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  • Born March 31st in 1970 year of the dog - I read all comments good to know I am remarkably like other Aries - I have felt isolated for so long - now 39 I think I am getting a handle on being Aries female. I absolutely love animals and limit my exposure to humans within reason. Head strong, opinionated, courage is easy, bored with routines, despise cowardice, hypocrisy or dishonesty and loyal to the bitter end. Since we demonstrate the traits of our sign we must have been made as we are for specific purpose to add to the kaleidescope of here's to being Aries I wouldnt have it any other way.

  • cool ....RAMbuctious! I could completely relate to what you said in your self-description. I couldn't have summed my own self up any better. I have often wondered about not being a "true aries" because I am so loving and nurturing and would never hurt anyone. The self-consumed, tough depiction of Arians is definately not me. I don't know anything about the whole moon rising thing, so I wonder what I am. How do I find out, my friend? I am glad to know that I am not the only one always giving 100%, to seldom have it reciprocated....... It is nice to know that someone else understands. : )

  • Hi Fellow Aries. This is me: virgo sun-uranus-pluto conjunct, moon and mars in scorpio, with aries rising. Always first. Cant stand inefficiency. Fight to the death. Love beyond death. Partner of 25 years walked out on us 6 weeks ago, without one word. and i want him back.! pathetic.

  • Hi ... I'm Sun-Aries,Moon-Pisces,Rising-Cappy...I've through it all now that I am in my mid-years...turned 55 and hating the aging process. but I have always found it a struggle being an Aries female in the workplace as I am very Arian there and can't get away with the things a male Arian would...speed seems to sum myself up pretty much, I talk fast, think fast and move fast and have no patience with the snails of this world! LOL and I am creative in everything I do...artist, musician, that a Piscean thing? Anyway...glad to find this board and reading about fellow Arians!! We Rule! right?

  • I am 27, Sun-Aries, Rising-Cancer, and Moon-Pisces. What can I say I ram what I ram! I am glad that I found this forum, it made me so happy to see that there are so many witty Arians out there. Relationships are a challenge for me because of my all or nothing approach to just about every thing I do. Recently I have found that men misinterpret my straightfoward and honest approach as a sign of naiveness??? don't get it. But I've been adviced by a Virgo that I am like an open book with my heart on my sleeve and that I should stop speaking before thinking!!lol

    I consider myself a head strong, passionate, independent, and loyal person. However my weakness is being slow to finish and quick to start:) And I have found a sense of uniqueness:)!lol! I have had some very rough life experiences and have finally reached a place in my life where I truly embrace who I am. ARIANS ARE THE BEST!!

  • Hi Im an Aries born 3-23-61 @ 7:00 am with moon in Gemini and Taurus rising. I am outspoken and direct as I hate to play mind games, im honest, hate liars and very passaionate & spontaneous. Sometimes I just need to get out of the house and "do" something fun or I'll go crazy- I also find the time to do something nice for myself on occasion to lift my spirits. I tend to be very creative (comes naturally I play music, am good at drawing , writing, communicating and am a massage therapist) also im intuitive when it comes to a (massage &variety of things & situations. I get a "somethings not right feeling" on occasions and they prove to be right on. I feel for the underdog and can be very helpful and compassionate as I have the need to want others to feel better and I love my feet to be massaged. At times I can also be quite introverted -dont know if that's because Im on a Aries-Pisces cusp or what.--Any suggestions/comments?

  • you sound very pisces like my dear. I am an aries, gem moon, virgo rising. I also really cannot stand mind games or any form of manipulation. I like to dive in head first and get to the heart of the matter in all areas of my life. I have had a really hard time with scorpio women. And it was completely undeserved. Its like they see me as someone they want to aim their stingers at and see if i can fight hard enough to get out of it! anyways im so happy to see you all enjoying your ariesdom. lol I have learned to be careful about the impulsiveness it seems to get me into trouble and try to get in touch with my emotions which i used to be afraid of. I have 1 water in my chart so its important for me to spend time around some water signs and see the feeling side of life. goodnite all...

