Heartbroken by Cancer man...

  • I recently got my heart broken by a cancerian male (several times actually)...we both love each other immensely...he's such a sweet, kind and wonderful person, but I don't know what is wrong to be honest...we broke up and got back several times...he came back each time and broke up over small issues that I feel we should be stronger than as a couple...He claims i'm the One, that I was let into his world further than anyone else...we have an age difference and he has married previously and went through a few hard relationships...I did everything I could, devoted myself completely, put him first. But i feel he still cannot commit fully (in the sense of us moving in together, speak of marriage, being closer with his kids - who like me). I read so much about cancerian men and he fits the picture, but I'm still confused.

    I do not think i can bear more hurt and pain...he might come back for sure, but I just need to understand what he was going through. please help me out...I've lost the love of my life...I'm not sure I can let him back, which hurts even more, because I'm afraid he'll leave me again...I'm afraid he'll break me again...:( 😞

  • if it were me I wouldn't accept him back. if he comes back, that is

    so what if someone else hurt him in the past? tell him to get over it or you'll find someone else

    Everyone gets hurt, I know I had many and I'm still able to love again. No pain can keep me from falling in love with someone new and start a new romance with him. It's not easy to get over pain, but that's where new lover comes in. Their love always helps me get through it, I will never take advantage of a true lover. It's obvious he is taking advantage of you. He still loves his ex, and yet he keeps you on the side "just in case".

    This is your life, it's your choice whether you want to be taken advantage or not. If it were me, I would end it and take steps necessary to move on. If anyone ever tells you love is unconditional, well that only means you also have to love yourself unconditionally. You need it right now, as no one knows you better than yourself, you're the only one knows what you need.

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