Love Advice for Sun in Cancer with Leo in almost everything?

  • I'm a double Cancer (Sun/Moon) and have my Leo in Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter AND my Midheaven (Scorpio is my Rising). As a Cancer with that much Leo in me, I'm not too sure what sign combinations to look for because what normally works for Leo (Sag/Aries/Gem/Libra) is completely horrible for me because my double cancer (and triple water sign) only intensifies leo's constant need for attention and admiration from their partners. Does anyone here have any recommendations?

  • If you are a male..i would say a Taurean woman. 😄 If you are a woman, my male counterparts, confuse me!!

  • I'm a female 🙂 And I've been lurking these forums and learned that MANY cancer men tend to be enamored by Taurus women. When I was a teenager, I was dealing with a lot of Taurus guys and they were very fun and an Aries/Taurus cusp guy was completely in love with me. As I grew up, I began attracting many air signs and fire signs, but nothing stuck. A lot of Capricorn men are attracted to me, but I feel as if they're too rigid for my taste.

    I have a feeling that I should go for a Leo guy that has a lot of Cancer in him to compliment my own placements or a Virgo guy because I hear that they're completely dedicated to their lovers. I'm not really sure, haha. I think a lot of Cancer men find my energy intimidating.

  • It is not to meet you!! Glad you are not lurking anymore!! Your thoughts and knowledge are really insightful!

    I have a son and daughter that are Leos, they are both very devoted. Plus, their strong will, drive and joy of having fun is a great addition!

    I do think though, as it has been repeated here over and over, a persons upbringing is what matters most. So finding a stable man/woman is more important than their sign sometimes.

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