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  • If you're an Aries, we want to hear how being a Ram expresses itself in your life. Are you a traditional Aries in terms of work, such as by focusing on entrepreneurial endeavors, business or sales? Do you live life headfirst? Or maybe you defy the Aries norm and hide your Ram sign most of the time. In which case, you could tell us about the special circumstances under which you let it all out!

    Perhaps Aries is your Rising or Moon sign? If so, we want to hear about that, too.

    Finally, maybe you have some Aries in your life that you'd like to get get to know better ... or maybe they're already close to you, and you want to make sure they stay that way. You might even be having troubles with an Aries whose impulsive nature is unsettling. These courageous people can be unpredictable, but they're the sort of friends who remind you that life is there to be grabbed by the horns. Whether you want to know how to befriend an Aries or you have ideas from personal experience, sound off here.

  • You know it's really hard being an Aries female. A lot of people (especially males) find it hard to deal with my out-spoken, erratic adventuring but after meditating on it, I have found out something that I should have realized a long time ago (or maybe I did but I was just too happy being a ram to realize it). Thinking about where the Big Horn Sheep lives...mountain tops. We jump around from peak to peak in order to get a better perspective of our environment and to find the best route for us. We do not see the peaks and valleys as obstacles but opportunities. We are in our element. Now if you were to try to force me onto the grassy plains with a Leo or Taurus perspective or (heaven forbid!) into water, we are going to freakout and butt you hard to get back into our safe mountain ranges. We can look at each other from our plains, water, mountains and open skies and either admire the beauty of all aspects of our universe or live in fear of it.

    Acceptance, unconditional love, tolerance, compassion, awareness!

    Oh and I'm sun Aries Virgo rising and moon Aries

  • Hi, I am a Aries female born March 30t,1966 at 5:53am. I am not sure of any of the charts with rising signs but would love to know if I am influenced by others signs. I am very straight forward and protective of those I love. I am a caregiver for most all my family members. I can however switch on a dime. I find it hard to hold a grudge and forgive easily. Never forget though. My son is the center of my world right now, he is 21. Nothing he can not get from me. I am forever faithful and truthful to a fault. I am told I am hard headed by others because I do not take advice well. I tend to lead out on my own path regardless of the dangers. I am adventurous and love challenges. I do very well under pressure. I kind of live on the verge of a nervious breakdown. LOL. I have a great sense of humor and laugh at situations that may actually destroy others. Not sure if these are qualities that I am supposed to have but it is me in part. I can not stand a person who lies. Not careful enough with the things I allow in my life, I like risks. I am very organized and always have to have a plan or outline.Any one like to let me know what influences I have, I am open to finding out. Hugs


  • Hi Adiggs. Go to this link and enter your information to get your rising and moon signs.

    Let me know what you find out. You sound like a perfectly normal and healthy Aries to me but then again I am prejudice. LOL


  • Hi Lexiel,

    Cool link. I found that I have Moon in Cancer and Rising Aries. The Moon in Cancer makes alot of sense to me because I can see the influences of that sign as well. thanks for the link. Hugs


  • I'm a male Aries with a Pisces Moon and I /think/ Cancer Rising. I also have a lot of Taurus and a good dose of Capricorn in there, so sometimes I relate a lot more to Water and Earth signs than I do other fire signs. 😉

    I make more enemies than I do friends, and I like it that way. I'm a spiritual and loving person, and I'm practical and love to give advice, but I am also stubborn and to Hades with people who try and get in my way. 🙂 I don't take mouth from anyone, and that tends to cast me in an unfavorable light with quite a few people, who I am sure would rather that I just sat down and shut up.

    Never going to happen. 😄

  • Aries woman, Virgo moon and Libra rising!

    my motto... "I AM"

    "ARIES" The BOLD and the BEAUTIFUL!

    need I say more!

  • Aries Male, Moon Sign Aries, Rising Sign Virgo.

    I have been told that I am very headstrong by friends, i am also very confident and comfortable by friends, i'm good at things I like but can become bored with things I don't.

    So yeah I'm a typical Aries male. 🙂

  • Ok, I know I'm partialy biased, but I'm so glad to be in the presence of others that belong to the best sign! It is difficult being an Aries female, but I wouldn't trade it for ANYTHING! adiggs36 - you basically described me to a T! I love it! And LexieL7, you hit the nail on the head!

    I would reallly like to have a dicussion on challenges/opprtunities we all face being an Aries, and how we deal with them. Personally, I have such high standards for myself, I plan everything....well mostly everything. But sometimes, it feels like I am breaking out of prison and feel the need to be spontanious, and it feels SO GOOD! Any one else feel like that? To love the feeling of just saying "screw it"?

    Do you ever feel like you've got a lot on your plate? More than most people? More than they'd understand?

    Love you guys!


