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  • Hi I am an aries, and people say we are mean, selfish, and act without thinking, were blunt, and look out for self first. Has anyone ever been told they have these traits, do you think it is true, if so, in what situations? I think we are on of the smartest, best signs. Also how are cancer men and aries women? WHat have you heard about that relationship mix?

  • I have just found out that I am Aries (sun sign), Sagittarius (Moon sign) and Scorpio (Rising sign). Although I don't know what that kind of combination actually means, from what I understand about the sign of Aries, I am quite typical. I can be quite blunt and perhaps sometimes outspoken but I will always fight for what I believe in and I am confident enough to go for what I really want out of life, in that sense I am ambitious. I can also be a little impatient and easily bored.

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  • Hello! I just found this forum and am looking forward to participating. I am a female Aries with my rising sign and my Mercury in Aries. Mars is in Pisces in my chart. This combination blends the strength, determination, and leadership characteristic of Aries with great empathy for others.

  • Hi Fritzoid,

    Thanks for the kind comments, I think you got what I said and it made me think about what I said in a different very Aries of you.

    Hey, i used to be very unsure of myself, and scared to make decisions for fear of making the wrong one, I didn't think i was like an Aries at all!

    But as I read up on what it was to be an Aries, i started to see what my strong traits were, and my realization that I was stronger then I gave myself credit for! And i decided to go with my natural tendencies more often, own that Aries Fire!

    I also saw some bad traits of the Aries sign in me, and try to go against those urges. I have gotten better with age and maturity, but i still let my impatience get the best of me from time to happens.

    As for bridging the self with the SELF...well that is the challenge. As an Aries, you can get into the habit of being the sacrificial lamb...which is not the best way to go all the time, or people will take advantage of your willingness to put yourself out there for the world, expect it of you.

    It is not up to one person to take the hits in life all the time for the greater good of humanity, sometimes by putting your own needs first is for the greater good of all, including yourself!

    It's OK, really!

    Moderation is the key.


  • Hey Fellow Aries people!

    I just found this forum and I'm sooo happy about it! I'm an Aries female...and like the rest of you I LOVE MYSELF! I feel like I can do anything, accomplish anything and look like a million bucks doing it! I've been in business over 30 years and have always been a risk taker...I love skirting the edge! I'm married to a Leo for 15 years and we have been a CHALLANGE to each other! Both very self centered, intelligent, like to run the show and head strong! Makes for a life that's anything but ordinary!

    I am quite sure Aries are at the top of the sun sign food chain!! We rule!! I can speak for myself....I am a lengend in my own mind!

  • Hello All : ) im new to these forums but have using for about a year. Im a gemini with cancer rising.

    Anyway im currently having a bit of a situation with an aries and dont really know what to do at this point. My best friend is an aries and we've always been very close. He has helped me through and supported me in a difficult time in my life and im extremely thankful for this. He has been very loving and caring. However this has seemed to suddenly have changed. We used to talk for hours but now we barely do or he basically ignores me. He hasn't been particularly nice either and tells me to find other better friends and other sad stuff like that. Over and over i reassure him that im still here for him much like he always has been for me. I dont understand what went so wrong because we have always been very close and were fine a very short time ago. Basically im at a loss. Currently im just giving him space hoping he will come back to me. But im terrified of losing him forever. Please help me out here.

  • An Aries will never dump a friend.....without a really good reason. Take a look at yourself and see what you've said or done that has hurt this Aries. Alot of people will unconsciously try to pull the rug out from under an Aries, or rain on their parade because Aries are always so positive and upbeat. My guess is that consciously or unconsciously you have been critical over and over until your Aries decided you "really" aren't interested in his best interest at all. Look at yourself long and hard. Aries are loyal to friends!