  • I am aries and live with aries,,,,,,,,it's true we bang our heads together........

  • Hello fellow aries,

    I am glad to know that I am in my element. I feel that as an Aries, it is easy to be misunderstood. I would like to address the issue of true love or committed long term relationships. I have dated alot, had fun and just walked away with no remorse or regret. I am now 37 and have not known intimacy and am terrified. I feel excited about my my professional future but am not too excited about my romantic future. I am not ready to settle down. I don't want to settle into a boring relationship and life. I can't stand needy or weak men. I guess I have a bad attitude when it comes to the love department. I am also going through alot of guilt as (not to brag) but I spent alot of time on spiritual and intellectual matters and feel very balanced in many ways. I have admirers but I don't want to make a commitment as they have not delved much into life but take reality at its terms. They seem to want a trophy wife or girlfriend and what I need most is someone I respect and can trust as a true friend. I seem to attract men that want saving. I cannot do this. Please offer some insight and clarity on this matter. I currently do not want to go out and feel ashamed for feeling this type of smugness. Please advise....

  • This post is deleted!

  • I am an Aries, Moon in Picses, Rising boyfriend is an Aries, Moon in Taurus, Rising Leo....................we are one day apart for b'days. We are the Twin Soul relationship. Not easy and very emotional. Our charts have alot of similarities and we are both spiritual........he is Black Southern Baptist and I am Native American/Gnostic. It is our differences that hold us together. This is all about learning and what could be any more powerful than a mirror image. I have much to learn about unconditional love.

  • Being an Aries is awesome, sometimes i wish everyone was, but then nothing would get finished!

    We Aries are great fun, we say things no one else will say, do things no one else will do, and go about life with the sense that everything will always turn out ok...

    We can go to a dull party and make it fun, cause we have no shame.

    We are not shackled to the same ideals of others.

    Yet that is our down fall, we do still have to communicate in a way so that others understand our free spirit, or else we are written off as flighty, immature, not to be taken seriously.

    If we can't do this, all of our briallance is for nothing.

    And to me that is the ultimate challenge of being an Aries, to look beyond yourself and see how much joy you can bring to others if you can learn to communicate properly, adapt to any given situation, so that instead of doing things just because you can, for yourself, you help others feel the way you do, uninhibated, free to be who they are, it's ok.

    But you have to step outside yourself


  • I LOOOOOOOVE the Aries sign!!!!! reguardless of what most experts say about Scorpios and Aries being a bad mix, I've found it is the sign I get along with the most,in friendship and in love.... I have dated most all of the signs and Aries is the best relationship I've ever had.. We have the same goals in common , we are a passionate match in the bedroom and any other room we feel like exploring.. We liston to the same music, we like the same activities, and both love lavishing attention on each other but respect each others need for alone time.What I cannot do he can and what he cannot do I can,so we have an almost perfect balance.Sure we have our disagreements but they are few and far between. My Aries is the best partership and friendship a girl could ever ask for.. I am truely blessed.

  • I would agree with Brigidare that perhaps one of the most difficult things (about an Aries) is stepping outside of oneself. Reading through some of these posts, I think to myself that perhaps I'm not a REAL Aries in the sense that I'm quite unsure of myself, and I tend to be rather hesistant of my decisions. Yet, in a weird way, it seems like that I still rather hard-headed and ram-like. I believe that I am not in charge. I try to avoid making decisions based off personal self-interest (little self) and instead try to make decisions for the SELF-interest (big self, world picture). Hopefully, I can be a ram for that larger aspect of self. I chuckle since Brigidare makes me think of bridges and, specifically, bridging that gap between multiple aspects of self and SELF.

    Thank you Brigidare for you post.

  • Update! My Aries and I are Engaged and are looking at setting a date after I graduate College next year....Things just keep getting better and better...I really don't understand what the moon ,sun and planets have to do with the day you were born and how it effects your relationships but here are our birthdays. Mine is 11/02/68 His is 04/05/71... Can any one explain to me about how the planets effect our relationship, because it's such an amazing relationship and has been for a little over a year.

