Looking for others with life path 33

  • Thanks for coming in, i guess i got your attention.

    As you see i am looking for people with life path 33.

    But why? well i am looking for personal growth,

    I am young, and i want to learn from people "just like me".

    Are you not a 33? feel free to jump in the conversation,

    all questions and comments are welcome.

    Do not think i am looking for recognition, for my ego.

    I'm just trying to prepare for what i might be,

    for i want to be what i can be.

    I have been alone on my quest for a long time,

    and i am now looking asking anybody who can help for help.

    Below i will list a few key-questions, which i am asking myself:

    • I do not work, i do not go to school. * This is a trap for me, if i get financial problems i will end up being to busy trying to survive rather then be able to do what i would like to.

    • I have applied for the freemasons, and they had put me in a special procedure. (Some say they never seen this happen before). I am looking for self improvement, but is that the right place for me? (No flaming please i have seen my fair share of conpsiracy stuff on them)

    • All the numerology predictions on the life path 33 are correct when i compare them to my life. Now i want to keep them possitve, and try to get the vibration in full force. Any tips on that?

    • I must put personal ambition aside? Why?

    First experience when i discovered my life path:

    This was intense, very intense.

    I felt a weird energy going through me,

    some might call it a divine energy of entering,

    unlocking who i am, understand what i am.

    This energy would go on for minutes, and it felt AMAZING.

    Activity at the crown of the head: Tingling, itching, prickly, crawling sensations along the scalp and/or down the spine (source: http://www.sunfell.com/symptoms.htm)

    Now, is there anybody who shares something like this?

    (I still feel small bursts of energy sometimes, mostly when i am feeding my knowledge on my life path or while i am wrighting this.)

    And for the final, my experiences in life:

    I am not going to tell you these, for it is the past.

    I have been in a lot of different sub-cultures (in The Netherlands)

    experiencing how others experience life.

    I have seen nice things, but mostly bad things in this world,

    which makes me actually frown upon the ways of current society.

    It is full of sinning (don't get me wrong, i also sometimes sin, but i believe sinning makes you immoral)

    Thanks for reading, i might add more, or remove some.

    And just repeating it; Feel free to ask me anything.


  • I am a 33 lifepath, Joshua, and what I have learn about the master numbers is that you have a choice to live at either the lower normal vibration of 6 or at the higher but harder vibration of 33. If you choose 33, then you are choosing to live your life on a universal scale where you put yourself aside and serve others through healing. Whereas a 6 vibration would be helpful too but only to the people directly around him or her. Master numbers always do things on a global scale.

    But even though we are both 33 lifepaths, our lives will still differ in some respects for example, our life purposes are all different. And the way we react to things and our experiences. If you want me to look into your purpose for coming to this earth, give me your full birthdate.

  • By the way, it is a very 33/6 thing to see life clearly, but we have to make an effort not to get stuck on seeing only the bad things. There are plenty of good and positive people and experiences around to see if you don't narrow your focus.

  • Thanks for the detailed answer Captain.

    I already thought so, i happened to have 2 other 33's in a (high school)class years ago, who happened to be best friends, but i thought they were more 6's. (how rare is that 2 happen?)

    Also, by putting myself aside, won't that make me vulnerable?

    At times i done this it damaged me.

    Thanks for reminding me of not getting stuck on seeing the bad things, i have to hear that once in a while.

    i see anything negative that happened in my past as a lesson, which shaped me to who i am today.

    The thing is, i sometimes just get drawn to negativity.

    Here is my full Birthdate:

    03 - 08 (august) - 1993

  • You don't have to put yourself aside to serve humanity - after all you too are a human being so you must serve yourself as well. But whereas many people are simply helping themselves, the Master Numbers help the world, as well as themselves. They understand that love and healing are not limited commodities and they can be spread to everyone without ever running out. They don't need to be reserved for just a few select loved ones.

    A lot of people have master number lifepaths but they often don't choose to follow the higher vibration of the number because it is a very difficult path to tread and you must be prepared to give up a lot of things that are part of the normal lifepath. But it is also a very rewarding path.

