Hi AstraAngel! welcome back! could I get an update reading please?

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    Hope you enjoyed your time with your family :). It is always nice to spend time with family and in the woods to reflect. I wish I can get some time off, but since I just started a new job, it'll be a long time before I get one. When you get a chance, do you mind to do a reading with the gemini guy? I haven't heard back from him for a month since I moved back to my hometown. He knows that I moved back but why is he not contacting me? What's going on? Is he waiting for me to contact him? Maybe he is pursuing someone else now.. I don't know.. What's the outlook like for us now? Also, I notice you do natal chart reading .. would you mind to do one for me and him? Mine is 4/11 and his is 6/1 and we're both 1974.Thanks so much AstraAngel! It is very much appreciated!



  • Hi Arieslass!

    Hey thanks for the nice words, yeah it was a fun trip. I even made some movies of fairies in the forest! And took a lot of nice walks in the woods. And got to go to the Walmart in Waycross, Georgia.

    So your guy... hmm... not hearing anything huh?

    Let's open it out and see what the deal is...

    You are the Queen of Cups in this reading... he is the King of Wands.

    So, let's look at him. What is going on with him right now?

    Eight of Pentacles. Work. He must be busy with his job, career, money whatever? Ugh.

    Five of Wands. The "acting" card. He might be playing some games...

    Four of Cups - He is bored. I think he wants something, being offered that he doesn't have? Whatever is going on in his life emotionally isnt satisfying to him.

    Two of Wands. He is looking at options... gazing out to the sea... for what? Who? You?

    Ooooohhh! Ace of Cups! Oh yes... he is longing to start something up ...with someone.. anyway...

    Ten of Cups. Permanent like. DO the initials "EW" ring any bells with you?

    Let's now look at you..

    Nine of Swords... uh oh... not so good... you are experiencing a little pain in life... tossing and turning... the walls closing in at times? Don't sweat it, you are growing, developing.. this whole experience is leading you out of the woods of whatever is "back there" and into something a lot nicer...

    Seven of Cups. So you are looking now at options... this guy hasn't called... hmm... maybe there are other fish in the sea... maybe... you are a very attractive lady, yes? He isn't the only guy on the planet who has turned his eyes your way. Anyone else out there been giving you the eye lately?

    How about that nice young man at the supermarket you "almost" bumped into the other day.

    Or that cute guy at Starbucks you could have sworn.. was looking at you... once in a while ha ha...

    Seven of Pentacles... you are currently in a kind of wait and see mode... a pause in the journey.... wondering, is this it?Ugh... and what is up with my guy who hasn't called? Ugh again!

    Next up... ACE of Pentacles which is the card of ecstasy! So something NICE is developing for you arieslass! VERY nice... very, very, very nice. A new start on a much more pleasant level.

    As for your "guy"?

    Page of Wands and the Queen of Swords...

    He will soon have his eyes on someone else. I would let him go. Eight of Cups.

    Wish him well and go back to Starbucks.

    love, astra

  • It is heartbreaking to know that he is having his eyes on someone else these days, but I do believe that he deserves someone else better than me. No wonder he hasn't called lately. I just have that feeling which confirmed your reading this morning. Our last convo didn't turn out well and I think that was probably the final straw for him. We are finding out that we are so different in many ways so it is better to be just as friends. I don't know how you can stay friends with someone you like.. And, no I don't know anyone that starts with the initials you mentioned. I haven't really met any of his friends.. Well, I will let him go and wish him the best. I will just focus on other areas of my life.. As far as the other fish in the sea, hhmmm -- yes, I think I will make it work on my relationship with the cappy guy/long time guy and see if that will be better than ever now that I'm going to let him go..

    Thanks so much again for your kindness, Astra! I've read in the other forum that you have your own website/blog. Is that astraangel dot com? I've been to GA a few years back on Thanksgiving week. I had the most relaxing and fantastic time there! the woods and trees are so beautiful and the golf course scenery. Would like to visit there again someday. My Uncle lives there in Rome. How far is that from where you are?

  • Hi again arieslass...

    Things will go nicely for you.... heaven knows how to heal us from anything, it doesn't matter. Wish him well and trust that it all served some sort of purpose. You never know though... sometimes love has to be "released" before it can resurrect as something better. But I wouldn't count on that. Everything is in heaven's hands....

