Need a help for future n reading

  • Hello, I would really appreciate if someone could do a reading for me. Life really sucks right now lol., I m doing terrible in my college classes this quarter. I m tensed with tha my personal relationships now, I have a boyfriend is not good for me as according to my parents, but I love him with all my heart.. I just would like to know what my near future looks like, what can I expect in the near future?, and surprises, be it pleasant or not. Any opportunities or breaks in the clouds coming up soon? when it rains, it pours!

  • Hello, can I have your first name?

    What im getting Is that right now you are going through a time where you are having rough spots in your school work, this will get better in the next semester. I feel there will be a change for the better in the love department,sorry to say it wont be with the same boyfriend. he will find a way of pushing you away so that he doesnt hurt you, but no matter what, you still will hurt. Are you currently having issues with a mom like figure? I hope this helps you. Good luck

  • ya.. my name is anjali singhal and i want my reading

  • can you do it for me......... because i m right now very helpless........ my love and my family went far from me..........

  • and i m in 4th semster and my studies are going terribly horyfing and also confused on boyfrnd matter and my pa and mom both are not believing on me......... there is no frnd in campis i have......... is there anything good for me or not ?????????? when will surprises and good fortune come in my life......... or i have to live like this only ...........

  • Anjali,

    I do see your school work will get easier & better. If you can focus and not stress which is easier said than done things will get better, I see right now this is a rough spot for you try also making some friends. You have a very strong energy and if focused on positive entention you can go far in this life. Good Luck I pray this helps you along your journey

  • but how???? how can i be in positive attitude......... and nothing is going good for me........there is so much tensions and tough time for me to survive in this environment......... my parents are rude for me....... there is no friend to whom i can share my feelings..... whom ever i try make my friend then only some disaster took place .... what to do i cannt understand?????????...

  • i thought so much negative that it is impossible for me to come out from all hopes from my life has gone nothing is there for me to live... no hope and nothing.... else?????????

  • devine....... can i ask that there is any chance for me to pursue my further higher studies from abroad???????

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