Just did an ex lover tarot reading, need help!

  • Hi i just recently did a tarot card reading on an ex lover, its a 9 card reading and just need abit of help interpreting it:

    1st card- history of our relationship- 9 pentacles

    2nd card- where the querent is now- 7 cups

    3rd card- where the querents ex is now- knight of pentacles

    4th card- What the querent really feels about getting back together with their ex- 2 cups

    5th card- What their ex really feels about getting back together with the querent- lovers card

    6th card- Who or what opposes what the querent wants- queen of cups

    7th card- Who or what can help the querent get what they want.- king of cups

    8th card- Something the querent may not know about the situation- 4 swords

    9th card- Outcome- Ace of wands

    Can someone help interpret this for me??

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