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  • i have a question....anybody.....

    do Aries men give up easily? or does it take a lot before they call it quits?

    i've liked this Aries guy for the longest. it seemed like he liked me too. but i would blow him off because i thought he was looking for a fling. i just wanted a friend. he lives in another state, i live in another state. after all these years, i often thought he would be married by now or atleast have kids. or thought he would just go for one of the other girls he hangs out with. but nope, still single and still seems interested.

    so, if you are an Aries male or female.......what are Aries attracted to? and do they give up easily?

    haven't been around too many people under this sign. my little cousin is an Aries.....he is very loyal to his family, used to be quiet and shy, but as he got older....just very bold, out going and a bit on the braggy side. but this boy i like is different from my cousin, my cousin is bold. but this guy, he's outgoing, mellow, shy (toward me anyway) and very humble. we weren't really attracted to each other at first, he was gorgeous but i thought of him as any ordinary guy. but as we started talking and getting to know each other, he blew me away. he's smart, very intelligent, handsome, flirty, charming, funny. but oh! my goodness, it was like he'd get annoyed when i didn't talk to him. haha oh not that i didn't want to, i shy away especially when it comes to a guy i like. it's funny you guys brought that up about Aries liking attention. after one day, he just gave up and left. never saw him again until a year later. i only get to see him maybe once a year or two years.

    so what is an Aries attracted to? does an Aries give up easily? or does it take a lot before they give up?

  • To answer yoru first paragraph i'll say Aries are kings/queens of flings until they find the right one. We also like a good chase, as long as that person shows interest. As an Aries woman, I was in the chasing game with a pisces for about a year and 7 months till I got him then I moved on... mostly his fault though (very passive and VERY slow he was) lol I guess it was mostly my patience and conquer... plus he had too many female friends.

    As an Aries woman, and I think this goes for most true Arians: I like intelligence, attraction,witt, strong character and a great chase, nothing worse that anything easy you can conquer... but with the right man, and when I am ready for a relationship I calm down and give in. A lot of Aries say they want a relationship but I think we love the chase more until we're truly ready to settle down since we're so independent. And to settle we need our space and a balance of attention and adventure. We are extremely loyal and that's something Aries look for in a person's character as well or we become "flighty" to them if there's no sense of loyalty.

    lol and yes, we LOVE attention.. but we're finicky about whenwe want that attention lol and if you don't give it to us(constantly) when we need it most, we're quick (impatient) to get bored and move on to the next... thank goodness for our natural charm 😄

    but good luck Pisces! it'll take you coming out of your shyness andbeing bold to hold that Aries's attention

  • LOL that was great! thanks for breakin' it down, Almondee! i suppose my shyness will eventually melt away by the time i see him 5, maybe 10 years. 😜 nah, but that was cool, good lookin' out!

  • Hi PiesceansesDream

    lol almondee is on the money! take it from a piscean who has kept a Aries for 23 years and can honestly say he loves and desires me just as much as when we met . he tells me this every single day. I did however give him a good chase, lots of space and great S*X they love all 3 . (the last one is still a given) Once you have them, they are completely loyal he has never looked @ another women in front of me or cheated...... WOW who can say that about their partner!!! I cant even say that.

    Good Luck go get him...

  • lol Kat, i hear ya! thats one thing i would notice whenever he was around, he didn't look at other girls. this last time, it was the same. so many other prettier girls....but seemed more interested in catching my attention. he had it, i just didn't make it obvious LOL! thank you both for your good advice! i'm hopin' i'm as good as u are to keep my Aries tamed lol 😜 thanks!

  • I am an Aries sun, gemini moon, and Leo Rising. I always like to run errands by myself because I feel other people slow me down, and also if I want something done right I have to do it myself. An aries female can hail her own taxi, light her own cigarette and open her own doors.

    Also, what is very ironic, is that for an aries female, I don't like to fight. For the most part, I'm a very peaceful person. (I actually look the other way if I see two people in an argument) If you've ever seen two rams fight they but heads with each other and don't accomplish much. I don't go out of my way to start arguments with people, but if someone starts one with me, watch out! I will react and it will not be very nice. Even if the other person apologizes, I will accept the apology but not be so quick to forgive. I am known to hold a gruge. Are any of my fellow rams like that? I would like to wish all Dads out there a Happy Fathers day.