  • hey ppl, im an aries,with moon and ascendant to gemini and the dragon as chinese sign

    and i would like to learn more about myself thought his forum

  • Just a quick note - I am new to this group - I am a true Aries. . I am proud to be an Aries and have all the awesome qualities. I am married to a Virgo - we will be celebrating our 21st anniversary on the 20th of this month - when life together is great - thats awesome - but when life together seems bumpy it stinks - hey thats life - take the good with the bad - you only get out of life what you put into it. I try to live in the moment - focus on where I am at - life is not a dress rehersal. Take care and remember your glass is always half full!!!!!

  • Hey Adventurous Cancer!

    I'm an Aries sun, Virgo rising, Virgo moon. That being said, I'm also a bit of an astrology nerd. Sun sign only says so much about a person, but from my experience as a female Aries with a lot of Aries friends both male and female, Aries knows what it wants and goes after it! For example, I set sights on my Scorpio husband at 18 and 16years later we are going strong. On that basis, it is likely that your Aries man is serious about his commitment to you.

    Best of luck!

  • Hello Ramtastic ones!

    I'm a Female Aries sun, Virgo rising, Virgo moon. I'm tickled to see other Virgo- aspected Aries on here. I love the all the Fire signs- Aries, Sag and Leo as they often are the ones who 'get' me while most of the other Earth, Water and Air signs shake their heads at me. Scorpios are the only exception to that as they can handle my intensity and keep up with me!

    Especially as a female, I have gotten all my life that I am too much- too rambunctious, too giggly, and actually now as an adult, too 'fabulous'. I respect the needs of others to swim peacefully in their waters, soar in the air, or lie upon the earth and I would request that they let me bounce enthusiastically over the mountains and forge new paths.

    I read a great quote about Aries: Aries will strike with sword or word, but only if those who threaten her disregard her right to live as she sees fit.

    Yep, that about sums it up!

  • I am an Aries Sun, Libra Moon, and Gemini Rising. Does anyone have any info on that mix?

  • Let's just say I feel like I am so complex I intimidate myself and affect everyone I pass - not always for the better...

  • CHITOWYNDOM...Yes!! I have been called all of those things. Supposedly, I am a horrible, stubborn, cold-hearted biotch. haha Even though I feel as though I am compassionate, logical, and take into consideration all points. I agree I feel like we are one of the smarter signs, not implying superiority but I feel that our smarts make us seem a little cold to other signs at first glance. But after you get to know an Aries and can stick by throughout the crazy adventures they take you on you feel a warmth from their core that never fades away! And I am currently trying to date a Cancer's confusing as hell and to confuse an Aries yet make her stick around takes a lot of talent! He's almost got me good...

  • FIERYARIAN --- haha too true I love people who ignore me!

  • The 'All Things Aries' blogs are all sooooo much more interesting then all the other 'All Things (insert sign here)' blogs are. We're just so great.

  • hey,

    I think with a Libra Moon and gemini rising you are a bit too rational?!

    You probably think about your actions more then the average Aries, kinda losing the spontanious aspect - there for losing the innocence that Aries projects that allows them to get away with stuff that no one else can?

    i think you need to let your gut instincts guide you before your rational mind does some of the time and people will stop thinking you're a witch, cause they won't be sure.

    That is part of the beauty of being an Aries - you keep em guessing.



  • Born March 25, 1935. Rising Sag, Moon Leo. For 74 years I have plowed full speed ahead, with more passion, energy, curiousity, enthusiasm, etc, then most of the world around me.

    Had a hand in raising 14 children, although only five of them were mine. Was married to a marvelous Leo for 44 years.

    I have survived being an Aries female by becoming a chamelion. When I am at the point of lowering my horns and charging I visualize the person who has aroused my ire as naked, chewing its cud. Then I work on blending into the scenery until I can force the red to go away. This is the only way I have succeeded in not being charged with murder.

    Unfortunately, the people my age are old . . . I mean really really old . . . and I do not fit in. Of course, as an Aries, I never really did fit in, as I am sure you are all well aware.

    Come, grow old with me, the best is yet to be, youth is wasted on the young. Sann

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