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  • To sum it up he's at a point in his life where a lot is going on and he's a year younger than me and is trying to figure life out. I'm 21. I just want to know if u should wait in his corner or just leave him entirely alone.I genuinely love the guy, but since he's in his were getting yo close I'm working on me mode I never know how to act around him.ya know like I'm a cancer lol when I love I want to show but he's a non relationship ready Virgo so he doesn't want my emotion to be w distraction to him "at this time ". So do I wait and reap benefits of him, explain that idk how to act around him anymore and let him know I'm still there but I won't talk to him at this point in his life, or just pack up my feelings and ignore /disappear from his life all together. (Mind you he still likes me and is interested)

  • LOL i'm in the same place at this point (i posted my issue under victimofcancerian and citizenq - i lost my password but now remembered it)...dunno if i should stay and hope things improve...or walk away (after my guy broke up - yet again!)

  • I say, just be yourself! My biggest advice is this, you are so young, allow this time in your life to really find out who you are and what you want and need from a relationship. What you will tolerate and what you won't. I say the won't tolerate should be bigger than the will tolerate!

    Enjoy your youth! Embrace your unique YOU! Live first and foremost for yourself, sow goodness, kindness and fun...and just wait for when your time to reap comes along.

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