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  • btw, anyone out there that has found a tolerable way to make a living while pursuing other interests? Anjy and all suggestions welcome, can't stand my career anymore (nurse). Thanks.

  • First of all I have read all 14 pages of this forum and I think I have a had a more of a self discovery of who I am than any therapist session would ever provide(never been don't like being told what's wrong with me) but anyway, in one way or another I relate to you all in terms of who I am and what makes me tick. I have always had great relationships with Aries girl friends, we are often friends first and we get along great and later I realize we are both Aries, someone we just get each other and understand each other better then Non-Arians. I especially love the long list of traits posted a few pages back, I completely good check everyone!

    I am currently dating a Capricorn, it is the best relationship I've ever been in and I'm 36, single, never married he is 3 years younger than me. He gets a lot of me but just doesn't get somethings about me especially some of my Arian qualities so I don't know what to do, he is on the verge of wanting to break-up because he says we are so different, yet to me it is just small things, as there are also small things he does that drives me crazy! Any advice?

    To WarrierWay- if you are creative and I'm assuming that you most likely are being an Aries, if you are crafty you can make some extra money on, online marketplace for all things handmade, free to set up a shop & you can do well, many people have even quit their day jobs, as in true Aries nature we are much better as our own boss and being in control of our own destiny! Love all the Aries out there this forum has made my day!


  • Wow so hi, just read this forum and i'm so glad i did. Growing up i've always felt that i somehow wasn't a true Aries, I was too nice, or not assertive enough, and i was jealous for a long time. But when i looked it up, found that i have my moon in Leo, and my rising in Taurus, so it all makes sense now lol. And yet even with that i'm still very much a Aries. I'm stubborn, don't take criticism well, I'm right even when i'm wrong lol, and I read somewhere that we can be stuck in the terrible two stage, which is true for me at least since there are times i want to throw a tantrum but remember that i'm 20 and can't do that.

    One of the other things i found and someone mentioned is that contrary to popular belief Aries can get along with each other, i have so many ppl in my life (female) who are Aries. My mother, and my two closets friends. Do we butt heads, get on each other's nerves and have screaming matches, hell yeah. But at the end of the day even if we stopped talking for a month. ( true story) When we get back together it's like nothing happened, and conversation picks up from where it ended.

    Oh and for those girls in relationships with Aries men, good luck. From what i here from some friends, they can sometimes have this whole knight in shining armor complex, which is cool, but not every girl wants or needs to be saved. And it's very true that when you disagree with them its like the world just ended. And i would just love love to see an Aries male and female together, it would be a nice show. I mean seriously who gets to be on top lol.

  • Oh and to Twistedmarch definitely feel where your coming from, especially since i had a speech impediment growing up to smh crazy.

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE BEING AN ARIES, WE ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST SIGN!!! Im very headstrong, impulsive, independent, loyal, caring, PASSIONATE, and loving (well when it comes to my family, anybody else im not really too loving with)...all these things make me the person i am...i work smart and fast, very fast, im a single mother and i go to school! Making ends meet is like a challenge for me, it makes me want to get up and do what i have to for me and my daughter. My daughter is 4 yrs old and shes also a aries!! I wonder all the time how will we get along as she gets older, will we be really close or would we clash. I can already see myself being an overbearing and protective mother...i want her to succeed and be better than me, i want to push her to be her best in whatever it is she puts her mind to. If there are any Aries moms with Aries daughters on here please give me tips and share some of your good and bad times with me! Thanks!

  • I love being an Aries, I can't imagine being anything else. Yes I am a leader, headstrong when fighting for what I believe in and I don't kiss ass. But what others forget is that Aries females are also very smart , funny and loving people who are loved by friends and family for those very traits...

  • Your post was nothing but spontaneous and you should be proud. Like you I plan everything, and just wanting to sat f*** it, is a daily desire. I always try to be appropriate and do the right thing which in most cases it correct but sometimes I take those values to things that don't really need them. So again your post wasn't arrogant so don't appologze. Its how you felt in the moment and you actually expressed it, no planning required...:)

  • This post is deleted!