  • My sun is Aries and I'm on the cusp of Pisces have a Scorpio moon and some astrologers say Cancer rising some say Gemini . My gut says cancer.I see myself as independent but as I get older and have gained a wee bit of wisdom I see where my energy can be over the top seen as unreasonable and impatient and try to use it for positive (physical health) but not run over people.

    When I was younger I was almost manic and very aggressive reactional and arrogant but aging has slowed me down some and I can see the lack of wisdom in judging others slower pace and just try and use my energy for good now. After the Universe threw some cement walls in my way to slow me down I'm learning the value of "sitting" "being" and conscious doing. I still have the tendency to push myself to my physical limit and then collapse, very ram like. Not the healthiest choice of behavior 🙂 But I catch myself more when I am not paying attention. I don't know if other aries are the same. Externally I seem to come across as intense but internally truth be told I'm as vulnerable as a newly hatch chickie.

  • i am an aries sun, libra moon, and pisces rising.

    i have such opposite parts in my personality!

    aries and libra are polar opposites, and pisces is way on the other end of the zodiac from aries.

    i DEFINITELY see my aries sign; i am very independent, opinionated, i love adrenaline rushes and adventure. but, i see the libra in me as well. it's hard for me to say no, and i am always very cautious about not coming off rude. and as for pisces rising- i think it makes me shyer, more daydreamy.

    ANYWHO, my relationships with fellow aries vary. i am two days apart from my cousin, and we are inseperable, but we tend to get in heated arguments and our aries signs definitely make us battle it out. but like true aries nature, we are buddies all over again in 5 minutes. 😄


  • im a sun in aries with sag moon and rising capricorn 😄

  • Aries female all the way!!! ( and I wouldn't change it for all the money in the world )

    Moon in Virgo.

    Scorpio rising.

    Born in the Year of the Tiger.

    Now if that isn't a whole load of dynamite!

    Always a leader, never a follower.

    Extremely romantic.

    Extremely passionate.

    Never holds a grudge, but will never ever forget either.

    Hates to fight or argue, but can do it VERY well if need be.

    Forever young.

    Witty, smartass sense of humor.

    Always the optimist.

    Very cerebral.

    Hates when people only see the outward beauty and do not see how freakin' smart we are!

    Will always be the first to laugh at our own foibles.


    Tends to have headaches a lot, due to 'ramming' our heads.

    Forever searching for our one true love ( if we have not found it yet ).

    Very good and hard worker.

    There is nothing we cannot do!!!

    Gets bored easily.

    Thrives on a challenge.

    Loves to win, but is not a sore loser. ( we'll win next time! )


    Usually drives too fast.

    Tends to be the 'center' of their network of friends; the glue that holds the unit together.

    Devoted and dedicated parents; very very protective.

    Sometimes(?) tends to speak before thinking.

    Will always speak the truth.

    Hates hates hates liars and cheaters.

    Demands and gives respect.

    Is not a pushover.

    Can turn from fire to ice very quickly.

    Loves life.

    When hurt, feels it very deeply.

    Bounces back quickly!

    Loves to laugh and smile and to make others laugh and smile.

    Is admired and like by all ( 99% of the time ).

    Can turn any house into a home.

    Not the best with money.

    We wear our heart on our sleeves.

    Our lives are an open book.

    I could go on and on. . .

    Agree, fellow Ariens?!


  • 3-28-1952



    It is make LOVE NOT WAR!!! an Aries interpation of being governed by ---MARS---and a BABY BOOMER TOO BOOT.I attend all PEACE MARCHES. We birthed ECOLOGY MOVEMENT.


    I spent one year in Wicca and six months in Druid trainging.I have a GUIDE A WOLF NAMED LOBO AND AN EAGLE!!!MOTHER MARY TALKS TOO ME.

    I love too dance too ROCK AND ROLL.Read sci fi and sword soccery books and dig MERLIN SHOWS ARE ON TV.

