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  • Hi I am a Libra but with an aries rising so I got curious and took a peek to see what areis are really like. Well guess what I am you. Everything you wrote fits me to a tee! I dont fit into to any molds and I always feel like I was born on Mars and dont belong on earth. I am kind, understanding,outspoken,a perfectionist, too eager for my own good, an overachiever. I always set goals that are impossible to achieve and I am the energizer bunny til the battery runs out of juice and I need recharging.I am very forgiving but my family says I have the memory of an elephant because I never forget. I like that part about loyal until betrayed. That has happened to me twice! I can take anything a man dishes out except unfaithfulness then the doors shuts behind me. Passionate? that where my nickname came from and angel but when it comes to passion cant get enough so I am a pig. At least thats was my better half tells me.

  • Hey Angelpig, welcome to the club! Congratulations, you are an honorary Aries! Haha, just being facetious. My mom is a Libra, and I love her to death. Indecicive much? You have a lot of Aries traits. What's your moon sign?

  • Blacksmom, you ROCK! That's what being an Aries is. I love animals too, would love to learn to ride a horse. That's cool that kept going after the incident, I think a lot of people would have stopped riding. You know, I always knew this, but I'm reinforcing this in my mind - Aries kick ass!!!!! And yeah, I'm there with you - don't F- with my loved ones. It won't be pretty. Haha, take care! Say hi to your horse for me!

  • Hi to everyone, I am a Cancer that loves adventure, excitement, changes and spontanious moments. I have a few questions for you Aries. I am involved with an Aries man. He is all Aries, I also have son that is Aries. I have a great relationship with my son. He was born on March 30, the man I am involved with April 12. These 2 males are somewhat a like, of course my relationship with my son is MUCH closer, being Cancer that is, he is My son. I have problems with the Aries Man I am involved with, being I am not sure how true and honest he is about his feelings. I have read what you all say about loyality, however I am also extremely Loyal. I would not want to do anything that would make him feel distrust for me. However, he comes and goes at a whim. I do understand this due to the fact I have raised an Aries. He loves the challenges of life you all speak of. He looks at life also as an adventure, he does not like being around alot of people, or stay in the same place too long, ie: he travels alot just to do the things he enjoys doing. He is very good at most everything I have ever seen do. He is a good person and has many friends. Few he really spends time with. My problem or shoud I say concern is, After dating each other for 1 1/2 years off and on again.He now want me to have a committed relationship with him, Is this sincere? I want more than anything to have a true relationship with him. But I am not sure if he is really telling me the truth. I don't put demands on him, I am open and as honest as I can possible be with him. I care deeply for him, but I don't want to get hurt again either. Last year I found out about 2 other women he was spending time with, when we were suppose to be "together" his words. Everything came to an end, between us for about 4 months, out of the blue he called flew me out to see him, we have been somewhat together since then. We don't live in the same town but close enough. We don't see each other all the time, but fairly frequent. Again due to our responsibilities. I am sorry but I really don't know what to think about this and was hoping that someone out there would have more insight to this. Can I really trust him as you all claim. All I need is the truth. Thank you for your time to respond, signed AC

  • Hi Aries9696. My moon is in scorpio. I have two boys that are aries! They are the most loving children and they adore their mom over anyone else in the world. We have very a very good rapport and I always understand where they ae coming from because I have so many typical traits from Aries. Astrology has helped me understand myself. I always like to be first and best. Its not that I am slefish or anything its just I am in a rush all the time and want to get there and am very impatient. I am an overachiever and like to do my best always. The Libra in me makes think things through which kind of nuetralizes my aries impulsive nature. For example I just got two tatooes about 20 days ago. I thought about it for two years before I made my decision, then had to think again about what motif to tatoo and finally it took me a year to make the appointment to get it done. But I am satified with them and have no regrets! Angelpig

  • This is a reply to Adventurous Cancer.

    Well i'm a Virgo born September 8th with Cancer rising.

    I was with a Aries man born April 4th for about 7 years.

    And I also have dated two other Aries men.

    So i had relationships with three Aries men in my life so far, so i can relate.

    First let's start with the Aries man i have been with for 7 years.

    Our sex life together was great, but I ended my relationship with him in 2007 because i was so tired of his impulsive behavior and taking life day by day and refusing to take certain things serioulsy and him refusing to get more serious with me. I always felt we were on two different levels regarding responsibility.

    And today he still calls me to try too rekindle our relationship and claims he has met and dated other woman but he stills feels that he has this connection with me and still loves me.

    I feel he loves my Virgo/Cancer traits.....

    sexy but yet classy, attentive but not clingy, social but yet a homebody, loyal but hard to get.

