Should I....

  • I'm sorry - I know I posted something a few days ago and I'm not being greedy but I've been asked out to go on a date with a guy (Capricorn) and I'm a Capricorn woman. I havn't got a lot of confidence at all and I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if I should just go on this date and if the guy will like me? I know some people might think 'well you won't know until you go' but I have so little confidence about myself and it scares me so much. If anyone could help at all it is so greatly appreciated x

  • Why not? It is just a date right? Not a wedding ceremony. Go out and enjoy yourself!


  • I know and everyone is telling me the same thing but I really don't like myself and I hate rejection 😞

  • Might be worth it to check out these books... Radical Acceptance or A New Earth. Not exactly self help books but they help you understand perceptions and how limiting they can be, especially with low self esteem. It will be hard to truly enjoy any date or thrive in any relationship when you don't like yourself. I understand this from a personal level...

    Wishing you the best, RB89


  • It doesn't matter if you go on the date or not! That isn't the prob. Start by looking in the mirror and saying 'I love you' first thing in the morning No Matter What

    Then do that date thing!

  • Don't let other people define you, everyone is rejected at sometime. Has nothing to do with how beautiful, smart etc. When the storm is finally over, you'll be better--promise!

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