Blmoon, me again

  • Dear Blmoon,

    I see you have been coming back again, I hope you are better and feeling strong again, I wish I could say the same for me, but I am stuggling a bit.

    I was hoping maybe you had some kind of news for me, or maybe a push in the right direction as I am spinning lately.

  • Dear Blmoon,

    Well things are not good with me and Drew right now. She has changed him so much already and he says I always hate his girlfriends, but that is not true, I just hate the way they change him.

    He is a strong good looking young man and in comes this girl and changes the way he dresses, the way he spends his money and most of all the way he treats me.

    I know I am just his mom, but we had a special bond. For years while Ron worked crazy hours it was just the 2 of us andm a great love.'

    He is alot like his dad in the money sence and spent alot of years building debt and buying too much, but after Ron left he started helping me and saving money for his future.

    I explained alot to him and he realizes that his still living here is not just for me emotionally, but a chance for him to save for his future.

    Here in the bay area even a small apartment cost alot to rent and he isn't ready yet, he triedit at 18 and came home a year later in deep debt.

    She has no home, her parents split when she was small and she goes from one to the other with no real roots at all.

    He tries to have her sleep here alot, but I won't allow it, once in awhile is okay with me, he is 24 after all, but she is pushing it and trying to stay too much.

    I do not want to fight with him, and hate to think he will move out with her , but I know it is coming.

    He still hasn';t told his best friend, her x about their relationship and she has lived with 2 differant men in the last year.

    I only want him to be happy, and I fear this is a big problem and I know I can't fix it and it adds to my grief.

    Once again I am waiting for a call from the stupid lawyer and once again Ron is ignoring it.

    I have gotten a letter from both the state and the irs that he hasn't paidhis back taxes, but I called and made sure I am not responsible for either.

    Please tell me all this will be okay, I am making myself sick with worry.

  • little bump

  • Dear Blmoon,

    WEll My mom and sister and I just did an overnight in Reno. WEstayed at Circus circus which is a joke, but we had a great time.

    The drive to and from is long and it sucks, but hey right.

    Last night we had a dinner at a pizza parlor with the whole family, 20 of us to celebrate Tyler and my moms birthdays. It was fun and loud and I got to hold little Ava laot. She peed on me pretty good and everyone laughed, but thats okay.

    Tommorrow is Tylers birthday and Ron is coming to take him out to breakfast. I asked him to please include Trevor because he didn't even get him a card on his, but no he is just tking Ty.

    Blmoon, please tell me what I need to do, I am so depressed and can't seem to shake it.

    I see no hope for a better future and I am lost and alone.

    I get through the days just fine, but cry myself to sleep every night.

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