    And the two other Aries men,... i dated them in the end of 2007 and in 2008.

    One was born March 29th and one was born April 5th

    The Aries born March 29th was very nice to me and sweet but was jealous and wasn't very honest with me. Our attraction levels were out of this world!

    But I found out he didn't like to be with just one woman at a our realtionship ended badly when his other woman found out about me.

    The other Aries man i dated was born April 5th he was very nice to me and was very considerate and would come to me whenever i called, but when he didn't get his way with me or i didn't give in too what he wanted, he became very mean to me, so i stooped seeing him. But to this day, he also still calls me and wants to rekindle our relationship.

    All i know,

    I found out these Aries men were aggresive, impulsive jealous and wanted me to be their pretty little doll in a box up on a shelf, but yet, they wanted to do their own thing.

    Instead of complaining and nagging,

    I bodly told all these Aries men,...... you want to do what you want, so i do what i want and seeing i have to come in first place and refuse to come second place to all your other woman in your lives, the other women need to go away or your chances with me again is dead!

    And when you decide to sort out your lives and do all of thee above.........

    that's when you can give me a call!!!

    And for some strange reason this method works with these Aries men because i've noticed at first they get mad and will hang up on me to punish me. But yet they will stay away from me when their doing something bad because they feel ashamed if i found out.

    And i notice when i don't pay attention to them, they come back to me, telling me what they have done to win me back and want to prove to me they have changed.

    If Aries men know your onto all their lieing and their little tricks and don't give into them and act weak. Aries men will become the man you want if you show them you have a no tolerance for impulsive childlish reckless unfaithful behavior!

    And if you have a stubborn disipline confident nature like i do, they will love love love the challenge!!!


  • I am a taurus women in love with an aries man. He is very focused on work at times (sales), extremely outspoken and confident. All of which I love, except that I get pushed to the backburner during the work times. Any advice on how to make him amazingly happy!

  • Hi there I am such a typical Aries - Leo Rising and Sag moon..... was always so proud of being an Aries, we are awesome people with great big hearts and would never purposely hurt anyone and always have a positive outlook on life..... however I am now going to bring the bad tratis up of an Aries woman that I do not like having - selfish, possesive, nees love and attention and constant reassurance..... hmm suppose it aint all that bad, each sign has its negative traits.....

  • The best way to get an Aries attention is to ignore them..... we cannot understand why any person would not see how special we are and how priveleged they are to be with us....... pay us too much attention or chase us and you will loose us quickly, keep us guessing and we will be around for a while........

  • To adventurouscancer......

    I love being an aries woman..... but to be honest, I have to admit that many of us have issues with honesty, and loyalty. I have never cheated but my mind always is turning and curious...too curious about things it should not be...and I have to be careful to exercise restraints that others may not need to. I have an amazing husband of over 20 years, and a very strong faith which keeps me grounded, but I wonder if many aries don't tend to "step out of their boundaries" more than other signs. Most aries that I know really like to be mischievious and do things just to see if they can get away with them, and I hope that is not how your man is... but I wanted to tell you the truth. We can be loyal.....extrememly....but I wouldn't assume that most have an easy time of it--but I could be wrong. I hope you truly find complete happiness.

  • As an Aries, I too can relate to the aforementioned traits. I find it a bit tricky sometimes having a Cancer rising and moon in Aquarius. I tend to encompass a love for all and find that emotionally it catches me off guard because I would do anything for anybody. However, I have been disappointed so often because it is seldom reciprocated. I love adventure and usually I don't back away from a dare. As an Aries, I constantly challenge myself and have a zest for life. I feel that it is important to keep growing and doing and make something of your life... LIve like there is no tomorrow, and to the fullest - we only go around once... don"t we? 🙂 Just try not to hurt anyone (or yourself) along the way.

  • reading all the wonderful comments on bieng a aries female, and everytime I was certain you were describing me, I dont stop at nothing always on the go, always looking for new projects to conquer, head strong, warrior till the end! never a days goes by unfilled! yes bold and beautiful

    yet also daring, very daring! love life, and when things get hard, we spice them up with humor!

    happy birthday to all the aries, by the way I am 61 and I havent not change my outlook since I was sixteen!


  • Being an Aries female is alot of fun. I have so many of the same qualites as those i have read here..super confident, too honest, speak my mind, very protective of my family..and do anything for them, need advenure and create projects to stay busy constantly.....hard to get me to sit for long. I am a catylist at work, and worry about my co-workers too much...trying to let it go,,,,,but then as an Aries...I cant let anything go. Both my parents were Aries, my sister is Aries, and both my children are...we are all very busy around here.

