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  • Hi Sann,

    I just this moment joined clicked on the Aries forum and read the first post,,,, yours. I'm double Aries, virgo rising. My whole life I've struggled the same issues and have always felt so alone in this whole game of life. Well it's good to know I'm not the only one. Thank you.

  • Sann, all I can say is.... you're bloody awesome!!! 😄

  • Hello to you all,

    Just seen this and read the first post thought wow, also done my moon and rising with curtiosy of a members link.

    April, Aries female, Gemini Moon And Gemini Rising. anyone know about this potental, aww im learning more about myself here.

    I feel i'm often misunderstood in someways, people think im aggressive, am learning to put more into assertaveness,

    I fearcly independent, Honest but i know at a fault just too much sometimes lol.. hey i believe honesty is the best policy.

    Stubborn at times, dont hold grudges, (execeptanle circumstances i will, if someone makes it personal) will forgive but dont forget

    Loyal to all those i care and love, stand by my principals regardless at the end of the day.

    love variety in life aswell as spontatousity.

    I have learnt thow not to bottle things up because all it takes is one wrong word the all hell breaks loose.. it's better to say than let things fester, but i can just go off on one radomly too

    If someone hashurt me i tend to wait and byde my time even if it's a cold long time i'll seize the oppertunity then i'll strike with both horns well and trully engaged. it's like i will weigh it all up figure howand when.

    im a nice person just dont take the P***

  • Hello all. I'm new to the site... like a true Aries I typed in Aries to read about myself within 2 minutes lol... I'm an Aries male, Pisces moon, Capricorn rising born in the year of the rat. Its a turbulent mix lol... and yeah I get misunderstood a lot as well. The Aries in me does make me hard headed, highly competitive, and mixed with the rat, very confident in my charisma and people skills. Yet the Pisces in me is intuitive and I can read people which allows me to follw through my agressiveness. Sometimes I am wrong but this is one of the rare occasions I admit it! The capricorn in me makes me overthink things to the point of stressing myself out, in which at that point I go out and do something where I can be in control and win like poker or going to an arcade. When our egos are hurt though we can become very withdrawn and then angry as a result because ego and pride is needed to be a ramming... kamikazi... ing Aries!

  • Hello all my birthdate is March 30, 1975. I am a true Aries through and through. I am stubborn, competitive, love adventure and risk. Love to lead and hate to follow. I get bored easliy. Most of the time it takes me a matter of seconds to figure most problems out. The more stressful and harder a situation is the better i am. I have been married to a Scorpio for 16 years and i have got to say our realationship is intense but, never boring. I am very protective of my children. As far as jealousy goes... I feel secure in my realationship. I take pride in being an Aries. After all we are the leaders of the Zodiac.

  • Greetings to all The Wonderful Aries,

    First, I am new to this forum, therefore reading the different replies are quite interesting, especially in regards to us Aries. Second, I am a Aries Sun, Gemini Moon and Cancer Rising.

    Can anyone provide any information on this mix. Seems like FIRE, CRAZY and Whatever. i feel confused already after discovering this tonight.

    Any help will do.


  • hi a cancer but im my sun and rising sign are both aries...

    is that a good or bad thing? because i dont really understand with both water and fire 2 completly different elements please help thank you

  • Dear Aries friends, I like to call you friends because I like to become your friend and hope you will accept me as your friend too. Here is my story: I'm a Cancer Woman and born to Aries parents and having Aries Husband and Son as well. I love them more than you might not able to imagine. I'm very spiritual person which is the one they are not. I'm not trying to make them change either. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand them and they don't understand me either.I'm willing to do anything for them but very difficult difficult to understand them really. Please help me to understand my loving family of Aries. thank you in advance.

  • im sorry to hear that hingchabi. I can timagine why they wouldnt understand you better. I have a lot of cancer people in my life and i am an aries. I love them so so much and I feel like sometimes they dont get me. But I love the qualities of cancer people. you are nurturing sensitive and sometimes the things that my cancer people say are so so funny. I dont know what the issue is with your family. I am sure they love you alot and you love them too. They are probably too harsh with words for your liking. We tend to speak before we think as most aries are very impulsive. Try not to take this to heart as I am certain they have lots of love for you.

  • I laughed when I read your message, its sooooo refreshing to read your honesty! It was the first time that I found this site, and you made my day! I love your spirit and understand it for I am also an aries.

  • this forum has been wonderfull , we are pioneers ,and to designerinjeaven i can honestly say i have tried living with many stars but i found a true soulmate in libra untill his passing, iam 68

    and a true aries, first love an aries unfortunately too fiery for both of us, dont know about moon rising , but yes we have a great sense of humour , my father an aries and also a daughter, we share a special relationship, it is true we will almost do anything for our loyal friends and family but rarely is it reciprocated , not that we do it for that reason anyway, we are generous and love to give wether it is love,advise or even monetary, we are comfortable in our own skin and do enjoy our own company, we are hardworkers but nothing that is boring because we would rather move on including relationships , iam a proud aries

  • well being an Aries female isn't easy when you have the moon mercury sun venus & mars all in Aries in your 8th house My rising is on the cusp of Leo & my north node is Aries so I live either at the ocean or the mountains & yeah every 3 or 4 years I think why am I here with all this stuff so what do I do? When I was younger I would think I will need all this stuff again & store it or give it. away. I've gotten older & no longer feel all that stuff is so important. I am always optimistic, have never gotten out of bed in a bad mood. I am rich in experience & very poor when it comes to money or possesions.I meet very different people compared to other people & I feel as though this life has taught so very much. Am I opinionated there are times when I try it on just to get other people to react but deep down no my life is transformation.

  • love to help, but it is hard water signs seem to me to be much more emotional I am an Aries 6 planets in Aries & all my family mom dad brothers grandparents uncles & Aunts were Cancer Scorpio or Capricorn

  • i too was with a man for over 20 years whom passed away, he was my perfect match having tried 3 other before him, iam aries 31/3/41 because of this wonderfull relationship i had no thoughts of ever wanting to stray from him, whereas with previous relationships i must admit it was always on my mind to do exactly that in order to find the right person, i was extremely lucky and very gratefull for that wonderfull experience,

  • how refreshing to hear your comments i suspect you still have a lot to give, go for it , you would not be dead for quids being an aries

  • dear hichabi just keep on being the person you are they will love you for it

  • Hi Aries 9696, please don't stop writing. The first time I found this sight I read your message and laughed out loud, and I was by myself at the time. It was the first time in a very long time that I realized how honest and caring my fellow ariens are, just like me in ohhhh so many ways. Hey it is just fine to let loose once in a while, but I think we tend to be perfectionists and don't like to expose ourselves to others anymore because people can tend to be quite dry towards us, until they need something like emotional nurturing or even to be entertained. Come back soon.

  • Hi qwenny 415, wow, you just explained me to a T. I am responding to your message from February. I feel like there are kindred spirits out there,thanks I feel like I am not the only one now. Gotta luv us egh?

  • I LOVE being an Aries! Best sign! I have no idea about my rising sign, because as far as I'm concerned I'm Aries end of story! I am a typical Arian.

  • sahunnie, Right on! And a beautiful special day to you! Merry Christmas! Or what you believe in.

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