  • Sorry, that last post sounds really arrogant........ I was drunk when I posted it. I'm pretty embarrased right about now..... I need to stop doing that 🙂

  • Totally understand prior female posters...and I'm so THERE!!

    Aries with rising Leo and moon Gemini...oh and born in year of'm wayyyyy out

    Definitely true that most men (and other people in general) don't "get" email signature says it all...really...I wrote it when I was really frustrated with someone who was trying to make me conform to what they thought i SHOULD be...please, as if that's ever gonna happen!!

    Here it is...

    A quote:

    Some people like or don't like me for what they "think" that I am...or what I "appear" to be...

    Their perceptions are nothing close to the reality of who I REALLY am!

    I don't fit in a box, a round hole, or any of the "slots" that you want to put me in.

    I am unique, intelligent, funny, passionate, beautiful, spirited and kind.

    I'm a lover, not a fighter - but will fight when pushed too far...

    I am a puzzle it might take you years to solve...or minutes to walk away from

    I am a riddle you just don't get...until you suddenly get it...

    I am an enigma.

    Do I have too much on my plate? always
    Jump from one thing to another? mmm, yeah, always
    Love passionately, forgive quickly (but don't forget)? yeppers
    Speak the truth without sugar coating...while still not trying to totally slay the person? mmm hmm
    Loyal until utterly betrayed? yeah, much to my consternation!
    hide out because i just don't want to deal with life/people/attitudes? uh huh
    the first one to hit the field of battle, when required, with banners flying? yeah, that's me
    Love it though...and those who love me best love it too.
    Another quote: If you can't handle me at my worst, you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best...Marilyn Monroe

  • umm....I was born in 8 April,1994 at 1:15 pm.My rising sign is Leo and my Moon sign is Pisces....Well a Pisces person is emotional,so am I!!!!!And I always want to express myself to other people..:DLike a Leo does,I am so umm...haughty=))

    And my motto is:

    If you want to be me,then stand in line like the rest....

    by Marilyn Manson's song "Mutilation is The Most Sincere Form of Flattery" I LOVE IT!

  • daughter is a day older than you!!! She is also very emotional and doesn't always like it if she's not the centre of attention! ...but she is also very sensible, works very hard , extremely beautiful, caring and is a mature teenager...and I'm very proud of her!

  • LexieL7...I love your description. I am an Aries female, moon in Capricorn with a Virgo rising. I find it strange and somehow empowering that I thrive on challenges that would cower the strongest of people, that I am the one people turn to for leadership and strength. I demand a lot from myself and bring out the best in my co-workers and am always on the cutting edge. My employer has figured this out and so I am given the bulk of the workload ~ not a good thing. I am in disbelief of how people perceive me, "don't mess with her" (I think I am friendly and helpful) yet my family ignores my wishes. I am a neat freak and very organized, they aren't, that says it all. They have experienced my flash burn temper, then total forgiveness (however always remembered). But it doesn't affect them the way it does other people, how strange. ( A double Cancer is still wimpering after a year). Being an Aries is being impowered but not. It is a balancing act of both extreems - one end or the other, never in the middle.

  • Who care!!! 😄 Just be yourself - at ALL times... From a Leo-Virgo, Libra rising, Aries moon. 8/22/59.

    && it used to be my national anthem. lmaorotf. I'm at work writing this.


  • I meant "Who Cares"... Honestly, I have my moments of being a Leo, Virgo, Libra, and an Aries. So, just forgive yourselves, love yourselves, and be happy.

  • Same birthday, year of the dog. Aries sun, Pices moon, Gemini rising. We were just made to follow our intuition and forge ahead. We are not good followers.

  • Ah, the BOLD and the BEAUTIFUL thank you for expressing so well the soul nature of the

    Aries woman. I'm a Taurus with Aries rising, Venus and a daughter whose an Aries too.

    We are the warriors of what we detest in this world and will fight anyone, including Scorpios

    to get what we want or make things right. If every woman had a little more aggression or

    assertiveness this might be a brighter world for everyone. Thanks again~*

  • Like Seejung, I am an Aries with Gemini Rising and a Pisces moon. I have the Aries temperament, with the Gemini wit and gift of gab, and definitely the duality. I also have the Pisces psychic abilities and dreaminess to an extent. I am assertive and competitive and have lost two boyfriends by beating them in games. I think I am more timid than the average aries, but when I talk about things I have done a lot of people stare open mouthed, so maybe I'm not as timid as I think. I am a fighter for the underdog and if anyone dares to harm a member of my family they will answer to me, and it won't be pretty!!

  • By the way, my forum name, Blacksmom, refers to my thoroughbred I call Black. Two months after I bought him he dumped me and I ended up in the hospital with a fractured skull. The first thing I asked my neurologist was "How soon can I ride again?" When he told me 6 months I asked for a second opinion. I started riding again at 5 months when the dizziness finally went away. I think that pretty well sums up being an aries.

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