into place as well...

    Page of Swords - you will have his application in hand early this week, very soon anyway!

    Four of Swords - then... take a break! You have earned it. 🙂

    I hope that helps Taurus... i wanted to emphasize again that you are doing a great job there and everyone around you sees that... so you can know that everything will work out great and all is in a heavenly timetable. Your company respects you greatly and knows these things take time...

    Wishing you continued success and good fortune with all Taurus57...

    love, astra

  • Oh Astra,

    Love your soothing words and insight. Sometimes we, well actually, I get so caught up in work, with my focus so strong on getting the work done, that I forget to look up and take a breath once in a while. Your reading and positive words have given me that "moment" to do just that. Thank you. 🙂

    As you undoubtedly know with a "sales" position, employers are looking for a fast return and the "clock" starts ticking as soon as you're out of the gate. Sometimes, however, things just take a bit longer than expected to get moving. That's where I am and hope I'm not "running out of time". Eek! With the candidate who is the "foot dragger", I know intuitively, that once he gets his app turned in, the pressure on me will let up a great deal. I hope he gets it turned in asap! 🙂

    How are you doing with your blog? Are you getting some good responses and making great connections? I sure hope you are/do as, along with everyone here, we definitely see your talents.

    Blessings and light,


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