In need of a tarot reading

  • I met an Aquarian male some weeks ago at a local spot where his long-time friend works as the chef. It started off extremely hot and intense, then I said something unfortunate and he has cut-off all communication with me. I've apologized and done what I could to clear the air and explain why I came to certain conclusions - but nothing, no response. We agreed we wanted the same things, to date and to get to know one another. Now, I just don't know what to do. Should I just move on or wait it out? I like him; I feel I could grow to care for him even though in my heart I love another. The other person, another, younger, Aquarian, is married.


  • Hi Cateyes36

    Here is a reading,

    You have the ability to get what you want

    something that was good turned bad

    rest after battling

    (so you can get what you need, but take a breath and be yourself)

    and yes it's ok to be by yourself and enjoy your own company

    near past... you did just meet a guy it said caution...

    I get a feeling of stagnation...

    But again your characture comes up ... a good thing that you are strong

    and again that your a good person....(trust who you are)

    I say that because i get the feeling you just want to be with someone just to be with someone, the next two cards are not favorable guys becasue of it.

    you will meet someone and be happy (a good ending)

    So I would say trust yourself and be happy with who you are... and when you do meet someone look at the whole picture of who the person is, don't feel stuck to be by yourself because you will meet someone you.

    Hope that helps,


  • Thank you tarotnick.

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