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  • sahunnie>>I LOVE being an Aries! Best sign! I have no idea about my rising sign, because as far as I'm concerned I'm Aries end of story! I am a typical Arian.

    Sandran712>>My son is an Aries.And I guess I am attracting to an Aries.My son's father was an Aries.He died in 2002.and now my son's caregiver is an Aries and has the same birthday he does.oh..I am a Cancer in this whirlwind...LOL

  • I just found this aries site and thoroughly enjoyed it (aries sun./uranus, cancer rising,sag moon)

    I went to a conference last year and every friendly outgoing person was aries./sag/ cancer like me!

    Your questions about Aries men also interested me as I had a long relationship with a 4/3/47

    until his death in 2001.Great men but not very faithful! Hope to read more posts from the outspoken rams,

  • Ricihard Alpert who is Ram Dass is an Aries/Sag moon/

    Richard Alpert who is Ram Dass is an Aries sun/ Sag moon/ Cancer ascendant and is best known for "Be Here Now" printed in 1971 and reprinted many times. He is also my astrological twin but 20 minutes younger..he is famous and I am not! we are both 4/6/31 10:20/40 am.

  • Hi i am an Aries female born 30.3.1953. It has taken me a loooong time to learn life's lessons. My stubborness has led me on bumpy roads and a lot of head butting. People either feel threatened by me or see through my insecurities (a trait i try and hide by being too self assured.)

    My family and friends depend on my sound advice (Libra Moon) and those who understand me know where they stand. I don't explain myself to those who will never understand me.

    I love life in a naive, child-like way. On the other hand, i will stand up and fight tooth and nail, those who harm children, animals and the elderly.

    Despite the connection to those i love, deep down i'm a loner and keep a huge part of my being to myself.


    South Africa

  • Hi, I'm a 28 year old Aries female. Virgo Rising with Libra Moon.

    I've been studying astrology on my own more and more recently; I wanted to delve deeper into my more negative tendencies and how to overcome them. I deal with dichotomies between my mind and my emotions; after doing a natal chart and learning more about planetary aspects, it turns out the reasons for the conflicts I have are due to the oppositions in my chart, mostly btw my Sun and Moon, my Moon and Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Pluto...I have quite a few. But these are all things that test me to see if I can overcome them and have a fruitful life.

  • elmoobie's posts is so on point. This sums me up in so many aspects. I am in mid-management. The majority of the people I work with don't get me. I'm often viewed as difficult & harsh. Most people are afraid of me. They say that I'm difficult to talk to. I too am a great listener and not very judgemental. But I can spot BS a 100 miles off. I give the opportunity to always have enough space to correct one's self. But I hate to have smoke blown up my you know what. And please don't insult my intelligence or tell me a bold lie. That just infuriates me on so many levels. In personal relationships I haven't had too much sucess. Men don't get me. I can be very loving loyal giving I can be jealous but not jealous like most people. I can be jealous and still give my partner to have space and not feel insecure in myself. Like some of the other post I guess it's a little arrogance that I know that my partner will always long for the relationship with me. Hopefully on their part, when they decide to venture back I will be there, as my attention spand is very short in relationships. It takes a lot to keep my attention. I am very passionate. I love to be in love. I love the richness of life. I don't believe in living on the outskirts of life I jump in with both feet. I too always find the silver lining of all situations. I will have your back if I call you friend or family. I will go to battle for the underdog & the disinfranchised. I am well into my 50's yet people tell me I have a youthful exhuberance. I am many pounds overweight but yet people say that I have the poise of a size 3. I'm not the most beautiful in features, yet I often catch people staring at me. When I speak I get peoples attention.

    It's never an gray area with me. You either love me or hate me, but one thing for sure you will never forget me. I am most always misunderstood. But I've learned to live with it. I have to always explain my meanings or intentions. I use to resent it. Now it has become a way of life. I have grown into being an Aries. I find that people may not like use too much, but they will often try to imitate us. My motto is " Often imitated, never duplicated." I love beign an Aries. My birthday is March 25th. My Sun is in Gemini I forget my moon sign. If anyone knows please let me know. I was born in 1958 @4:30 pm in the South. I am female. I love being a woman too. That's an awesome combination, Aries, female. We think like men but know how to remain feminine.

  • Hi fellow Arians!!!!!

    I'm a double aries: Aries sun/Aries moon with Sag rising! I have a lot of water and air influence in my chart as well and try not to display a lot of aries temperment. I am impatient (too impatient) when people aren't moving as fast as I want them too, my motto is "move faster or else!!!!" (ha, ha|). I am pushy, bossy, and opinionated (especially about an injustice i see). I don't forget hurts but I do forgive (up to a point) people are people, and I think about how I want to be forgiven if I did someone wrong. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you, is the ancient proverb.

