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  • I want to ask how is realtionship between me and my girlfriend develop? Are we going to stay together for a long, i hope. I love her and she loves me, but sometimes her fear of losing me scares me and her jokers about that. The things we still didnt tell our parents cos dont if they would approve is also worrying me

    i'm virgo ,she is libra 🙂

  • 🙂

  • Hi Nency...

    Nice to hear from you... let's take a look. Is this the same companion I had read about a while back?

    You are the Queen of Cups in this reading... she is the Queen of Wands...

    The FOOL - yay! This I think typifies your relationship with her.... you both like playing the fool with each other! Playful... you mentioned the joker... I am already getting nice energies about the two of you... this card also portends some mystery about the two of you, so because this card appeared so early in the reading, we may not be able to look at everything, but we will see...

    Seven of Pentacles. A pause. This may be connected with your comment about her fear of losing you... that scares you and so you put the brakes on a little... and then that may freak her out even more?

    Ace of Pentacles - a wonderful sign of blessings for the two of you... this feels nice, this is the card of ecstasy and perfect contentment... a deep understanding between the two of you. A shared life together that is blessed by heaven... and so that shared caring between you ripples out into the material realms... I am feeling something nice deepening.... communication may be opening out more...

    The Hanged Man - one of you is going through a change of perspective... your world may be feeling a little upside down at times with her.... does she touch you deeply in your heart? I know she must as you are telling me that you both love each other.... and you harbor some fears about your parents. How old are you two, if you don't mind my asking? I have to pause here as if you are minors I don't have a liberty to go to far with this as you are under the authority and care of your parents. Or is that simply the fact that you are out of the house, but still are concerned about the parents approval? Sorry I need to ask these things...

    Over all this looks nice though to me... and the Chariot seems to show some determination on your part, and hers, to keep the faith... follow your heart.... you love her and she loves you and you know that then that will uphold you through anything...

    I hope that helps... let me know if you have some specific questions although I do need to know about the parental authority issue first... maybe that is not relevant but these internet readings make it hard to know...

    I would go with the flow with her... don't let anything scare you about her... talk it out... and take some time apart once in a while to keep your own personal path clear with God and Heaven...

    blessings nency


  • hi, yes it's same companion 🙂

    oh thank you, it's nice to hear that good things,jeah that fear kind of upsets me, but it's ok. We are both 20 🙂 We live with our parents, so and they dont know for now about us.

    thank you so much 🙂

  • Okay you are all grown up... then we can talk about anything ha ha...

    Oh and they don't know about you two?


    What would happen if your parents happened to come home early or something, and found the two of you... you know...


  • that we are rarely at home ;/ we cant wait for warmer days so her parents go somewhere for a day or two heh 🙂

  • can i ask another question? about my college, this is third year i'm going to apply for my college.

    Will i get in the one i want? will it be in my city or another one, i'm afraid of long distance relationship 😕

    thanks 🙂

  • Nency

    You can ask as many question as you want! 🙂

    For your first question "will you get the one you want"? I drew the King of Cups. Is there a college you want on the water, or has 'king' in the name? I was not getting a real clear yes or no with this.... it feels uncertain for some reason....

    as for in city or out of town, I drew the Wheel of Fortune and that does look like a compass sort of, so I want to say this college will be out of town... I guess that is all up to which you get into? I just got copies of my college transcripts been looking to go back to college for a new career path and my grades were a real mixed bag.. sigh, I was really a flake in college!

    blessings..... astra

  • thank you 🙂

    hm my city is on the water , so it is one of the colleges, im still unsure which i want( i mean i know which but dont know where exactly, beacuse of moving away from home. So icant decide what is better for me and relationship, will ask u in a few month again about this 🙂

    have a nice day 🙂

  • ok i have one more, about health, i have some issues with my boobs and before i freak out and think i have a cancer ..can you see is everything gonna be ok.

    i have to make some more details test at doctor soon 🙂

  • Hey Nency

    I drew some cards earlier for you... and they started with the Moon (some fear maybe which the moon is good at) and some nice cups and ended with the Empress who is a very healthy lady.

    I hope that helps... Heaven is watching over you... and so is your doc.



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