  • Ah yes, it's a great day to be an Arian, any day:) Don't we love to gain knowledge about ourselves:) and others!! INTERESTING re: your engagement to Mr. 4/5/71 since you are born 11/02/68! My children's Scorpio father (11/3) and me, their Aries mother, (4/5!) was VERY good for a long time, but I think having the male/female reversal in your relationship will be EXCELLENT, and even better. Better, because I'm quite sure your Arian male will take the lead in what is a truly great, workable partnership; my Scorpio husband never did, and wasn't supportive to me when I needed him most.........and I didn't insist on him taking more responsibility, or the lead, early on in the relationship when I didn't need his support so much, but I should have. Therefore, I (humbly:) share this free advice for both of you. Scorpio; be very open and honest vs. keeping too many secrets.......remain totally faithful to your partner or he could "can" the partnership for the first (and only) betrayal of trust, and when you least expect it! Keep you good and witty sense of humor flowing, even in the tough times which your man will appreciate! Watch your temper, any negative attitudes, and words you say to your Arian as he WILL remember them....................unlike the stereotypic male......because he is NOT typical. He is uniquely WONDERFUL as I'm sure you know:) Scorpio let your Arian know how much you appreciate his goodness to you.........don't even THINK about taking him for can all be gone in a flash if not handled with gratitude. Verbalize and demonstrate your appreciation of his hard-work regularly, in many ways:) Aries male.......remember you don't have to do it all.........ASK Scorpio to help you regularly...........not just when you're "up against the wall"!! Best wishes to both of can have a GREAT life together! It's so interesting that you found one another. P.S. DO cover important topics like having children with your Arian before being married so nothing that important is taken for granted..............he probably won't be the one to bring up the "heavy" decision stuff, so you may want to, proactively!

  • Are there any Sag males, year of the Rooster [12/16], out there that can give my female Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon, year of Monkey some insight re: your relationship(s:) with Aries females? God knows you're cocky, and strong enough for us Aries women!!:)) I've been in a passionate, up and down, can't live with/can't live without Sag for a long time and I just respectfully request:)some feedback from the "inner Centuar sanctum"!!. I've even subscribed to astrosync to be more in tune with his moods!!:))) (Yes, I love him madly.......and he even has said the words!!) LOL Constructive feedback would be appreciated!

  • LisaBaby, after re-reading your post of June (before your engagement to Mr. 4/5, I realized that you are an EXCELLENT match from what you shared concerning reciprocal expressions of love and appreciation. If you are awar, and can share, that you feel "blessed" with your Arian, I am sure the two of you can get through anything in life together. I'm certain your Arian man appreciates you too! p.s. My father, brother and nephew was/are sweet, kind, courageous, tough, hard-working, thoughtful, passionate, etc. etc. Arian males:)) Gotta love 'em:)

  • Hey Children of Mars! lol!

    I'm aries sun- cancer rising-saggitarius moon think that makes me a bit all over the place though i'm told i'm typically arien with my brashness i tell it how it is which gets me in no end of troublebut i'm not one for backing down to the enemy. Though i can be very liberal i have a deep care for people and the environment i'm usually trying to make the best out of situations and thankfuly at the ripe old age of 38 i'm able to control that other famous arien trait - the volcano temper!

  • srqmare, Thank you so very much for your insight... Brad and I have the most amazing relationship...I've never been so happy in my life. We have discussed all the major issues and goals we have set together and are in complete agreement.. I have never been so sure about if soul mates or soul twins existed, but now I believe that I have found both in him. I tell him everyday how much I love and apprieciate him and that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me. As a Scorpio female my traits are loyalty and fathfulness. In other words, Its him and only him forever as long as he doesn't betray me. I don't think he will. I feel he loves me every bit as much as I love him. We have taken a very interesting approach to our relationship that most takefor granted. We view our relationship as a partnership.and we have found as a team we have become the best of friends as well

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