  • Joshua, you came here to learn the lessons of responsibility. Coming into this life with a freedom-loving and rebellious nature, you rail against all limitations. Thus, it is your nature to avoid responsibility. However it is precisely the duty and accountability derived from the acceptance of responsibility that will fulfil your destiny and lead you to a true sense of independence. You may have a kind of manic fear of being controlled by others - you must learn not only to free yourself from such control but to realise that ongoing negative reaction to authority is itself a form of being controlled. Having no reaction at all to authority may be the real freedom for you. This path calls for you not only to throw off the yoke of self-imposed fear of restriction but also to give birth to an inner sense of responsibility through discipline. Your core lesson is to know that fighting limitations is in itself a form of limitation. Your goal is to develop self-control and discipline through the acceptance of responsibility, using your gifts of honour, expansiveness, and fairness.

    Honing and developing your intuitive side may be your biggest struggle on this lifepath, as a capacity for introspection is not your natural strength. Impulsive and often reckless in the extreme, you can be rather touchy and may expend needless energy in excitability, irritability, and sometimes making mountains out of molehills. Erratic emotions and an unpredictable temper may be your biggest pitfall to guard against so you would do well to develop objectivity, a personal philosophy (like you seem to be doing), and above all the ability to laugh at yourself. You are blessed with great empathy and a need to use your talents in the service and protection of the downtrodden. You can find great fulfillment in life devoting yourself to a higher cause, providing you don't hide from freedom under a load of duty. When you give up fighting the system and instead learn to work within it, you can be a trailblazer who will set new standards or break new ground. Integrity and ethics are important to you so you will need a life partner who embodies these traits, is honest and open, and never goes back on their word. Contact with nature with its silence and simplicity is essential to calm your volatile emotions and to find the greater truths that will be your polestar.

  • It always amazes me how much numerology is so spot on.

    I will write a more detailed reply later, i have to go now but took a quick read 🙂

  • Ok, glad to hear i don't.

    I feel usefull if i can help, and it brings me joy.

    Is it possible for somebody with a master number who is following the lower vibration,

    to start following the higher vibration, when he finds out about it?

    Like a big change in life?

    Yes, i love freedom, i have always been rebelious, at my own exspense.

    I try to discipline myself, but i find it hard at sometimes,

    i can get very lazy at some times.

    If i may get the true sense of indipendence i want, from from the acceptance of responsibility,

    i could keep that in mind to keep myself responsible when i have to.

    What is meant by having no reaction at all to auhtority?

    Just do what i'm told?

    What do you mean by a capacity for introspection?

    The partner thing makes sense, i will just let that happen by time,

    i don't like searching because it might make me obsessed with having something i want.

    "You are blessed with great empathy and a need to use your talents in the service and protection of the downtrodden"

    That is very true, My problem is i tend to get feelings for women when i do so, and i know i shouldn't.

    I am also looking for my way in to the system, I have had a lot of problems with child care,

    so i would like to go there and try to make the service there better.

    this came up after chatting with somebody who shared the same past, it hit a spot i almost forgot about.

    (ps. i should train my english, i had to google a lot of words..)

  • Basically 6s and 33s perform the same life mission - just on a different size scale. the 6 works with those around him as in a small operation and the 33 works globally in a big organization or way.

    "What is meant by having no reaction at all to auhtority?

    Just do what i'm told?"

    No that is a reaction. To have no reaction, you would neither like or dislike authority - you would use your own sense of inner authority to do the right thing and you would treat everyone with the same respect, not just bosses or authority figures.

    "What do you mean by a capacity for introspection?"

    • means you are more outwardly focused than inwardly/not into a lot of inner self-examination but more into outer action.

    I am also on the lifepath of responsibility like you, Joshua, so there is something else we share as well as the 33 life number. For the first half of my life, I travelled around the world and never settled to any sort of duty or responsiblity, though I never hurt anyone by it. I have never been married or had a very long love relationship. I always liked being free and independent. But I came to understand that being responsible doesn't have to mean being tied down. You can help others wherever you are.

  • Ok. So for example, an inner sense of authority is that i will progress myself by doing so?

    I guess that makes sense, i would love to travel around the world.

    And so far i have moved from my mothers place to my fathers place, back and forth, several times,

    feeling stuck at the place i am currently on and having the feeling i should move on al lthe time, because i am wasting precious time.

    The last few days i am feeling very weak, i can't eat.

    I met somebody who i want to help, and i know i can.

