Rabbit, Doves, and Spiders Dream

  • Hello Everybody,

    Would it by alright if I could get a dream interpretation?

    My dream went like this:

    I was with my mother in our yard and she she told me that someone had given her some ringneck doves. When she tried to show them to me they escaped. Instead of going off somewhere far, they went up the stairs to the attic where my room is. They were in the porch just outside my room; they perched on the window. It was a cream brown dove and a white one. I noticed that they looked young, maybe four months old. I was sad that there were two of them as I had hoped there would only be one so I could pair it up with a single ringneck dove I own (I own three in real life). They did not want me to touch them and every time I would reach for them they would fly about the porch to avoid me. I kept trying to get them and suddenly a rabbit appeared. It wasn't just the doves flying about avoiding me, but the rabbit too darting from corner to corner.

    After a while the rabbit darted off the stairs and fell to the bottom. I looked over to see if it was okay, but I did not see anything. I went back to try and catch the birds when the brown one suddenly went into a hole in the ceiling. I felt it could not escape so easily, so I looked for the next one. I looked everywhere, but it was not to be found. I looked around the porch again; I looked under black bags, and went under junk to see if the bird was around. Instead I found two spiders. They were light colored. Not golden, but a yellowish brown. One didn't look like a spider at first, but when I would get to close it uncurled and show me its long legs across its web. I got scared and tried to get out, but my last thoughts were fear that I had killed both the birds. I felt that I had squashed the white one and had lost the brown one that it would eventually starve to death.

  • It sounds like a guilt dream - perhaps your subconscious urging you to let the birds fly free instead of caging them?

  • Thank you, Captain.

    I never thought that it would be a guilt dream. You may be right as I have been feeling like I've been doing too much wrong to people.

    Do you mean my real birds? They have never been caged since I've had them with me. I don't like enclosing animals in small spaces. That really makes me feel guilty.

  • It could be a metaphor for you 'flying free'. Are people tying you down or blocking your freedoms in some way?

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