    I have a well of emotion, and that is my pisces side speaking. I was born when the sun was just 3 degrees into aries, so that's cusp, borderline personality...I cry and care too much for people and can't stand human suffering. Always helpful, way to naive but not willing to play fool for no one, and yes I am a loner sometimes, don't like the smothering, the clinging, and I don't like, I REALLY DON'T LIKE taking directions or advice from ANYONE....except my boyfriend...who's a LEO, and his advice is usually on the money...

    I'm a mass of contradictions sometimes...talkative to the point where people are telling me to shut up...then too quiet when people are asking "what's wrong with you?" I'm moody, yet funny and love to laugh, sometimes that aries sadism comes into play, but as I mature, I learn to quiet that dark beast down...

    Okay, I'm done...just wanted to share...of course, since we're all aries people here...We're all great, fun people and every aries I've met are truely intelligent, very funny and very, veeerrrry and peace to you all : )

  • I believe I can give you a pretty good answer on Aries. I have an Aries sun, Aries Ascendant, Venus in Aries and Mars in Aries. I hit the button twice to get this going as it wasn't fast enough for me. I act quickly but have good inner compass and know that my first instincts are usually correct.

    When I was born the nurses brought me in from the nursery to my mother and shoved me at her, and said,"It wasn't her turn, but she yelled the loudest." I speak the truth as I know it and cannot bear to be lied to. I will fight for a principle. I am self reliant, yet love my family and would do anything for them. I have No earth in my chart and just to spice it up a Scorpio Moon. Will red with interest all your Aries comments. Double Aries plus

  • Well I am An Aries Lady with Sun, Ascendant, Venus and Mars in Aries. Enjoyed reading your thoughts on Aries but guess what. I have been married to a Taurus with a Scorpio Ascendant for 40 years. His job takes him all over the World and I am independent enough to be just fne on my own when he is away. He is the Earth I am missing from my chart. I am the kick in the pants he needs to get going. So don't rule out a Taurus.

    Double Aries plus

  • Aries? Have you met my mom? She's got that (3/28), plus an Aquarius moon --and how we both ended up with Scorpio rising is beyond me. (Our discussions sound like cat fights, but half the time, it's just a game as she loves a good argument.) Speaking of arguments --you better have all your facts ready to recite or she will verbally run you over. I'm not kidding; she's done that to me a few times.... One topic I tend to stay away from with her is Politics; however, the Obama campaign became one LONG argument in the house as she's a conservative Republican who gets her main info from FoxNews!

    When she cleans, just get OUT of her way and let this tornado/cyclone zoom through the house. I haven't let her near my Office to clean simply because I think she'd "absorb" half my craft supplies! (I mean that it'd disappear from where I had it, only to find it among HER supplies - and I don't mean just the wall she's got up.)

    But besides all that, I know she loves me as she puts up with hyper me. How she managed to raise me & my brothers without going nuts... well.... ^.^

  • I've been involved with an Aries man for 10 years (4/19). Sun and Jupiter in Aries. Moon, Venus, and Pluto in Picses. Mercury and Midheaven in Taurus. Mars and Ascendant in Leo. Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Saturn in Aquarius and Neptune in Scorpio. He has many fine qualities and I love him with all my heart. He is my favorite person in the whole world. Our sex life is close to perfect. He is HIGHLY frustrating, however. Stubborn to the end and never says he's sorry.

    I'm a Gemini woman (5/26). Sun, Mercury, Mars and Ascendant in Gemini. Moon and Venus in Taurus. Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Aries. Neptune in Scorpio and Midheaven in Aquarius. I can also be stubborn but no where close to how he gets.We do love one another but show it in very different ways and expect very different things. I guess we've learned to cope with it somewhat but I want more peace in our relationship. I met this man the same day (12/5) but different year I met my exhusband. In addition, I also dated a man (Libra 10/19) whose birthday is exactly 6 months apart from this Aries man. They are polar opposites but so very much alike in many ways. The Libra was very fair and the Aries is not fair at all. Sometimes I feel this Libra was my best match and I regret breaking it off but I was very young at the time. We also dated for 10 years. I married an Aquarius and that didn't work out well at all. He was more like a friend or a brother than a husband. Total Dud. Anyway, if anyone has any insight, I would appreciate it.

  • Admin, I think that a teen sight would be a positive way for our youngsters to interact, from 13 and older.

  • I’m 3-28-1988.