    Yes I have a blog at that address.... it is mostly all fictitious dialogue, I think I have been doing that as a source of humor... it is kinds "tongue in cheek" about a girl named Amanda... who dreams of doing fun things in life... and she has a girlfriend Pennie, and they are very close. Very... close.... and she is into the p o r n film business (oh no!).. ha ha... and she travels around a little... she recently got back from Bali.... with Pennie... and I write and write and it is really funny... those characters have become real for me... I actually love them! But I just write about them....

    I wonder if that is how God sees us you know? He writes our lives... maybe it gives him something to do... to laugh (maybe he needs to laugh?)... and as He writes us... he falls in love with us. And follows us everywhere... maybe that is what I am learning. I don't know.... I never get to talk about that blog much... it has been so weird and a little vulgar.. because some of the language and all is a llittle "risque" I always feel a little hesitation with it... it makes me laugh though anyway.Maybe my church rigid upbringing has me so frustrated I have to release it somehow. So its either this or walk around in Walmart nude.

    Amanda and Pennie are working on a new movie where they are abducted by aliens...

    Georgia is lovely... especially in Winter when the temps are even in the 70s it was so nice compared to the snow country where I came from... Rome is more north georgia I think. I was down in the southern part.... Waycross and Brunswick areas.... I grew up there. Born and bred southern redneck ha ha....

    The South WIll Rise again! Sri... couldn't resist... they say you can take the boy out of the country but you can't take the country out of the boy... I am pretty country really....

    I had to be careful with my Tarot cards down there though, it is total bible belt down there and unless things have changed, they don't cotton too well to these "black arts!!!!!!!" ha ha... whatever... so I had to kind of keep my cards hidden and not talk about it.

    Anyway, I had some lovely times there... took some movies of faieries... you can see some of those on my You tube channel and facebook (links are on the blog). Anyway, you can see how beautiful the woods are there... truly a little slice of heaven on earth..........

    thanks for asking about my trip, that is nice of you... life has so much beauty... I don't understand why it has to be so hard at times......... maybe its a change of scenes... and from our perspective we feel like life is falling apart... when the reality is, its falling together......

    love, astra

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I tried to going to your blog, but it looks like it is not available.. maybe I typed in the wrong one.. I'll try again.. You have such a great talent in writing.. beautiful way with words and I think you should really use it.. maybe publish a book /e-book of your own someday. The way you give readings is really touching and impressive.. Are there really fairies in the wood? How exciting! I would love to see them too someday.. I would visit Georgia again in a couple of years when I have accumulated enough time off from work..

    You know, Astra, it will be really difficult for me to move on and get over the gem guy since we've known each other for a long time and I've liked him for a long time too. Well, it was a sporadic communication over the years, but just last year, he admitted he liked me. But I guess, that all changed when I told him I can't be more than friends with him yet. We tried to bring back what we used to be, but it never did. He is like a forbidden fruit that I can't have right now so I guess by letting him ago would be best. It is really painful to know that he is finally beginning to move on and focus on someone else. I've been encouraging that to him, but when it does really happen, I feel like I would like to take it back and wish I had the courage to be with him. How I wish your last reading is not true, but if it is, I will try to be happy for him for I know he truly deserves to be happy. So, I guess, we are really, really done for good this time? This has happened to me a couple of times with him. I would move on then in a year or so, I would hear back from him. He is on my fb lists, should I take him off? Does he even look at my fb? I would to see him for the last time, can I do that and wish him the best? I want closure on our last convo. I gave him a book the last time I saw him before moving back to my hometown, what did he think of it? Does he even read it?..

    Thanks so much again for your readings as well as your positive words of encouragement.. It has been a tremendous help. I'm also supposed not to be doing anything related to tarot too due to my church background..hahaha.. I guess, we're on the same boat on that one..

  • Hey arieslass

    I never like to share anything less that prefect bliss with relationships believe me. I don't even like that term "move on" because it makes it sound like we have to close the door on someone.

