Virgo man being so confused!! I need help please. Thanks

  • Can anyone help me please, I'm a cancer female (20/07/1984) my ex is a Virgo male (05/09/1980)

    We've been together for a year and 3 months. He ended it and says he wants to be friends but seems to still want me and is more interested in what I'm doing and where I'm going like its bugging him. We still have to live together until our lease is up in July. He has said that his not happy with his life work or friends and that his lost himself and is planning to go traveling when our lease is up. He has said that he loves me very much but wants to take the pressure of a relationship off of us and be friends and who knows when he gets back we might be better together. Anyway I've said ok if that's what you want as I can't make him want me but he hurts soooo much as I love him.

    So I've tried to get on with things and the other day he came on to me and we slept together. It's only been a week since he ended it. I've been making plans and going out as I am new to London and not got many friends. Whereas his always put his friends first and goes out couple of times a week. But I've pushed myself to go to any invite I get. Ive had a great time and its helped put a smile on my face. He seems to want to know what I'm doing and if I'm out he texted to see if I'm coming home. He looked over my shoulder the other day to see who I was texting. It's like he doesn't want me as a girlfriend but doesn't want to loose me. yet still comes on to me in bed. He put his hand on my bum the other night as my back was to him and I just ignored him.

    I don't know what to think, how to feel or anything. Am I just being used or is he confused and needs space and for me to say no if he comes on to me.

    Please help! X

  • If you don't mind, I have done a reading for you. I hope it brings some clarity to your situation.

    5 Swords: You are the victor in the relationship, even though it does not feel that way. You seem to have your act together and by how you are processing what is happening between you and your ex, you are definitely ahead of the game. Maybe he is taking you for granted and his ego is probably wounded that you can get by without him. He broke up with you but wants to play mind games. You are above that.

    3 Pentacles: Plan your way for when you are no longer sharing your living space. Make practical decisions involving your finances. Will you get another roommate or will you be able to go it alone. This may help you look at this aspect of the relationship. How was he as a partner from a financial perspective? This is the time for you to strengthen your financial foundation.

    All the groundwork does indicate that you will be ready for the next card pulled which was

    Death: This could be the actual end of this relationship or the end of the relationship on the “old terms”. There is a brand new relationship in your future. So as sad as this end may be there is something to look forward to. If it means an end to the old relationship between the two of you, then he needs that time away from you to realize what he has lost. That does not mean that you would want him back because maybe with time and space between you, your feeling may change as well.

    Page of wands: new things, possibly travel or a move are in store for you. You are investing a lot in getting on with your life right now and it will all pay off. There are new experiences waiting for you.

    Strength: You are an extremely strong woman and you are in control. Yes there is sadness but healing follows.

    This is a very powerful set of cards for you in that they show that despite the grief, you are somehow dealing with this breakup on a mature and dignified manner. There may be some understandable lapses in judgement based on your living arrangement, but things will fall into place once he moves. Prepare for how you want to handle him once you are no longer sharing living quarters. He knows you are strong and is fearful that you can do just fine without him. That does not mean he is a great match for you. When a relationship breaks down it is usually hard to recover and rebuild. There appears to be too many good things coming to you. Take your time to deal with what his happening, listen to your inner voice, drawn on your strength and you will make the right decision.

    Peace & Light


  • Wow thank you that's sooo true! I'm not weak and I know I can be soft and want it to work but inside I know I'll be just fine as its his loss. I get the feeling he knows that as his getting jealous as when we were in a pub the other night loads of guys were looking at me and he said your popular with them guys and I said what and he said those guys haven't stopped looking at you all night.

    And if I go out he textes to see if I'm coming home and when I'm home he asks where I've been. This is actually giving me strength as when his out I never text or ask as we're not together through his choice. I was a loving girlfriend but after moving to London for him i became a bit of a home body and he didn't find me challenging. Well I'll give him the biggest challenge of all by letting him realise his lost a lovely loyal girlfriend as I've started to make new friends and go out more.

    Financially he earns a lot more then me and pays more rent but as a partner he was very much our earnings is our own money and if i owe him money he'd ask for it however would always buy us food and is still doing this as if his looking after me. I've been thinking about my future and will either move into a house share or save to travel for a couple of months as we were meant to go together so my attitude is if his going then I could do it for myself. However going alone scares me.

    B x

  • I'm glad you found this helpful. I know how you real about traveling alone. I would like to take a really big trip alone and I think if I keep talking myself into it, I'll do it.

    The Page of Wands shows travel or adventure is in store for you. It will be something totally new. Do not be so sure you will be traveling alone if the adventure represents actual travel, follow your heart and let the universe unfold before you. You don't want to put out fearful or negative energy. Try to seek out the positive from the midst of this difficult time.

  • Yeah I'd like to go to Australia and Thialand. My friend done 5 weeks in Australia on her own and she said it was the best thing she's ever done and you meet such lovely people.

    I'd like to hope things work out in a better direction but at this point I'm better focusing on my life and showing him I'm not waiting for him to realise what his lost and if he comes on to me to be able to say im not yours anymore. He comes across strong but I actually think his Scared of the choices his make and it's as if his trying to keep me close while his working it out in his head.

    I think the hardest thing is the living together as I don't think it'll hit him until I'm gone from his life. At the moment his friendly and his said it'd be weird if you weren't here. I've got a hen holiday booked in May for a long weekend so that will help me escape and for him to feel I'm not there.

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