    Sun Sign: Aries

    Moon Sign: Leo

    Rising Sign: Taurus

    Right away I can see a distinct conflict over my moon and rising signs. For my internal moon sign I easily over-dramatize my emotions on the inside, while my external rising sign is giving me Resistance to revealing your true feelings.

    But in both cases it is true. I can’t express my feelings verbally easily to people while on the inside I am feeling a lot of things. It makes me very conflicted.

    I do feel like my sun sign sometimes when I take down my Taurus armor. When I let both fire signs take over me I typically go overboard with little care what negative consequences of what may happen. When I put up my Taurus sign once more I still don’t really care about the bad consequences that had happened thanks to my 2 fire signs.

    Honestly, I do feel I need to act more like my sun sign more often but due to my efforts to maintain the peace on the inside I don’t.

    I do know I mostly resemble my external rising Taurus sign because I do not speak much. Because of that I look easy-going and shy. So when I do act like my 2 fire signs people are surprised. That makes sense if they perceive me like a Taurus just like a rising Taurus sign is suppose to work.

    Yeah, my personality is all conflicted. But I’m getting better at mixing all three signs into 1 distinct non-conflicted mindset.

  • Also,

    My Chinese Sign: The Dragon

    It says “Mantra: Good luck runs my life.”

    That quote is so funnily wrong in one major way.

    I was born with a speech impediment. I would not say that was good luck. But I think because of that I do think luck runs through my life. But at the same time I can’t control luck and I feel the need to control my life.

    FireyArian posted “The best way to get an Aries attention is to ignore them”. That could not be truer for me. When my feelings (maybe from my Leo sign) are not in-tuned to a person, I find them ignoring me even though they might be acting the same and I can’t understand why. So my attention turns to the person.

    I am loyal to my family and would try to protect them. If I get to know a person I try to be loyal to them.

    I believe the best in people, so sometimes I get brunt by them. Then I make the same mistake with a different person as if I did not learn my lesson. Just do not like mind games.

    If someone starts to question me on something that had proven time and time again to be right to me I often get very defensive about that issue. Then I laugh it off often right to their faces. Because why would an Aries change something that is right for them? I do try to be humble sometimes and change accordingly.

    I bet all Aries get mad at the fact that sometimes they get blamed for something they didn’t do.

    I always want to be first. When I was younger in school, my class went on hikes and kept on wanting to be the first in line.

    I am introverted but that probably because of my rising Taurus.

    My emotions are dynamic and powerful due to Leo but thanks to my Taurus I’m shy.

    But my Taurus can not contain my impatience that my Leo and Aries have.

  • I’m just wondering does anyone else have the same sun, moon, rising signs as me? Thank you.

  • Aah, Almondee, get it all out sweetie. Your opening up, showing emotion, so unlike an aries. Not sure what the other comments on this thread are about as far as aries' emotional outbursts. It feels good to show emotion though. Or at least put it in writing, huh? You're probably more appreciated by friends than you think.

    Anyway, I like your sentiment: "I have a mean walk and dip in my hip with a powerful afro to match". LOL You are hilarious & you sound like you would be a great friend. I would be your second mom-like friend in a minute.

  • Awww, thanks Ms. Littlelioness (that's why I like Leos lol stroke my ego!!) lol I needed that lol I don't show emotion much, I guess its something a lot of aries learn to bottle up when their expectations aren't met from others (whether its emotionally, loyalty, etc)... even my parents have an issue with it cause when I show it, it's out of nowhere and very rare; it isn't a good thing - but writing is better for me, you're right 🙂

    I am heeeeee-larious!! you have no idea lol and you seem damn genuine yourself 🙂 on the friendship tip, I have learned that people can't appreciate certain aspects of a friendship when they don't share like values with you (or have never had a friend care like much before)... they don't know how to appreciate, not their fault I guess shruggs shoulders

  • Almondee,

    I'd have to agree everyone has different values & it may make it hard for some to relate. I do value an open mind even when someone else's opinion may bother me. Hey, have fun tonight in Silver Springs, DC or wherever you end up. Hunt them down Aries, I feel you've got game tonight. Oh, and let the leo men think they're making all the decisions. ; )

  • @ littlelioness you're right, different values... and I am pretty open minded to an extent and can respect a person's difference if they can respect mine... but rarely that happens... need a storng character for that. ohh i got my red heels ready lol i'll keep my eye out for that leo... and i'll be sure to stroke his ego and make him think he's running things hehehe till next time, enjoy your weekend, be blessed, and no stress~

  • I am Aries rising Virgo Moon in Pisces... My instability is great and i self-confidence goes through ego king to poor ego drives... Maybe is because of the relation water in the moon and fire sun sign.. I would like to know more about it and perhaps how would this be conected with choosing a profesion?


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