    And I don't think that is really the case. I mean, we are ALL brothers and sisters of the highest level you know? I mean, we all honestly are deeply connected to one another regardless of what "life" is serving up in our relationships. It could very well be that we experience myriads of relationships as we continue our paths as divine spirit beings *which we all are. So each relationship is an opportunity to learn more about love, forgiveness, kindness, wisdom, you name it. But I don't think we can ever "move on"... where can we move to? Seen in that way we are all with one another spiritually. You and I share a connection right now that is quite heavenly, even though we are located heaven knows where on the globe. Do you see? So your Gem guy is still very much in your heart, and you are still in his... its just that because of life lessons (I guess) or other reasons that only angels know... we are experience breakups and some pain with each other at times. I like to pretend that when we sleep at night, that all is well, and we go back to heaven for a little while, and there... in that lovely place... all is perfect between all of us. And in the night, after you close your eyes and journey there, Gem guy is there too, and you join hands and run off and play beside magical waterfalls and laugh and kiss and whatever else they let us do in heaven ha ha... i love that picture... incurable romantic to the core 🙂

    So, I would say (and this is just me talking, I am not reading any cards right now). to simply keep following your heart with him... pray and wish him blessings... pray that you can be together too, why not?.. while at the same time being at peace with being apart at this time.... and also KEEP your eyes open, and your heart open to someone new who may just happen to come along... you see? We never know... that does not mean you don't love him any more, for deep down, we are ALL desperately in love with one another! We are of that one family in Heaven, called children of the Stars i think... it is just that on Earth, this place that can be a little hard and grimy at times, we have lessons or paths to travel that MAKE US who we are...

    Are you really, really done this time?

    The FOOL... maybe not! The Fool card is whimsical and a little mysterious, so I can only say keep trusting heaven and let your angels work everything out!

    Arieslass, sometimes I think Heaven plays little tricks on us that serve to show us how much we really love someone, and how connected we are to that other one...

    So, you might get some "not so good" Tarot readings about you and your guy... you are asking, "Oh Heaven! Can you tell me, are we meant for each other? Is our love real?"

    And the readings come back, "Nope... move on.... nothing to see here... nahh... forget him..." -

    ...and yet IN YOUR HEART You still find that "something" that says "then why do I feel such love for him!"... so you have to press past all of those external voices to find YOUR heart is true, and the love you feel is true, and no one, nothing in heaven or earth can ever take that away from you.

    Do you see? Then... you have learned to trust your heart no matter what.

    You have deep feelings for him? Wonderful! Love him right where you are! While also keeping the rest of your life in order, and be willing to love who ever else Heaven happens to bring to you as well. This might not be a Monogamous Universe you know? (Although that is my upbringing, but I am learning to think outside that box a little...). In other words, there should be love enough for everyone! Because, like I said, we are ALL deeply connected with one another anyway, there is a part of you in me Arieslass... and a part of me in you...these are universal connections we all have with one another.. and I believe it even extends to the Stars and beyond.

    It is just that on Earth we come into this life with blinders on, and have to learn "past" the blinders... then we begin to love unconditionally, no matter how life turns out.

    If your lover all of sudden shows up on your door and says GOOD BYE and doesn't give any reasons, just vanishes, you know what the proper response really should be? How wonderful! Now, I get to play with him in the Spirit! Now I get to hear him in my heart and mind, now we can play together in mystery ways that I am only beginning to learn about! Then, you begin to develop ESP with your lover, and can hear him whisper in your heart....

    Throughout your day... and right before you go to sleep... he takes your hand and says, "I do love you, you know... come on... I want to show you this one wonderful waterfall I have found..."

    And you just keep sailing on... on and on and on... in love no matter what it looks like on the surface.

    So I would keep your heart totally open... to him... to anyone! Let heaven work it all out for you... and see if you can hear him talking to you... inside, in your heart... I'll bet you will be surprised that you do! And that could be the beginning of a most amazing and transcendent relationship between the two of you....

    Two... who were once one... now merging together in their hearts... to become one. It is the mystery of God. And let me tell you, all of Heaven and all of Earth pull up a chair to witness that each time it happens... it is the loveliest moment in creation.

    it is when God cries...

    love, astra

  • Hi Astra!

