Would appreciate guidance on busines adventers please!

  • So, I am thinking about opening three different business adventures. One is a franchise, the other two are independent ideas of my own. One would go hand in hand with the franchise business, the other is completely different.

    One is a driving school,. the other is a kids /teenage trampoline/dodgeball play center, the other, a basketball training facility.

    Any and all advice welcomed!

  • hello taurus7 long time no hear from. I am happy for you - what do you like the best? what is your heart telling you? the trampoline/dodge ball play center sounds great also could you incorporate the basket ball training center with the playcenter?

  • Yes, I could incorporate the the basketball w/ the play center. My gut is telling me that both business would be very viable in the area that I am thinking of opening them. I think the driving school would be solid, showing a return early. The play center...not so sure, bc the initial cost is high.

    And...how are you ?? It has been a long time.

  • Hi taurus7,

    What happened to your Dad? Also, I registered to audition for the Voice...NYC 3/11.

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Still on with my dad........

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