    I am an ARTIST AND ACTOR (not employeed). I hav e painted cars,stages,clothes.

    I love too photograph.I love to travel.I just love too have fun!!!

    looking for a partner I am single for an ARIES,SAG,TAURAS,CAPRICORN MATES.


    Are Aries true too their firey nature can be. I am honest fun too be with no kids!!!

    aries shares leo and sagataian traits as well. NOT all hot headed and horn crossed as others may incounter.but the leo generosity and sag generosity were all one in the same why sort us out.!!!???


    Star fairy lady

  • 7-16-2010

    I use MEDIATION AND HERBAL DOCTERA TOO FIX all. Walls are always going too be thrown at us maybe???!!!We need too throw them back,sit on them or allow life too send no more walls.

    star fairy lady

  • aries aries and mars,, and i have done some amazing things recovered where i shouldn't, lived when few would

  • Scary Aries, I feel you justthewayofme, I have had Dr's ask me how the hell I was even walking let alone not taking a day off work! I've had therapists tell me I have dealt with enough stuff to do 5 lifetimes and yet I get strangers calling me smily, (also been told I am a hard nut to crack woohoo!)

    I get into the weirdest situations, from blowing celery out of my nose 2 days after eating a salad sandwhich, getting a bindi in my eyeball from the wind, having an ant bite me on the tw*t on 2 occasions (ok I should wear undies I know) inhaled a dorito that took two hours to dislodge, I have been stuck to doorhandles, went cross eyed for 6 months from dirty white powder (naughty) fallen through two flights of stairs with my legs in splits (slid under the handrails) accidentally swam with crocodiles 3 days in a row in the Daintree rainforest in far north QLD, Australia, slept for 2 hrs a night for more than a year (had an excellent time though with an awesome f**kbuddy) and kept motoring through, have massive skin scarring from extensive burns but am reversing the damage with incredible results (my face was untouched too!) I touch things I shouldn't, go where I am told not to as soon as I can, have little respect for authority and walk like I own the place, wherever that might be. At the same time I don't judge people (ok except those that judge people) am very live and let live and always feel like I can learn from all sorts of people, I have been through the wars so I respect that everyone has a story and a lesson. We will go there, thats why we may have bumps and scratches but we have a love for life and an enthusiasm that is contageous, I wouldn't want to be anybody else, dumbass that I am haha!

  • Ok looking to better understand Aries as I am married to one. I knew what I was getting into- mostly- but 7+ years into our marriage ( going on 19 since we first met) and I still can't completely "get" him half the time. Anyone willing to assist with insights?

    me: June 28 1972 time unknown

    him March 26 1972 11;15 am

    ( yeah I know... what WAS I thinking?! but somehow it does work for us, I'm just looking for insights to keep things rocking and a- rollin')


  • I am an Aries female that always ends up with Capricorn guys. I hate to say this but for some reason they are attracted to me and I am assuming its because of my strong sense of self and what I believe in and will and will not put up with. I don't suffer fools lightly and the Capricorns are the biggest fools I have ever come across. Any other Aries out there with similar experiences relating to Caps...?

  • Wow, you could have been describing me to a tee!!! 🙂

  • Aries woman here. Though I feel being a woman and an Aries is more of a curse. God threw in way to much testosterone into both male and female Aries. And if your an Aries woman I was wondering how many of us have the worst pms symptoms of all the signs. Let me know if there are any Aries women that know what I mean!! We were made like men in womens bodies!!!!!

  • 2old4nonsense:

    I am pretty sure the extra umph is where we get our warrior spirit from. This is what can make us great protectors or fearsome rivals.

  • Phoenix mom: You weren't crazy to marry him-my best friend has your same birth date. If it helps, we love anything new and original. If you want to spice up your life, take him to a cave (with equipment ready in the trunk), tell him legends say its the mouth of hell, and prepare to go spelunking. Also, I myself have gotten to where I have no patience for people, so I avoid them when I can. But some of our kind actually like the potential for confrontation. Definately prefer my freedom-don't like anyone telling me what to do. Hope this helps.

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