    I can't believe I lost what I initially wrote to you.. When I hit submit post, it didn't post.. Weird!.. Thanks so much for your lovely words of encouragement and insights.. It is hard for me to open up to someone while I like someone else. I would need closure before I move on. I will keep it in mind though.. 🙂

    I initiated the contact and he response back which surprised me. Do you mind to do a reading for me please? Sorry I had to ask you these.. Was he happy to hear from you? Your reading that he will soon see someone else that is for the future right? Because he didn't really say anything about her. Did he meet her at work? Through a friend? Will the girl makes him happy? How does he really feel about her? I really want to see him for the last time, Astra and wish him the best. In doing that , I will let him go completely this time. I asked him if we can meet, but I haven't heard anything yet. Do you see us meeting up soon? Would he want to? How does he really feel about me at this point? Many thanks, Astra...

  • Hey Arieslass...

    Okay I hear you on the closure thing before you can move on... totally understand...

    I'll draw some cards on each of your points and simply share what I see... I don't always remember what the last readings said, so we'll just start fresh, okay?

    My dear Arieslass... you will be the Page (Princess) Cups in this reading... is that okay with you? I see you that way you know... a lovely princess... oh, where was I? Oh yeah.. the reading about your guy!

    1. Was he happy to hear from you? King of Swords and Six of Pentacles - well, he is a king for sure, or thinks he is. In a strong position, in his mind. He is a very intellectual type, and is navigating his life right now by his mind. Good luck with that. The Six of Pentacles is the "Sharing" card, and he would like to see you to share, and talk it out. So yeah, I would say his was a "guarded" happiness to hear from you.

    2. Your reading that he will soon see someone else that is for the future right? Because he didn't really say anything about her.

    I drew the Hanged Man and the Five Pentacles. Weird. Tonight this is saying nothing about this other person. It could be that he has been fantasizing about "other options" and that has affected the prior reading. This says he is feeling disoriented and upside down a little... and the five pent is him feeling shut out of love, in a colder place in his life. He is not happy tonight.

    3. Did he meet her at work? Through a friend?

    I drew two knights in a row... knight of cups and the knight of pentacles. This seems to almost say he has met a guy! Is that possible? is he, you know...???

    4. Will the girl makes him happy? How does he really feel about her? Ace of Cups, Hmmm... this does say love. In a sweet new place... Three of Pentacles. Does sound like a workplace setting.

    5. I really want to see him for the last time, Astra and wish him the best. In doing that , I will let him go completely this time. I asked him if we can meet, but I haven't heard anything yet. Do you see us meeting up soon?

    Death - hmmm... gulp... well, I hope so, although this is not exactly a great card to see as a yes. Raises issues for him.

    Would he want to?

    Three of Pentacles again. This almost sounds like he wants to meet you, however it would have to be at work. IS that possible? He might bring this other person into the meeting with you. Wow this is sounding wild.

    6. How does he really feel about me at this point?

    Three of Swords - heartbroken. Crying. He has felt he has hurt you and he is crying his eyes out. This guy is really going through a rough time right now. He does need you, as a friend I believe. He is struggling to reach out to you though, and there is something he is afraid of in seeing you again... something he would have to tell you that he doesn't want to.

    He is g a y and has fallen in love with a co-worker, a guy at his work place seems to be the message. And he feels ripped apart because he still feel strong feelings for you.

    So it is not another woman, it is another person, and that person is a guy.

    Is what I get.

    What do you think?


  • Oh my gosh, Astra! That was an interesting reading.. I hope it is not true.... I don't know if he is or not. But it was raised up before and he said no, he is not so I believe him. Is he really g a y? He works and lives too far from me so it would be impossible to meet him at work. You have been right too the core all of the readings you did for me, but I hope this part is not true. He avoided my question about seeing me soon so you're right about that it is a no at this time. Really? Is he still heartbroken about me? It doesn't sound like it in his replies. Would it be possible that he wants us to be more than friends now and that his feelings for me has deepen more than just liking me? I should have told you right from the beginning that I'm actually with a cappy guy right now which is why I can't be with him, but I felt I didn't have to since your readings have been true all this time.. And you're right that he is more of intellectual type. He likes to control his emotions. It could be that he is controlling his feelings for me and protecting himself because it would leave him vulnerable and frustrated if he follow his heart? He 's always known how I feel about him. Where does this leave us?

    AstraAngel, I really really appreciate your time in doing all of these readings for me.. Forever grateful and am so glad we are connected here in this forum. You are truly an angel and blessing to me!! :).

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    How are you? Hope you are well. I do hope everything is really okay with you. I haven't seen any new posts by you lately :(. Here's wishing you happiness and light and love!


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