    The problem is, listening to her made some of my own emotions, come out.

    I don't know how to handle them, she gives me the feeling she will understand them,

    but something is keeping me from doing so, and this caused me to shake, which she noticed.

    I said i feel tension and i don't know how to react to her.

    I'm also afraid i might be bound to her if i tell her things.

    Another thing is that i don't want to put her up with my problems, as she has her own.

    When i think of the fact that i need to get rid of things, to progress myself,

    i see numbers indicating i am progressing myself, and starting a new life cycle.

    I know if i get over this i get stronger, but if i don't i will stay in depravity.

    (yesterday, i had 13 errors on my driver's license test, so that's a hint right there, i should have listened to it to prepare myself)

    But i really don't know how, and it's killing me.

  • How odd.. by giving in to my emotions i suddenly feel alot better.

    Knowing somebody listens matters a lot, thanks captain.

    ps. Is this your website?

  • No, I am just a freelancer here. 🙂

  • Tell me, Joshua, do you feel better when you are away from this person you are trying to help - or better when you are completely alone? Because you may be an empath who picks up other people's feelings and might think they are his own. Empaths are very sensitive to other people's vibes and this might explain how weak you felt, taking on your friend's emotions. Being around people all the time can be very draining for empaths. I am one, and large crowds are really bad for me. I also used to mistake other people's feelings of love for me as my own. That can really confuse and complicate your life.

  • Good question.. I don't know, i guess i should go and visit her once more.

    When i entered her place i felt a strange presence, mayby from past things that happened,

    like a "mood" that sticks around a room.

    I told her i could feel that, she asked if it was between me and her or something else.

    I said i wasn't sure, because i was really tensed.

    After a while she asked me if i was gifted, i mumbled a bit as a response, not knowing if i actually am.

    She asked me to hold her hands and feel that shes shaking, and she said "your also shaking".

    I said yes i was, because i was tensed. But i don't know what to think about it, when i think i'm into a girl i feel uncomfortable being near that person. So it's kind of an inner conflict.

    And yes, i do pick up other peoples emotions, and this does drain at me, because i understand them,

    and i want to talk to them about it but the thing is, they would say "nothing is wrong", making me feel akward.

    Then again, i do not know if i feel better when i am completely alone,

    I'm afraid of being alone, i haven't been in a relationship for a long time as i'm afraid i might get hurt trying to get into one.

  • Revisiting tomorrow, i will give an update afterwards

  • Hmm, afraid of being alone - afraid of being with someone...as you are currently single, I am thinking that the fear of being with someone is the strongest at the moment, eh?

  • The fear of being hurt by someone is actually the lack of confidence in oneself to being able to withstand pain and upset, of being weak.

  • Sure, it was. I listened to the numbers and let my emotions and thoughts out, now i feel confident and very powerfull.

    Yesterday i felt so much hate and anger towards somebody, it made me feel a stinging pain near the heart chakra. (I feel this kind of rage very very rarely). And eventually i first saw the number sequal

    888 (Meaning to me: A phase of your life is about to end and this is a sign to give you forewarning to prepare. This number sequence may mean you are winding up an emotional, career, or relationship phase)

    And Eventually the number 600, which means "go to war" for me.

    So i did (with words), and now everything is how i want it.

    I guess i broke free from a part of my past, which was indeed lack of confidence.

    Anyways i didn't get to visit.

    Also, How would i go about introducing friends into numerology?

    I know how much it helped me break free from drugs, and it helps me understand myself,

    I would live to give this same thing to other people, but in a way that they can experience it, by finding it out by themselves, just like i did.

  • I just got a new phone number.

    the last 3 digits are 777, "This sign indicates that a lesson has been learnt. It is a sign of acknowledgment and achievement - you have learnt a lesson that your Spirit Guides want you to learn about your life."

    Very interesting.. i changed my phone number to break free from things, because there is no point in them.

    PS. When i was younger i would always see the number 666, multiple times a day.

    I believe (seeing) 666 means:

    "Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world or due to mental or emotional imbalance. This sign indicates your thoughts are not clear and you should not continue with this train of thought. Let it pass"

  • If you want to introduce your friends to numerology, show them practical ways to relate it to their lives. Work out their personality numbers for example and show them what it can tell them about their lives.

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