    My motto? "Is there anyother sign to be? " And that is how we Aries feel about it.

  • Good Morning , im an aries with cancer rising , this is the first time ive ever wrote anything on a web sight , so bear with me , my sister is an aries same with brother , we clash all the time . my nature has always beenhead first , living on the edge of life, new experiences thrill me and scare me at the same time . im now 66 andand have a thrill about life , that hasnt changed , a bit . looking forward to hearing all the discussions , needless to say that im feeling great today and life is being nice to me for now , but you always pay a price for living head first

  • I find it interesting now, but i have found it to be very difficult being a woman with an aries sun sign. I also have scorpio rising and aquarius moon. i find people think that i am challenging them, when i am merely asking a question.

    i try very hard to be kind and show understanding to others, but i don't often see the same understanding shown to me. however, i am very direct, and have a real difficulty with diplomacy (except with children and customers)!!

    i find close relationships difficult, i yearn for a close relationship, but as soon i know this is the final commitment ( like marriage) i want to run for the hils... and i do- and i usually manage to look blameless. i suppose it's because i've usually been so forgiving and patient in the past (who said aries weren't patient), and because i'm so loyal that i usually am quite blameless.

    i manage to handle most difficulties well. i plan in my head as and when an emergency occurs. often i do things and say things that are spot on... but i had no idea the problem even existed, i just knew the answer once the question was asked. this has at times made life difficult because people usually want to know why or how i knew, and i've got no idea ... until i have had time to slow down and then i realise that i'm so nosy i noticed all the little things in my environment that other less inquisitive types failed to notice.

    i run walk when i am filled with bursts of energy, i am the life and soul of the party but i do not like the limelight.

    i am kind and thoughtful with bursts of self centredness that on reflection suprise me, and make me laugh, but also vow to do better next time.

    it's an interesting journey...

  • this is very sad but true...

  • I say give him lots of space and don't try to make him feel guilty or try to get his attention. When you do talk to him tell him about the time you have spent with friends etc. show him you have your own life as well.

  • the comment above relate to the comments made by ForeyArian and Adventurouscancer.

    I'm new at this...

  • I totally relate to the comment made by Fireisme... we share a life. I have a Cancerian that has a grudge against me for a sharp comment and action i made in 2005!!! i wasn't even angry with her - i was angry at the situation and she spoke to me, and i responded ...need i say more

  • Hello fellow Aries.

    Yes, it is a difficult sign. It is difficult being an Aries and it is tough for those around us. I have enjoyed reading the comments, and feeling connected to everyone. As we all have experienced, it is often a lonely sign. And of course, there is the joy we find in being alone. Our pinions run high, expecially when we are young. Later years bring a mellowing and one can hope, wisdom.

    Hallmarks of our sign, honesty, loyalty, courageousness, innovativion, impulsiveness, creativeness, singularity.. all meld as time goes by. We are leaders, but only really good leaders after life has taken a few whacks at us. Some of the most interesting people I have met have been Aries. Pioneers, often first "on scene" in the way they live, think, accomplish. their goals. I delight in the humor and the laughter within Aries regardless of age. I love the fresh and even childlike wonder with which most Aries I know approach each day. I understand how dark an Aries can get as well. I appreciate though, that it is never for long. The Aries spirit is simply incapable of being suppressed.

    While hard headed and often arrogant, Aries can admit when they are wrong and change their stance. Most Aries I have met are not intentionally mean spirited and to find that another has been hurt is often mortifying. I agree that grudges are hard to keep for an Aries, and even harder for us to understand that others keep score for years. It it outside of our points of reference.

    Oddly, many Aries I know have become humanitarians. We are famous for being self centered, self absorbed, yet once again, when Aries becomes concious of the "outside" world, all their energy and passion make them effective and eloquent in finding a better life for all. You will find a high number of our sign in medicine, research, design, development, community restructuring...all their skills brought to forge a new way, a better way to do things, the sort of creation that makes people wonder why it hadn't been done before.

    So I am happy to be an Aries. I try not to let the " negativey traits" associated with our sign slow me down. I am proud of all the talents that we are blessed with. I call on all our sign to use our skills with compassion, thought, conciousness, and courage.

    In these times, having an Aries around is terrific. Who else could laugh in the face of such a questionable future? Who else can face the day with a smile and confidence and hope? What other sign do we know of that believes so utterly in the power of change? I love the brilliance of the Aries spirit, and even though rough on the outside often, the inner sparkle is simply dazzleing.

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