• i saw a few ppl do exchanges on here. I need to practice does anyone want a reading and if they dont mind will they give me a reading?? im up for doing a few readings but id really appreciate a couple readings in return i have some questions occupying my mind as well.


  • I would like to try! What would you like to know? I use tarot and angel cards

  • id like to know which girl would be better for me the cancer girl or the libra girl ... and why!

    What would u like to know 🙂 thanks for taking me up on the offer

  • Dear Hockeyplayer

    The Captain is very good as a psychic as well in analysing astrological compatibility, and maybe you can address your question to her.

    On doing a tarot card reading I did not get exactly who is better for you but their different personalities came across. The cancer girl is dynamic and adept at manifesting what she wants. She may be the one you may share passion and fun with in the future, she is impulsive and likes you or will if you try, but may not be as she appears. She is good at presenting a certain appearance or maybe she is into music or perrforming arts. The libra girl is very organized, stable and methodical. if you stick with her, it will lead to your growth : mainly intellectual . However there is scope for celebration and light hearted fun as well. Someone more suited to you than either, may come into your life in the future. With the cancer girl you will have to check all your facts and options before making a choice. With the libra girl there are control issues but also professional or some other kind of development in store for you. I see that you will be a little confused in your choice of a partner and maybe some one can intervene to help you. All three of you seem to share the same goals or vision. But surprisingly, I did not get romantic love with either. With the cancer it seems instinct is involved(wands) and with the libra ,thought and practical concerns (swords and pentacles)

    A goddess oracle card reading shows be great passion and a lot of growth for you with the libra girl.Being with her will help you evolve so Id say shes better for you. The cancer girl will be a great homemaker, very good at organising home and compassionate towards children.Both seem nice:)

    Hope this helps. You can do a general reading for me .

    Love and Light

  • wow great reading. Makes a lot of sense. As for you reading!!!

    Are you in a pretty comfortable place right now?? That was the first thing that came to mind when i did your reading youve come out of a period of letting go of the old way of doing things and the not so good things in your life have come and gone and now your in a period of yoru life where you feel everything is good and what could possibly go wrong. Is there another female that might be causing you some grief??? i kinda got that feeling i see that being the only thing thats really causing you some sort of issue. Shes a fiery tempered women who likes to have her say in things and sometimes you and her may not always agree.... i think you need to be careful of this female i dont think she has your best interest in mind. I also think that a decision maybe concerning her or another person will be presented to you and you will really have to think about what is right for you verus what is wrong for you because this decision will be very important. I do see a lot of happy times coming up though in the next little bit do you have family coming in or are you going to a reunion of some sort because i get the sense that people from the past will play a role in an event coming up and it will bring back a lot of good memories that leave you remember a lot of the "old times" and "good times" becareful not to get to caught up in these feelings its nice to have them but things are in the past for a reason. I dont see anything bad at all in the cards that were pulled you got a mixture of everything in your spread just a warning to keep your feet planted and be realistic about choices you make 🙂 I do think there will be a love interest of some sort coming into the picture or even a new friendship of some sort (could be one thats being rekindled bc like i say the past keeps popping into my head.

    I hope this makes sense. I really enjoyed your reading if you would like to do another exchange on any questions you have id be more then interested.

  • Thank you so much for the reading and the response. I am very glad to get any kind of validation for my reading and would like to answer any other questions or issues you would like to address!

    Your reading for me was very accurate about my attempts to let go of the past and find ways to think and behave in better ways:) than before. I am in a good place after many years of hardship and grief. One of the persons who vexed me in the past is a woman , a relative . Thanks for the warning . I will keep a look out.

    Am happy to know about past ties and reunions and also know what you mean about seeing events and people in perspective. Which method do you use:clairvoyance,cards or some other? Just curious.

    There is a man from my past, a friend I have detached myself from without cutting ties completely. I wonder about that sometimes.Don't really see a ny friends reunion there but still if you could check for me 🙂

    I get a very good energy from you and wish you a very happy time at this site!


  • Hello I am glad that you enjoyed the reading and that it was accurrate 🙂 I use the cards but again i am very much a beginner. I was just curiouse on what you meant on some sort of development between me an the libra girl could you clarify that for me id also like tonknow where she is regarding me i feel that theres a rather strong connection with us mever been able to shake it an ive known her for a long time oanif u could just clarify what that means itd be great. thanks ill get tonur reading as soon as possibblee probably after woek!!

  • Dear Hockeyplayer

    The cards suggest a friendship and strong interests shared by you and the libra girl, that certainly have the potential to develop into a passionate relationship, though the friendship aspect will always be the basis of this bonding. She is or can be an inspiring presence in your life. She really likes you : 2 cups, but is not very aware of your intuitive powers , and the cards suggest you do have a powerful intuition and ability to help people (high priestess). Does she see you as aloof and serious (hermit, hanged man)? Or are you the more social one? I suspect its the former. What will help bringing you both closer is planning a celebration/party /get together with other friends and plan some fun time: more outgoing activities. You both have plenty of options and in the cards come across a s young optimistic people. Dont let any past events colour your current decisions. The advice is to avoid exerting control over each other . Does she try to influence your decisions or fear you will prove overpowering?

