Im so confused and sad someone help.

  • hi my name is sirena my bday is 11/25/1990 and im having some trouble with a guy named calvin and his bday is 9/12/87. i care about this guy so much. we started dating last september, and in beginning of january i messed up by talking to another guy while we were in the same place. i really things to go back to how they used to be. he ignored me for 2 weeks straight and now we are finally on speaking terms and i go to his house maybe once a week. but i want to be dating him again, i dont know if he has feelings for me or how he feels. he doesnt say much really, when i ask. i dont know if i should keep trying or not. i know i should be patient but i dont know if it will be worth it. ive started to love i wasting my time? or will he turn around when he gains trust and takes me seriously? i dont know what to do... help.

  • Sirena, a love affair here can be highly romantic. Passion often manifests strongly, and physical involvement can reach a fever pitch. Yet discriminating and critical qualities are not left behind at the bedroom door. Both of you are very much aware of your ability to please and be pleased by your demanding mate, especially sexually. The strong feelings here are unlikely to fade away even if you marry - in fact, they usually deepen through such a commitment. Of course, your relationship is likely to always be a bit temperamental, featuring both bouts of explosive anger, but also a tendency to kiss and make up.

    Calvin can be highly critical and nitpicky with you, who are the more intuitive one. His pickiness may unnerve you and you will often be unable to explain how you feel about a given problem to his satisfaction. You may have to stand your ground at such times and remind him that your relationship is not a contest - he is not supposed to judge you like he does and must cut you some slack, because you are willing to put up with his fussiness and attention to details, whereas many people would not. He should learn to keep his opinions to himself more often and take more time to try to understand your situation. That is what love is all about.

    Still if it's any consolation, he only got so upset because he loves you so much.

  • how could he love me when we've only been dating? we never made it official.

  • It's obvious that you care for him. This is how he deals with things. Know that. I wouldn't ask him/his issue. There is a total block. Leave alone for now. Continue your path and if he comes around that's good. Will continue. Decide if YOU want to continue. I'm getting respect.

  • He probably didn't realize what he felt for you until he saw you with the other guy. Thinking he might lose you no doubt gave him a fright and he reacted with anger. He must have a lot of doubt about what you really feel about him. You will have to make it clear that his jealousy is a drag and that you Sags need a lot of freedom - but that it doesn't mean you would cheat on him.

  • this guy is really confusing me. just last night he was texting me that he doesnt feel the same way about me as i feel for him, but he wanted me to come over today! ugh i have a headache.

  • You need to tell him that he is confusing you. Actually it sounds like he is the confused one. You must ask him what he wants so that you will know.

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