  • Aries.. is a great sign..

    you misunderstood.. because of the way you communicate yourself and feelings.. takes time for you to see you need to look and see how you come across.

    Loyal as hell and protective of those we love and do care about.

    Fall too easily.. dont hurt us other wise you know about it.

    Independent.. bored easily, love be first ah see why we first in the Zodiac.

  • Hello, Rams! Love this thread 🙂

    I'm a Cancer married to a wonderful Aries....and he's a very stereotypical Aries. Fantastic provider, hardest worker I know, competitive, headstrong, stubborn, passionate, protective, loyal, fun-loving, adventurous, and tenacious. We are a second marriage, with me bringing two girls into the marriage. We have his first and only child together: a boy. So we are a blended family.

    Here's my constant, constant dilemma. My 14-year-old is a very stereotypical Aries, too. They butt heads practically every single day. Both stubborn, unwilling to see the other's POV. I love them both dearly, but they are two peas in a pod. I very often am the mediator, and the one they seem to put in the middle. My husband has had to cope very quickly with not being the center of his universe anymore, that the kids come first. My daughter has had to cope with having to "share" Mom and doesn't understand that as a crab, I have tons of love for lots of people, especially my family.

    I have tried practically everything for the past seven years to figure out how to get my harmonious home and have everyone happy simultaneously. My home life is extremely important to me.....duh! LOL I realize she is a child and should respect whatever he says. I realize he is the adult and should act like one. But I have seen firsthand lately that both of them push the other's buttons and manipulate or exaggerate a situation so that I get "angry" at the other one.

    Do any of you have suggestions as to how I can get everyone to just get along? Not trying to force any loving feelings -- heaven forbid with these two -- but would like some peace. I am to the point that I stay away from the house as much as I can because I simply cannot handle the tattling coming from both sides.

    Thank you so much in advance

  • I am end of the March Aries, I don't know if that matters. lol

    I tend to take charge on things.

    I take care of everyone in my life.

    I tried to be strong, or at least I put on the strong front, so everyone else can fall a part or do whatever they need to do.

    I am stubborn and yet I am not a controller

    Its weird sitting here dissecting my self as an Aries..

  • To Clawswriter67

    Wow, sounds like you have your hands full. Do you always have to be the mediator? (i.e. the two you described will not come to a solution without you?) Have you explained to both of them how you feel? (about the tattling)

    My husband and daughter were like fire and ice, both strong willed and stubborn. I have had to be the buffer for many years, the two were so much alike! I felt like an owl (Like in Harry Potter, hehe) each of them always saying to me in confidence something about the other. Until one day I had enough! Instead of swooping in to save the day, I forced myself to stand aside and watch what unfolded. It took some time, but the two of them have started to see likes and differences and can actually talk it out rather than argue, yell and walk away or continue on. I just stopped putting my two sense in and stayed to see what would happen! Voila, its not always perfect but thats the beauty of life!

    Patience and Love

  • Looking for some input from all you Aries out there... I'm a Scorpio female (Nov 18, 1975) and I've been seeing an Aries male (April 8, 1980) since May. It's kind of a complicated situation and he's taking some time to himself to figure his life out and has asked me to bear with him for now. He told me he loved me after about 6 weeks and I truly feel that he does. It's the most overwhelming relationship I've ever been in. I feel like I've know him forever and that we will be so happy together. Just wondering if things will fizzle out as quickly as they started or if this could be the real deal... What have your experiences been with this combination? Any insights would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • H Adamsmamy,

    Firstly, have you slept with him? sorry but that the first question, a lot of male Arians are wam bam thank you mam.?

    Some guys can feel the intensity for that short space of time, yet he could be keeping his options open, so i would keep the physical out if you haven't..

    Is he doing moist running, not been to over charming, because under that exterior their not always as tuff as they make out.

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