Looking for some insite for why this happened

  • last night me and my friends whent to the park and many things happened to us. But what me and my 3 other friends cant under stand is that when things like spirits and other things like that bother us or some thing were never with a big group of people.its just us 4 but last night they did and not seem to say away at all and thing were going to get bad so we had to get the others out of there. so whats going on now why this is going on? they always have never came to us in a big group so why now.

    love to hear what any one has to say of if they can give me any thing as to why they dont care how many people are with us now.

  • Spirits are always around us - it's just that when there is a big distraction like a large group of humans around, you don't tend to notice a few spirits hovering about. Also many spirits are timid or confused and don't like big groups of people.

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