Cancer man + cancer woman = bad?

  • I am in love with this guy. I have never been so sure of any thing in my life. We are absolutely perfect for each other. He's just like me in every way that counts yet still completely different. When we first met we were on the brink of dating, but he said we're just too much alike and that he couldn't date himself. I just can't seem to get my mind around him it just seems like his idea of a perfect female is my description. Yet, every female he falls for is the exact opposite. This guy is everything I want and more, and I think I'd be good for him. He mentions other girls he notices and I basically am in the perfect position of the best friend persona. He even was comfortable enough to mention to me he was attracted to a friend of mine and mentioned what he saw of me in her. It's just too painful and I either want to get over him or be with him, I don't know what my chances are either way. Am I doomed to play the painful bestfriend role? Or do I actually have a chance?

  • if he mentioned a friend of yours i say safeguard your heart. my cancer guy talked about past conquests in the beginning, but since late feb. he has stopped that and we are dating but we don't call it that we are in a non-relationship, but we are so close. i usually spend 4 or5 nights with him.

    if it is just to be his friend and you're in love, try to avoid him for a while? not easy with cancer guys. don't know about cancer women charm but i've NEVER been so taken with anyone. mesmerized, captivated, breathless and frustrated sometimes! LoL

    these guys are bad to say one thing outloud but act differently. read our LONG cancer man and he is confusing thread. maybe you will see some of his traits. it's like we are all dating the same person!

    good luck

  • the other night we were hanging out and we ran into this girl he had just met and was kind of into. I could tell she wasn't the slightest bit interested. he falls for all the wrong people. i have avoided him for months, but he sticks with me even when i'm not around him. any pointers or ideas of what i could do to win him over? or should I just give up hope? i'm in a pickle =[

  • Im a cancer sun leo rising. And I've dated a cancer boy. Im a girl. To me, cancer boys and girls should remain friends unless they both have the will power to try in that relationship. If you were to date him, you will find your world with him turned upside down. How comfortable you feel with him now, as a friend, will be completly lost for a while. When I dated my cancer boy I was very happy go lucky about it cos he was such a great friend. I could tell him basically anything and he did the same, but hes a boy so they hide their emotions regularly. But once we dated, there was an awkward distance. It was just strange. What he says to you ' I couldn't date myself' speaks louder than the actual words. Thats kinda what it is. I dont know, maybe if you keep up this best friend deal you got going, he'll realize how comfortable he is with you. It could work if both really want it.

  • I've been dating a Cancer Man for 7 months and he is soooo confusing im a libra woman and if you know a libra we are very giving and loving people but this man confuses me one minute we're fine then the next he acts distant his friend told me he talks about me all the time and that he wants everything to be perfect when we get together. The cancer man tells me i'm a very sweet woman and the things i do for him will go a long way when i first met him i didnt have any intentions on falling for him as hard as i did he's very sweet and caring and we spend alot of time together and then times he seems standoffish but when it comes to a relationship the first time he told me last time he rushed into a relationship with someone he was dating and he found out they were cheating with their ex i can tell he's been hurt alot and i don't know how to ensure him that all i want to do is love him. this is so hard and i really dont know what to do.

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