    Long term potential of this relationship: tarot cards are usually short term in their implications as i read them, they show the current trend or or undercurrents in our lives.We have the free will to taqke and change our decisions at any time. I did not see marriage but I do see that she will help you grow, cope with tremendous changes and is therefore a beneficial presence in your life, whether or not you have a long term relationship with each other. The cards show that willingness to take chances and looking forward to share good times should be great for you both , as long as you give each other space and keep your distinct identities.

    The goddess card suggested that she could be interested in working for the environment or/and young people. Whatever her pet cause maybe, it will bring you both close together and help you both grow as people.

    Hope this makes some sense:)

  • Hello! Hope all is well w u

  • Suramya

    My apologies i have been away all weekend and I am now back home. I did a reading for you regarding if you will be reunited with your friends anytime soon. I got the feeling that again maybe something will happen that you may be reunited with someone ...Are you going to a wedding anytime soon.. the word jus keep coming to mind or even travelling somewhere by car? i feel you may run into someone or people from the past on that journey. I think that it will go very well as well i pulled the two of cups for how this event will unfold. Just be sure to not go back to old routines (if that makes any sense b.c that came to mind as well.) I feel as if you feel attached to something that may effect this event my advice is to be open to new experiences don't hold yourself back and see whats out there to off you

    Let me know if this makes sense. Do you have any other questions I'd be happy to answer them for you. Sorry i took so long for the response i usually go away on the weekends so im not around the computer really.

    Your reading you did for me was very accurate on the situation and i do agree with it. Thanks so much for such a detailed reading. You are very talented. I do have one more question if you are interested in exchanging again. If not just ignore the question totally fine of course! ...Q: Will libra girl message me on my birthday.

  • Am sorry if I rushed you into answering:) Your reading makes perfect sense, Thanks v much. The breaking of old patterns is a message from my inner self that Im getting again and again.Thanks for the validation and you can ask more questions if you like:am getting good practice:)

    However, this is the hkind of question ive never asked the tarot because the cards dont allow us to ask about others course of action. Nor does that take into account their free will. and neither am I a clairvoyant. Nevertheless I asked for a general reply to your question & got these responses:

    From the goddess deck advice to recognize how strong you really are , and be confident. This card also comes up to urge people to take up or continue weight training i.e. physical strength building. Cordelia suggests that your desired outcome will manifest in May or when the weather is warmer. It has a picture of a May Queen like figure wearing a floral wreath in her hair and again a card has come up that suggests that you go outside and connect with nature. Uncanny! Peace asks you to stay calm and things will work out meaning Dont push to hard or too soon.

    Tarot cards suggest a sense of disappointment temporarily (5 pentacles) but soon ,maybe in a couple of months you are looking at a stablke, solid fulfilling relationship, but again material fopundations seem to play a role , for I got 10 pentacles,not 10 cupos. In any case a sort of happy resolution.

    When is tyour birthday btw? Have a greatbirthday irrespective of whether she messages.

    take care !

  • Oops lot of typing errors 😞

  • Lol well im glad it made sense bc i just kinda wrote what i felt and was hearing from my inner self. I appreciate you answering my questions its helps a lot. I also have a question about how you do your readings do you just read cards and what type of spreads have you been using?? im very interested in learning more about how others read as well... weird i know lol..

    I was wondering if me and the libra girl would get a chance to talk or if will have any sort of communication with eachother in the next little bit. How i should act in this situation. I would really like to see her around my birthday so if that comes up it would be great to know if that wil happen.

    thanks so much this has been a great learning experience . Do you have further questions?

  • Not weird at all cause I myself am curious about this field. Thats what brought me here to this site. I started by reading about tarot and buying various decks and reading for myself:) I did not dare to read for others online till very recently and even there I go by my intuition , responding only to threads that attract me, at random.You are fortunate that you can hear messages from your inner voice because thats the best way. I get that sometimes, actually on rare occassions when I have a connection with someone, so my powers are at a very basic stage:)when I meditate and do reiki I can tune into auras but thats a lot of effort and I do burn out very easily. You will find very gifted people on this site from whom one can learn a lot: Captain , Blmoon, Hanswolfgang etc and Danibo and EIAI are also very good, apart from many many others who have helped me here.

    One must protect ones energy field when using any of these methods, by using a crystal for example and always setting an intention to get a reading for the "highest good", to work always in love and light as a channel.Will work on your question soon. I have no more questions but if you "get anything" for me, Id love to hear that:)

  • I am not very good with time frames and I seriously believe that the validity of a tarot reading is short term,maybe a few weeks, because of the free will of the the other person you are asking about. I am sorry I did not get any cards indicating immediate communication from her.In fact around your birthday, dont set your expectations too high w. regard to hearing from her or maybe of feeling happy even if she does talk to you. However, how you react to this is within your own control. What is more important is the question what is blocking your progress and communication with her? And I get Hierophant, which indicates some convention or tradition thats keeping her away. Is it professional decorum...same workplace? Is she married or seeing someone else or feels bound by ties to other people? The advice fr you is also Hermi and Hierophant again , which suggests that for right now dont do anything rash,impulsive or push too hard.

    Your patience will pay off ,maybe in 4 months when she shows up as Queen cups. She does feel alone and a bit aloof though in control (queen pentacles).

    I guess any good relationship is worth waiting for and working for. Sorry thats what I got. Do get a second opinion.

    And have a great Birthday...

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