Lost purse..please help!!!

  • I have been going through a lot the past couple of months and in all the chaos I have misplaced my bronze purse and after looking in all the places I think it could be have not found it. Was wondering if anyone can assist me in locating my purse or pointing me in the right direction? Thank you!

  • Please help!

  • Hanging in closet or under your bed

  • Hanging in closet or under your bed

  • I will try looking more thoroughly in the closet. Under my bed is clean. Thanks! I will let you know the outcome.

  • I am seeing it on a public bench like for a bus stop or in a park.

  • I don't know why it posted twice...but anyway, hope you find it. A purse usually turns up. It's the smaller things that get lost. I now feel that it is in your garage, locked in there..

  • Still haven't found it yet. Can't say that I have thoroughly gone through the whole house but I have definitely looked around. I just have no clue if I moved it or my fiance put it somewhere or if I left it at a restaurant or somewhere else. There is no activity on any of the credit cards that were in my purse but if it is outside of the house then someone else has it. I last remember having it back in January and possibly may have taken it out the beginning of Feb but that is so far back I don't remember what I did with it. Been dealing with grief and haven't really gotten out much with that purse and was really expecting to find it in the house. it's a fairly big house but I have a lot of stuff and after my loss I just threw stuff anywhere. I don't understand why I am always losing things especially things that are so important.

  • Thanks so much though and I will continue searching. If anything else comes up please let me know.

  • I am trying to trace my steps back to the day i think it was misplaced. I don't remember the date but I think i was wearing all black. Still no activity on credit cards which is good but being that I need items in the purse for myself and son it's important. I think I'll have to accept that it is gone forever unless it is in my house somewhere and I come across it. I do not have the energy or motivation to look for it. Having to keep up with my son, appointments, and not going crazy after the loss of my newborn among other things are all taking a toll on me. I feel like I am literally losing my mind and forgetting things. Wish me luck...

  • Have you asked at your local police station to see if it was handed in?

  • ok so i go outside and look and i find it in the car under the driver seat. I could've swore i looked there before and was really thinking it wasn't there. plus i just cleaned out my car this past weekend but believed as i stepped outside. i looked in the back of the suv and the back seat. something told me to look under the drivers seat from the from the front and there it was. it's been there since the beginning of feb. i must be going crazy or my emotions are getting to me and im imagining things. Thank you so much guys for actually getting me up and looking.

  • Yeah, I though it was like a public seat where a lot of people sit but I guess it was just your seat. 🙂

    Unless other people drive your car?

  • Also if an object is moving around (as if carried by a person or animal, or in this case in a moving vehicle), it's not so easily tracked.

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